Coal Powered Thermo-pole QuestsEdit

Skunky StewEdit


(Difficulty: 1/10)
Leftover skunk tails are used in this smelly stew - just remember to plug your nose with each bite!
Pole Req: Level 10+ Coal Powered Thermo-pole
Quest specific tips:
Catch Req's: 7 Fungus Fish, 6 Skunk Fish, 5 Rojo Fish, 4 Axehead Shark Fish ×1.5 when done with friend

Collector CaviarEdit


(Difficulty: 3/10)
Known as a Roperian delicacy, this special caviar originates from fresh Rojo Fish eggs. Wranglers can keep the bowl – a rare collector’s item!
Pole Req: Level 25+ Coal Powered Thermo-pole
Unlocks: Coal Panel
Quest specific tips:
Catch Req's: 8 Beaver Fish, 7 Rojo Fish, 7 Ram Fish, 6 Heavenly Shark Fish ×1.5 when done with friend



(Difficulty: 5/10)
Smore lovers will adore RubyMae’s chocolate-covered marshmallow recipe. No campfire is necessary to enjoy this treat!
Pole Req: Level 35+ Coal Powered Thermo-pole
Unlocks: Large Coal Tank
Quest specific tips:
Catch Req's: 12 Skunk Fish, 9 Axehead Shark Fish, 6 Marshmallow Puffer Fish, 2 Sequoia Fish ×1.5 when done with friend

Coal SlawEdit


(Difficulty: 7/10)
A perfect side-dish to enjoy during the summer months in Roperia. Wranglers love the large coal chunks in this coleslaw.
Pole Req: Level 45+ Coal Powered Thermo-pole
Unlocks: Triple Nets
Quest specific tips: All of these fish can be caught with a Level 45-50 pole, so if you are trying for a speed record, hold off from purchasing the add-on. If you do, you will start catching fish that you don't need for the quest, especially once you hit Level 57 and the numerous Moose Fish.
Catch Req's: 14 Rojo Fish, 9 Ram Fish, 8 Heavenly Shark Fish, 4 Sequoia Fish ×1.5 when done with friend

Cactus BitesEdit


(Difficulty: 8/10)
The outershell of this entrée may be deceiving, but the inside is filled with succulent nutrients. Enjoy with a tasty margarita!
Pole Req: Level 55+ Coal Powered Thermo-pole
Rewards: 1 Liquid Gold
Quest specific tips:
Catch Req's: 15 Heavenly Shark Fish, 10 Marshmallow Puffer Fish, 7 Cactus Shark Fish, 1 Wrangler Fish ×1.5 when done with friend

Streamer SteaksEdit


(Difficulty: 9/10)
These red-hot steaks are steaming with savory flavors – only the most dedicated Roperian wranglers will be rewarded with this tasty dish.
Pole Req: Level 65+ Coal Powered Thermo-pole
Rewards: 2 Liquid Gold
Quest specific tips:
Catch Req's: 18 Moose Fish, 15 Snapping Turtle Fish, 7 Gastric Fish, 1 Steamer Shark Fish ×1.5 when done with friend

SBQ 13 - Redwood CrescentEdit


(Difficulty: 20/10)
The Super Bonus Quest of Redwood Crescent requires Farovian Wrangler's to catch an unholy number of the rarest fish in town! Not for beginner's.
Pole Req: Level Max Coal Powered Thermo-pole
Rewards: 80 Free Love Chum, 33 Red Shark, 3 Liquid Gold
Quest specific tips: In order to start this quest, you must have first completed the quest sets for the Coal Powered Thermo-pole and Shredder pole! This quest is VERY hard, and not recommended for the faint of heart. This quest can take up to 46,500+ casts.
Catch Req's: 90 Sequoia Fish, 70 Earthmover Fish, 30 Wrangler Fish, 350 Redwood Whale Fish ×1.5 when done with friend

Starting Requirements: 100,000 Silver, 20 Poo Goo, and 20 Peanut Poison

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