Flying Blackhawk Fish
Roperian Fish
Flying-Blackhawk hidden
Min. Silver 2,015
Min. Points 2,015
Min. Tourn. Points 233 points
Strength Lord Stanley
Min. Weight 10 oz / 284 g
Min. Pole Any Roperian pole
Min. Skill Fishing 101
Habitat (Population) Open Seas of Roperia
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Description: Catch the Flying Blackhawk when shuttling between Farovia and Roperia. And for a limited time, during the heaviest catch contest, he'll be available throughout Roperia! He's the brother of the famous Blackhawk Ray of 2010, who held a grand contest in 2013. Congrats to the Chicago Blackhawks, Cap'n Jozek's favorite sports team, for winning the 2015 Stanley Cup!

How to catch Flying Blackhawk Fish: The Flying Blackhawk Fish can be caught when shuttling from Farovia to Roperia. You will receive a catch message after traveling if you successfully reeled in the breed.

Further note: For a limited time, during the Blackhawk Parade Heaviest catch contest, he'll be available throughout Roperia! (This is likely how you'd catch a trophy fish for the Contest, as there's no trophy records for any other Open Seas fish)

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