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This is mostly a place for keeping "specific" fish such as the One Day Only revealed fish images, so they can be found easier. The spoiler image page should always be updated around the same time images are added here, as there are MULTIPLE fish that need LG to be captured, so Joe allowed their images to be seen as it takes time for new players to acquire that many LG. Within the game, they are usually spread out across the fish list based on their release. Also, any images for fish that might be used in the future but not have a exact place to go in the game may be found here in the future.

SIGS Mystery ??? Formula

Before your able to see the shadows of a fish, you must first discover the right formula (or pay) for the Sig's Fish your analyzing. Until then, you will continue to catch non-mutant form which won't provide any G/E points. The ? image in the upper right corner of this Wiki entry is the one you will have before being the right level & finding the right combination of vials and resources.

Limited Time Fish (Revealed ) List

Barackuda Fish World Ocean Fish Cupid Fish Leprechaun Eel Fish Jester Fish
Barackuda revealed World ocean Cupid Leprechaun Eel Jester Fish
SquidCake Fish Slasher Fish Holiday Hippie Fish Party Mime Fish Brokenheart Fish
Squidcake revealed Slasher revealed Holiday-hippie2 Party-mime2 Brokenheart2
Woceanpus Fish World Peace Eel Fish Pink Ribbon Fish Candle Fish Patty Fish
Woceanpus revealed World-peace-eel-revealed Pink Ribbon revealed Candle revealed Patty revealed
Octo III Fish Jack O Pus Fish Soulmate Squid Fish Wild Turkey Ray Fish Holiday Gnarlywhale Fish
Octo-III revealed Jack-o-pus revealed Soulmate-squid revealed Wild-turkey-ray revealed Holiday-gnarlywhale revealed
Spotted Heart Octo Fish Leap Frog Fish Shamrock Slug Fish Eggshell Sea Turtle Fish Batalla de Puebla Fish
Spotted heart octo revealed Leap Frog Fish revealed Shamrock slug revealed Eggshell sea turtle revealed Batalla de Puebla Fish revealed
Sinko dee Mayo Fish Ghost Soldier Fish SquidCake IV Fish Abyzou Fish Agares Fish
Sinko-dee-mayo revealed Ghost-soldier revealed Squidcake-iv revealed Abyzou-revealed Agares-revealed
Aka Manah Fish Asag Fish Jikininki Fish Polednice Fish Lamashtu Fish
Aka-manah hidden Asag hidden Jikininki hidden Polednice hidden Lamashtu revealed
Pazuzu Fish Dasher Fish Dancer Fish Prancer Fish Vixen Fish
Pazuzu revealed Dasher revealed 672 dancer revealed Prancer revealed Vixen hidden
Comet Fish Qupid Fish Donner Fish Blitzen Fish Rudolph Fish
Comet hidden Qupid hidden Donner hidden Blitzen hidden Rudolph-revealed
Red Luv Fish Sweetheart Fish Heart Puffer Fish Love Hate Fish Queen of Hearts Fish
Red-luv revealed Sweetheart revealed Heart-puffer revealed Love-hate revealed Queen-of-hearts revealed
Casanova Fish Lovebird Ray Fish Romliet Eel Fish Cupid Crab Fish Clover Crab Fish
Casanova revealed Lovebird-Ray revealed Romliet-eel revealed Cupid-crab revealed Clover-crab revealed
Laborous Lady Fish Halloween Hexadecapus Fish Super Spud Fish Valentine Clam Fish Birthday Candle Slug Fish
Laborous-lady revealed Halloween-Hexadecapus revealed Super-spud revealed Valentine-clam revealed Birthday-candle revealed
Evil Eve Fish Sandy Claws Fish Wishbone Fish Patriotic Seabird Fish Rosey Lion Fish
Evil-eve revealed Sandy Claws Wishbone revealed Patriotic-seabird revealed Rosey-lion hidden
Leaf Clover Fish Easter Eel Fish Seedling Fish Bug Eyed Crab Fish Lady Liberty Fish
Leaf-clover revealed Easter-eel revealed Seedling revealed Bug eyed crab revealed Lady-liberty revealed
Beetleel Fish Whalarkish Fish Partridge Fish Turtle Dove Fish French Hen Fish
Beetleel revealed Whalarkish revealed Partridge revealed Turtle-dove revealed French-hen revealed
Colly Bird Fish Golden Ring Fish Goose Fish Swan Fish Maiden Fish
Colly-bird revealed Golden-ring revealed Goose revealed Swan revealed Maiden revealed
Dancing Lady Fish Lordly Fish Piper Fish Drummer Fish Masqua Fish
Dancing-lady revealed Lordly revealed Piper revealed Drummer revealed Masqua revealed
Sunday Snail Fish Motherly Protector Fish Poppy Fish Caray Fish Pastel Puffer Fish
Sunday-snail revealed Motherly-protector revealed Poppy revealed Caray revealed Pastel-puffer revealed
Cinco Fish Kokonotsu Fish Sarcastic Fringehead Fish Kandy Kane Koi Fish Phoenix Fish
Cinco revealed Kokonotsu revealed Sarcastic-fringehead revealed Kandy-kane-koi revealed Phoenix revealed
Romantic Remora Fish Love Fish Harbinger Fish Kirra Fish
Romantic-remora revealed Love revealed Harbinger revealed Kirra revealed

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