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Cocktail Shrimp Fish
Farovian Fish
Cocktail-shrimp shadow.jpg
Min. Gold 6,312
Min. Points 9,531
Min. Tourn. Points 1,061 points
Strength Happy Hours
Min. Weight 10 oz / 284 g
Min. Pole Level 18 Holy Liberator
Level 18 Evil Obliterator
Min. Skill Scuba Fishing License
Habitat (Population) Glacier Bay (Almost Extinct)
San Digloo (Possibly Extinct)
Lake Freezberg (Possibly Extinct)
Snowpeak River (Possibly Extinct)
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Description: The fun-loving Cocktail Shrimp bring the party to Icelantica. The shrimp mainly consume alcohol (and very little food), so wranglers may have difficulty catching the Shrimp. Red Love Chum has been known to stir up some excitement in these crazy creatures.

How to catch Cocktail Shrimp Fish: Catch Cocktail Shrimp Fish by using a Level 18+ Holy Liberator or Evil Obliterator in Glacier Bay, San Digloo, Lake Freezberg and Snowpeak River. Requires the skill of the Scuba Fishing License.

Part of the following Quests: Holy Shrimp! (2 fish required) and Deviled Caviar (2 fish required)