Cubey Fish
Farovian Fish
Cubey Hidden
Min. Gold 75
Min. Points 80
Min. Tourn. Points 29 points
Strength Very little
Min. Weight 2 oz / 57 g
Min. Pole Oak Branch
Broken Standard
Fancy Rifle-pole
Min. Skill Fishing 101
Resources Antifreeze Protein (99% Repel)
Habitat (Population) WaterPort (Fairly Prolific)
Fishertonville (Fairly Prolific)
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Cubey Fish Page
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Cubey Fish First Catches
Cubey Fish Trophy Catches
Cubey Fish Most Catches

Description: The pre-historic Cube Fish broke off from a near by iceberg in the summer of '32. Some may wonder, "how can you actually hook an icecube?" Actually, it's quite simple. Just rig a hook into its side. They offer small rewards because the bouyant cubes are easy to spot.

How to catch Cubey Fish: Catch Cubey Fish using any fishing pole at Waterport and Fishertonville. Repel Cubey Fish by using Antifreeze Protein.

2000 Cubey Fish must be caught first in order to catch the Lv 50 Melted Cubey Fish and complete the Flamyro Filet quest. (which gives the last addon, thus all fish for Magma Reef). For the misses until then, you will be given this msg: The Ancient Mariner suggested I acquire xxxx more hexahedronal objects, if I ever plan on procuring the melted variety.

Due to their prolific inhabitation around the waters of Fishertonville and WaterPort, using the Cubey Incinerator in those locations will net wranglers schools of 2 to 100 Cubey Fish per cast. Catching Cubey schools is part of the gameplay of MR - more details can be found in Schools of Cubeys.

Cubey's ID # is 3, as it was the 3rd fish made. Found here:

And here's a .gif of when you first catch it! Cubey gifc

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