Fiesa Fish
Farovian Fish
Fiesa hidden
Min. Gold 780
Min. Points 780
Min. Tourn. Points 90 points
Min. Weight 3 oz / 85g
Min. Pole Level 20 Oak Twig - Kiddie Standard
Min. Skill Fishing 101
Habitat (Population) Wahwahport (Average)
In-game links
Fiesa Fish Page
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Fiesa Fish First Catches
Fiesa Fish Trophy Catches
Fiesa Fish Most Catches

Description: NEW RELEASE!
The adorable Baby Fiesta barely fits into her traditional top hat.

Baby version of the Fiesta

FW Trivia: 4th Fish of Wahwahport. This is one of the few fish able to be caught by both poles in Wahwahport while it's grown up version is only possible with the Fancy Rifle pole in WaterPort.

As of Feb 2017, all Min Gold and Point rewards for Wahwahport fish received a 12x increase as noted in Post #13 of the Changelog Archives.

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