Chat is a new option for 2015 added to the FW Wikia. You can either wait around or get a group of friends together first, then click HERE to join in!

There's pros & cons with chat - some cons being that few people are in the room, messages aren't saved for long (unknown time atm) and not everyone would be online at the same hour. However, some pros are by setting a daily/nightly meeting time you can easily address a number of issues, concerns, etc in a short amount of time without having to refresh, delete messages, and not being limited by the number of characters/words said. Not to mention not everything can be conveyed in the same sense within a forum post, as chat lets you hold a conversation with everyone where as forums would be spam.

However, this is a great way to chat with other Fish Wranglers in a open friendly Chat room made for socializing with others. You can talk about and ask questions on the game or help people who have questions that you can answer.

Connect to Freenode web chat client

You can also connect using your favorite IRC Client by connecting to and joining #fishwrangler