Evil Obliterator QuestsEdit

Below is a list of the quests available for the Evil Obliterator.

Sloppy Earl's 666Edit


(Difficulty: 1/10)
The ground beef sandwich that makes you feel a little evil inside. We're still not sure what the brown stuff served on the side is...
Pole Req: Level 15 Evil Obliterator
Quest specific tips: Like most 1st quests, this is fairly straightforward. Fish in Glacier Bay until you've caught all the Ice Puffs and Freezbites, then move to San Digloo for the Icicles, since they're much more common there. You can use K9 pheromone and Boo Juice to repel the Ice Ice Miny and Snow Leopard, but you may want to save them for the harder quests later. You should easily catch all of the required fishes within 30-50 casts if you use the above strategy, more if you're fishing solely in Glacier Bay.
Catch Req's: 6 Ice Puff Fish, 6 Freezbite Fish, 6 Icicle Fish ×1.5 when done with friend

Corn ChowdaEdit


(Difficulty: 3/10)
A creamy seafood and corn base chowder that hits the spot after a cold day of ice fishing. You'll be warmed up in minutes!
Pole Req: Level 35 Evil Obliterator
Unlocks: Rack Attack
Quest specific tips: Start by fishing in Glacier Bay. Once you've caught all the Ice Ice Miny Fish, move to San Digloo for the Snow Bunny Fish. Like the previous quest, you can use repellents to speed up the process, but the Ice Ice Miny and Snow Bunny are the most common fish in their respective location, so you may want to save the shells. You should be close to finishing the Hibernators by now. If you still have Corn Puffs left, you can choose to use Crazy Pill to attract the Corn Puffs. This quest should take about 50-80 casts, largely depending on how quickly you catch the Corn Puffs.
Catch Req's: 8 Ice Ice Miny Fish, 7 Snow Bunny Fish, 5 Hibernator Fish, 3 Corn Puff Fish ×1.5 when done with friend

Deviled CaviarEdit


(Difficulty: 5/10)
Fish eggs and sesame seed crackers have never tasted so grand! Considered Betsylou's finest delicacy!
Pole Req: Level 55 Evil Obliterator
Unlocks: Dynamite Dispatcher
Quest specific tips: Begin by fishing at San Digloo and clear all your Snow Crabs and Corn Puffs with Nail Goo. (You won't get RLC boosts or bank any at San Digloo until you clear your lumberjacks.) You will hopefully catch some Cocktail Shrimps along the way before you reach level 64 with your pole. Then head to Lake Freezberg and clear all your Lumberjacks. For the eventually remaning Cocktail Shrimp, head to Glacier Bay and activate Antifreeze protein and Boo Juice. Use of RLC now is highly recommended. This quest should take about 100-200 casts, largely depending on your luck with the Cocktail Shrimp.
Catch Req's: 10 Lumberjack Fish, 8 Snow Crab Fish, 6 Corn Puff Fish, 2 Cocktail Shrimp Fish ×1.5 when done with friend

Center Cut Fish SoulsEdit


(Difficulty: 6/10)
Juicy top of the line sashimi samples of Icelantica fish.
Pole Req: Level 75 Evil Obliterator
Unlocks: Treacherus Transfusion Launcher
Quest specific tips: Begin your quest by moving to Snowpeak River to clear the Humptooth Fish, as they're far more common there. Next, fish at Lake Freezberg to clear all the Big Mouth Fish and Hockum Fish. You can choose to use Denture Goo for the Hockums. Last part can be done in 2 ways - a) Use RLC fish at Snowpeak Summit with K9 Pheromone active. One way of playing is to not buy the augments so you can eliminate 6 out of 10 fish at the Summit to improve chances of catching Abdo. b) W/o RLC, fish at Snowpeak River. avoiding Snowpeak Summit since your pole cannot catch more than half the fish there. This quest may take 150-300 casts, depending on your luck with catching the Abdo. You may want to wait till your pole is level 80 to start this quest as Abdo takes a level 90. If you don't care about time, this won't bother you though.
Catch Req's: 11 Humptooth Fish, 9 Big Mouth Fish, 7 Hockum Fish, 3 Abdo Fish ×1.5 when done with friend

Phantom FiletEdit


(Difficulty: 8/10)
Vengeful wranglers can devour evilness in this blood-dripping filet.
Pole Req: Level 95 Evil Obliterator
Rewards: 1 Liquid Gold
Quest specific tips: This is a fairly straightforward quest. It is best to purchase the first augment as soon as possible as you will need a level 107 to catch the Blood Hound. Start in Snowpeak River to catch the Rudolph fish. If lucky you may catch the Reigning Ice and/or Bottom Feeders. Once the Rudolphs are complete, head to Snowpeak Summit to finish the Blood Hounds. You can activate K9 Pheromone to ward off Snow Leopard Sharks. You cannot catch the Bottom Feeder in Snowpeak Summit, so once you have finished the Rudolphs and Blood Hounds, head back to Snowpeak River to catch the remaining Bottom Feeders (and Reigning Ice if you haven't gotten it yet). At this point you may want to use RLC and/or Liquid Gold to target the remaining fish.
Catch Req's: 18 Rudolph the Reinbie Fish, 15 Blood Hound Fish, 2 Bottom Feeder Fish, 1 Reigning Ice Fish ×1.5 when done with friend

Piranha ParfaitEdit


(Difficulty: 10/10)
The jaw clenching piranha fish taste delicious in this haunting parfait!
Pole Req: Level 115 Evil Obliterator
Rewards: 2 Liquid Gold
Quest specific tips: This quest is all done in Snowpeak Summit. Activating K9 Pheromone would help eliminate the fairly prolific Snow Leopard Shark from the fish list. The Arctic Hates will come quickly, and either the Magistrate or Piranha Fish could be the quest bottleneck. If your last fish is the Purgatory, you may want to use the RLC boost or Liquid Gold if you have it. This quest could take 500-800+ casts, depending on your luck with the bottleneck fishes and whether you have Liquid Gold.
Catch Req's: 22 Arctic Hate Fish, 10 Magistrate Fish, 6 Piranha Fish, 1 Purgatory Fish ×1.5 when done with friend




(Difficulty: 20/10)
The Super Bonus Quest of Sigs requires Farovian Wrangler's to catch an unholy number of the rarest fish in town! Not for beginner's.
Pole Req: Level 100 Evil Obliterator
Rewards: 90 FLC, 3 Liquid Gold, 20 Deckhand Voucher 
Quest specific tips: Two ways: Go to Snowpeak River to work on the Reinbies first instead which are slightly more common there & you can also catch the last fish there as well. Or instead, you may prefer to cast in the Summit to work on the more of 2nd & 3rd of the difficult fish that only exist there (while you are working to finish all the Reinbies). The Pirahna fish can only be caught with the Evil Obliterator, and the Karma fish can only be caught with the Holy Liberator pole. Using K9 Pheromone can help with catching the harder fish as well as RLC/FLC. This quest can take up to 13,000+ casts.
Catch Req's: 212 Rudolph the Reinbie Fish, 42 Piranha Fish, 42 Karma Fish, 9 Reigning Ice Fish ×1.5 when done with friend

Starting Requirements: 200,000 Gold, 12 Angel Tears, and 12 Denture Goo

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