Flathead Catfish Fish
Farovian Fish
Min. Gold 2,300
Min. Points 2,300
Min. Tourn. Points  ?
Bait Preference Frisky Chum
Min. Weight 4 lb / 1.81 kg
Min. Pole Level 128 Reelistic
Min. Skill
Habitat (Population) Rakkaus Tarn (Numerous)
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Description: This feisty, tasty catfish likes to lurk in the deeper, slower waters of big rivers. Locals have nicknamed this guy Sparkles, he loves noodles...

How to catch Flathead Catfish Fish:
Follow the Big Love Island Adventure storyline (Chapter 9 - Part 2). You'll first have to “Hunt” for Sparkles with a level 128 Reelistic and Frisky Chum... and then you'll have to go “noodling” for him... at which point he'll be unlocked and ready to catch.

Please take note how to unlock this fish first before one is able to catch it given in the above description.

Part of the following Quests: Fried Catfish (10 fish required) and Poached Sturgeon (43 fish required).

996th is the Flathead Catfish Fish's ID #. Found here:

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