Fools Gold Fish
Roperian Fish
Fools-gold hidden
Min. Silver 635
Min. Points 632
Min. Tourn. Points 75 points
Min. Weight 2.19 lb / 992 g
Min. Pole Level 7 Great Equalizer or Kolenya
Min. Skill Cartography and Exploration
Habitat (Population) Coral Corral (Average)
In-game links
Fools Gold Fish Page
Fools Gold Fish Longest Streaks
Fools Gold Fish First Catches
Fools Gold Fish Trophy Catches
Fools Gold Fish Most Catches

Description: This fool is living in the wrong region! The fish may be stacked with gold, but gold ain't worth nuthin' in Dodge River!

This fish was part of the April Fools Contest in 2019.

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