Cubey Incinerator QuestsEdit

Below is a list of the quests available for the Cubey Incinerator. Before starting on these quests, it is advised to have learned the skill of Mastering Shark Wrangling.

Note the unique characteristics of fishing in Magma Reef. Your pole will heat up after 20 casts to a point where it is dangerous to fish with if further, unless you cool it off using a few of the available methods. Damaged poles can also be repaired, but your fishing will end that day in Magma Reef while your pole is being repaired.

In addition, there are no crew trips or night fishing in Magma Reef. Skips, Tarpit Stouts and Red Sharks are effective ways of getting in your casts for the day before moving to other islands.

Expect these quests to take longer than those with other poles (with similar cast counts) as a consequence of these characteristics.

Also, if you have not started fishing in Icelantica yet, it is suggested you only complete the first two or three quests and hold off on the remainder until after you've done so. If you cast less than 30 times per day, any quest above the second or third could take a month or longer to complete.

Freezing Hot StewEdit


(Difficulty: 1/10)
Requiring more fish than any other dish, the Cubey Stew is packed with nutrients and high levels of mercury.
Pole Req: Level 10 Cubey Incinerator
Quest specific tips: IMPORTANT! Read through as this will help you prepare for future quests.

1) There are two tactics you can use depending on whether you are a 'passive' or 'active' player. Find what works best for you.

a) The passive strategy starts in Magma Reef with Steak Chum, Fire Sludge Chum or Red Love Chum. Once you reached the 20 cast limit, travel to FV/WP to catch schools of Cubeys to cool down your pole. Once your pole has sufficiently cooled (partially or fully), travel back to Magma and use your next casts towards the other fish.

b) The active strategy starts in Magma Reef, but travels to Fishertonville (as its slightly nearer) after every other cast to capitalise on vouchers, and/or Crew Trips every 30 minutes + Deckhands every hour. This will not only catch you Cubeys towards your quest total, but cool your pole down as well. This requires a reasonably high leveled boat like the Mini Cruiser and Rocket Booster to ensure no time is lost. Also make sure you switch chums too if using Sludge, but don't worry if your using the other MR chums. Love chums will increase your pole level if used too.

2) If you finish the Fireball and Demon Sea Horse requirements first, go to Waterport to catch schools of Cubeys there. As soon as all the Cubeys are caught, being in WaterPort makes it quicker to turn in your catches. This quest should take about 20-50 casts in Magma Reef and 20-25 casts in Waterport.

3) Note, if you do have any Fire Extinguishers, it is worthwhile saving these for the later quests that don't have Cubey quest requirements.
Catch Req's: 100 Cubey Fish, 7 Fireball Fish, 2 Demon Sea Horse Fish ×1.5 when done with friend 4) Try to catch 500-600+ Cubies from the start of this quest until the next, and continue until the 4th. You can complete this quest multiple times to help work on this goal. You will see why later on.

Lava BurritosEdit


(Difficulty: 3/10)
These super hot burritos are great with an ice cold tarpit stout. (Formerly known as 'Fish Shake')
Pole Req: Level 30 Cubey Incinerator
Unlocks: Huge Fire Hose
Quest specific tips: Cooling your pole can be done either with the passive method of crew trips and deckhands (regular casts optional) in WP/FV and returning to MR, OR the active method of doing your casts in MR, boosting to WP/FV for a DH/crew trip, then back - (allowing continuous casting,) or use up a Fire Extinguisher found in MR.

After you clear the first two sets of fish, Rainwater (120 shells each) repels both Fireball Fish and Lighter Fish, so turning it on helps with the remaining rarer fish. Note - after finishing this quest, you should resist the temptation of upgrading your pole if continuing with the next quest! This quest should take 80-100 casts, much less if using Rainwater.

Also, you should have caught over 500-600 Cubies by now. Work on catching a additional 500-600+ Cubies to be at 1000-1200+ before the start of the next quest.
Catch Req's: 5 Fireball Fish, 5 Lighter Fish, 3 Demon Sea Horse Fish, 2 Firehose Eel Fish ×1.5 when done with friendFW Note: This dish was originally called "Fish Shake" with the description: A delicious and creamy treat after a hard day of fishing.

Fish KabobsEdit


(Difficulty: 5/10)
Grilled chunks of fish and vegetables on a blazing skewer.
Pole Req: Level 50 Cubey Incinerator
Unlocks: Liquid Nitrogen Tank & Sprayer
Quest specific tips: Note - If possible, try to wait before buying the pole augment before starting this quest. Continue the method of cooling down your pole in between some of your casts. After catching all the Lighter Fish, using the Rainwater resource is beneficial in repelling both the Fireball and Lighter fish. Also, if your pole is Lv 57+, you may choose to also use the Sigfried's 57th repellent which block the Nebula Fish in addition.

Both Volcano Rock Fish and Magmaniac Fish are very rare catches, and your likely to run into other rare fish, even when using Rainwater. You might want to work on other quests until you have built up a 4-7 day boost for Volcano Rock unless using this repellent and/or love chums. Alternatively, you may use the Muscle90k attractant to catch the Magmaniac if it is the last fish.

Either after the first two fish are caught or before the last Volcano fish, you should buy the first augment if you haven't yet, as the next quest requires a Lv 60 pole. Hold off from buying the 2nd augment, since it will add fish that will make the next quest harder. This quest can take about 200-400 casts, depending on luck, chum used and usage of resources.

You should have about 1,500-1,800+ Cubies caught at the end of this quest. You may have noticed a Lv 50 fish stealing your bait around Lv 47+ earlier, but it will continue to do so even after Lv 50 if your not worthy. Make sure your working on last few fish or have reached the 2,000 Cubey goal already by Lv 60 if not sooner to be ready for the next quest.
Catch Req's: 8 Lighter Fish, 5 Firehose Eel Fish, 3 Volcano Rock Fish, 2 Magmaniac Fish ×1.5 when done with friend

Flamyro FiletEdit


(Difficulty: 9/10)
The finest filet from Magma Reef! Worth the splurge on special occasions.
Pole Req: Level 60 Cubey Incinerator
Unlocks: Golden Plates of Reinforcement
Quest specific tips: The Melted cubey requires 2000 cubies to be caught first, even if your over the level to catch it. It is the rarest fish in Magma Reef, so liquid gold is recommended for it.

Same method of fishing as the earlier quests, but with three species of prolific fish now, they will get harder. After finishing the Nebula Fish, the remaining fish will become quest bottlenecks - each fish type is very hard to catch. Flamyro Fish prefers Steak chum, but the odds of attracting the fish is still small. While Steak has 3% less attraction than Fire Sludge, Fire Sludge chum also attracts the Fire Fighter Fish. Some wranglers say not to buy the 2nd pole augment before starting this quest, to keep this Lv 64 fish away but you will need to catch him for the next quest anyway so the choice is up to you.

Rainwater works well with Sigfried's 57th , but wait until you catch 1 Flamyro before trying it as this will become costly in the long run. Changing to love chum can help, but even using all these methods, it may still take a long time to catch the remaining fish. This quest is extremely random, and can take anything between 400-1000 casts, depending on luck and use of resources.
Catch Req's: 5 Nebula Fish, 3 Flamyro Fish, 2 Fire Lion Fish, 1 Melted Cubey Fish ×1.5 when done with friend

Lava FondueEdit


(Difficulty: 10/10)
Chocolate lovers BEWARE! The bubbling dessert is filled with rich flavors and mega calories. We say fon-don't!
Pole Req: Level 70 Cubey Incinerator
Rewards: 2 Liquid Gold
Quest specific tips: This quest will follow the same method of fishing described in the earlier quests. Use Fire Sludge chum to finish off the Fire Fighter Fish. The best odds for catching the rest of the fish is to use the combination of Rainwater together with Sigfried's 57th , and changing to Red Love Chum may also help, since it boosts the last 4 fish. LG is recommended for the last two fish if you still need to finish any.

This quest is very random, and can take anything from between 400-1000 casts, depending on luck and usage of resources.
Catch Req's: 6 Fire Fighter Fish, 3 Jumpsuit Jerry Fish, 2 Skeletor Fish, 1 Octo Magma Fish ×1.5 when done with friend

SBQ4 - Magma ReefEdit



(Difficulty: 20/10)
The Super Bonus Quest of Magma Reef requires Farovian Wranglers to catch an unholy number of the rarest fish in town! Not for beginners.
Pole Req: Level 80 Cubey Incinerator
Rewards: 80 Free Love Chum, 12 Deckhand Voucher, 12 Mystery Tackle Boxes
Quest specific tips: Fireballs should be able to be finished easily however, progress will get much slower after. The Cherry Bombs can be caught without too much difficulty, but the others are very difficult fish to catch & will require much more patience. Using RLC/FLC can help, along with resources like Rain Water and Sig's 57th, or just using Liquid gold. However, this combination can get very costly and still take awhile depending on luck. This quest can take up to 10,450+ casts.
Catch Req's: 83 Fireball Fish, 33 Cherry Bomb Fish, 13 Fire Lion Fish, 3 Octo Magma Fish ×1.5 when done with friend

Starting Requirements: 150,000 Gold, 14 Rain Water, and 4 Fire Extinguisher

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