Farovian Tournament Shark Fish
Farovian Fish
Farovian-tournament-shark hidden
Min. Gold 0
Min. Points 5,000
Min. Tourn. Points 573 points
Strength Tournament
Min. Weight 50.50 lb / 22.91 kg
Min. Pole Level 25 Oak Branch or Broken Standard
Min. Skill Fishing 101
Habitat (Population) WaterPort (Possibly Extinct)
Fishertonville (Possibly Extinct)
Blue Crescent (Possibly Extinct)
Magma Reef (Possibly Extinct)
Sans Culpra (Possibly Extinct)
Poseidons Ring (Possibly Extinct)
Misty Cliffs (Possibly Extinct)
Bottomless Depths (Possibly Extinct)
Doom Island (Possibly Extinct)
Stormy Straight (Possibly Extinct)
Eye of the Storm (Possibly Extinct)
SS Graveyard (Possibly Extinct)
SS Minefield (Possibly Extinct)
SS Whiskey (Possibly Extinct)
Glacier Bay (Possibly Extinct)
San Digloo (Possibly Extinct)
Lake Freezberg (Possibly Extinct)
Snowpeak River (Possibly Extinct)
Snowpeak Summit (Possibly Extinct)
Sigs Lair (Possibly Extinct)
Sigs Vault (Possibly Extinct)
Sigs Wasteland (Possibly Extinct)
Devils Cove (Possibly Extinct)
Deadwater Pass (Possibly Extinct)
Krakken Rocks (Possibly Extinct)
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This Farovian Shark is the ultimate tournament trophy! Compete in the monthly Farovian Tournament to have your chance at this rare fish!

How to catch Farovian Tournament Shark Fish:
Visit the Tournament Page and compete in the monthly tournament in Farovia. The Farovian Tournament Shark is very rare, and the only way to catch the breed is while tournament fishing.

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