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Blue Crescent[]

Description: Blue Crescent Island Roughly 15 miles from Waterport, Blue Crescent is the most secluded and uninhabited of the islands in the Farovian Sea. Wranglers traveling to this island must obtain top fishing gear due to the dangerous trek. Many say the journey is well worth it.

Blue Crescent extends the fishing of WaterPort and Fishertonville with a whole new variety of fish and equipment available. But this variety and high rewards comes with a cost and only the most experienced wranglers should be traveling to Blue Crescent. Pole and boat damage may occur due to the larger and more dangerous fish on location, so only those with the best fishing equipment will prosper.

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Getting to Blue Crescent[]

Blue Crescent cannot be reached with the Beat up Dinghy thus this location is only accessible once you have the Mini Cruiser (and have it activated). Make sure you are equipped with the Steam Powered Hydro-pole or Sonar Pulverizer to successfully fish here - the other poles are not strong enough to fish at this location without frequent damages.

What to Catch[]

With only a handful of familiar fish on offer, the higher rewards of the fish here should whet the appetite of most new wranglers to the area. The Sapphire Shark Fish replaces the Hippie Fish (which replaced the Cubey Fish) as lowliest of catches and (with the appropriate pole and skill) two new fish should be available from the start; the Red Diablo Shark Fish and the Toro Fish.

Fish Min. Pole Population Status Min. Points Min. Gold Min. Skill Chum Preference
Tiger Shark Fish Necro-pole 12Fairly Prolific 469 480 Art of Night Fishing -
Vampire Fish Oak Branch/ Broken Standard Timely 505 500 Introduction to Chumming Steak Chum
Hate Fish Excali-pole 06Threatened 707 700 Introduction to Chumming Steak Chum
Grim Fish Excali-pole/ Necro-pole 03Near Extinction 999 1,000 Habitats of Large Fish Loaf Chum
Sapphire Shark Fish Steam Powered Hydro-pole/ Sonar Pulverizer 12Fairly Prolific 475 480 Habitats of Large Fish -
Red Diablo Shark Fish Steam Powered Hydro-pole 08Very Rare 600 615 Habitats of Large Fish -
Toro Fish Steam Powered Hydro-pole 12Fairly Prolific 310 302 Habitats of Large Fish -
Putrid Fish Level 10 Steam Powered Hydro-pole 08Very Rare 1,952 1,560 Art of Night Fishing -
Ferret Eel Fish Level 15 Steam Powered Hydro-pole 06Threatened 1,422 1,304 Habitats of Large Fish Steak Chum
Joan of Farovia Fish Level 25 Steam Powered Hydro-pole 06Threatened 3,403 2,122 Habitats of Large Fish -
Joan of Arc Fish Level 25 Sonar Pulverizer 06Threatened 3,651 2,432 Habitats of Large Fish -
Azul Fish Sonar Pulverizer 12Fairly Prolific 410 408 Habitats of Large Fish -
Suave Fish Steam Powered Hydro-pole 12Fairly Prolific 505 524 Habitats of Large Fish -
Rock Fish Level 10 Sonar Pulverizer 04Critically Endangered 3,233 3,555 Mastering Shark Wrangling Cayenne Chum
Chainsaw Marlin Fish Level 5 Sonar Pulverizer/ Level 4 Spear Gun Almost Extinct 2,402 2,254 Mastering Shark Wrangling Steak Chum
Dr Deceit Fish Level 10 Sonar Pulverizer/ Level 4 Evil Obliterator/ Level 4 Holy Liberator 03Near Extinction 2,606 2,350 Mastering Shark Wrangling -
Glider Fish Level 15 Sonar Pulverizer 08Very Rare 1,596 1,515 Mastering Shark Wrangling -
Scitzo Shark Fish Sonar Pulverizer 06Threatened 1,858 2,015 Mastering Shark Wrangling Generic Chum
Razor Shark Fish Sonar Pulverizer 04Critically Endangered 2,900 3,210 Secrets of Farovia -
T150 Fish Level 50 Sonar Pulverizer 03Near Extinction 3,521 3,356 Mastering Shark Wrangling -
Bat Fish Level 53 Sonar Pulverizer 03Near Extinction 3,608 2,723 Secrets of Farovia -
Sub Fish Level 57 Sonar Pulverizer 11Numerous 2,560 1,924 Secrets of Farovia -
Vet Fish Level 64 Sonar Pulverizer 08Very Rare 3,475 2,290 Secrets of Farovia Steak Chum
Purpy Fish Level 73 Sonar Pulverizer 03Near Extinction 3,867 2,860 Secrets of Farovia -
Matador Fish Level 80 Sonar Pulverizer 02Possibly Extinct 4,461 3,108 Secrets of Farovia -
Striped Diablo Fish Level 50 Steam Powered Hydro-pole 03Near Extinction 3,422 3,255 Habitats of Large Fish -
Great White Shark Fish Level 53 Steam Powered Hydro-pole 03Near Extinction 1,639 2,456 Mastering Shark Wrangling -
Loco Fish Level 57 Steam Powered Hydro-pole 12Fairly Prolific 2,175 1,870 Mastering Shark Wrangling -
T50 Fish Level 64 Steam Powered Hydro-pole 08Very Rare 2,402 2,166 Mastering Shark Wrangling -
Sea Crocodile Fish Level 73 Steam Powered Hydro-pole 04Critically Endangered 2,625 2,393 Mastering Shark Wrangling -
Radioactive Fish Level 80 Steam Powered Hydro-pole 02Possibly Extinct 2,890 2,603 Mastering Shark Wrangling -
Dweller Fish Level 80 Steam Powered Hydro-pole AND Sonar Pulverizer 01Non-Existent 8,520 8,506 -

Note that although the Grim Fish can be found in Blue Crescent, it cannot be caught by the two recommended poles for this area (Steam Powered Hydro-pole and Sonar Pulverizer). Grim hunters can either risk using a weaker pole here, or head back to Fishertonville.

Full descriptions of each Blue Crescent fish can be found in The Fish of Blue Crescent.

What to Buy[]

Blue Crescent's store stocks only the most advanced of equipment and skills.

Type Item Cost Points
Pole Oak Branch 280 0
Pole Broken Standard 300 0
Pole Fancy Rifle-pole 1,950 4,500
Pole Excali-pole 4,200 10,500
Pole Necro-pole 18,400 26,500
Pole Steam Powered Hydro-pole 45,000 120,000
Pole Sonar Pulverizer 200,000 482,000
Boat Beat up Dinghy 4,000 15,000
Boat Mini Cruiser 35,000 150,000
Skill Mastering Shark Wrangling 100,000 200,000
Skill Secrets of Farovia 200,000 450,000

Blue Crescent is also where Cap'n Jozek has set-up the Blue Crescent repair shop where the underpaid deckhands will repair broken poles and boats and the Blue Crescent Fuel station where the Mini Cruiser can be refilled with Medium Grade Fuel.

How to Play[]

It is fortunate that the rewards of the fish at Blue Crescent are substantially higher than Fishertonville as wranglers will be predominantly here until they reach at least 600,000 points before unlocking Magma Reef and will be frequent visitors until 1.2 million points before Sans Culpra is available.

What Chum[]

The Blue Crescent store sells a new type of Chum: Fish Guts. Fish Guts has the same attraction as Cayenne Chum, but costs 80 gold per piece as opposed to Cayenne's 34 gold per piece price. Wranglers are advised however to use the new chum, as it is specifically designed for Blue Crescent, whereas the large fish of Blue Crescent will frequently manage to steal Cayenne. As the fish at Blue Crescent are worth a lot more than those at Waterport or Fishertonville, you will still make a nice profit using this more expensive chum here.

Alternatively, if gold is at a premium, Loaf Chum (at an attraction rate of 1% less than Fish Guts or Cayenne) is a good choice, as it works well everywhere in Farovia except for Magma Reef.

Sonar vs Hydro[]

The slow leveling rate of the Sonar Pulverizer has caused many wranglers to state a preference for the Steam Powered Hydro-pole as the pole of choice in Blue Crescent, especially as the high earning Putrid Fish, Joan of Farovia Fish and the rest of the Hydro's pole exclusive fish are therefore easier to meet the pole requirements than the Sonar's equivalents.

However, these are the only 'big' point earners on the Hydro. The Sonar has substantially more; Dr Deceit Fish, Rock Fish, Joan of Arc Fish, Chainsaw Marlin Fish, Scitzo Shark Fish, the Razor Shark Fish and the other pole exclusive fish.

Essentially as Fish Wrangler is a game of chance, it may be possible for the Hydro to appear to out-perform the Sonar, but the numbers game suggests that the Sonar should still have the edge over the Hydro.

Saving Fuel[]

As the Mini Cruiser uses Fuel every cast, wranglers may be tempted to switch to the Beat up Dinghy whilst fishing in Blue Crescent. This is not a recommended strategy however. The fish at Blue Crescent are known to cause damage and the dinghy is an easier target than the Mini Cruiser. Wranglers employing this strategy may find themselves frequent visitors to the Blue Crescent repair shop.

Once wranglers have travelled to Geminisles or Icelantica, the new cruisers provide a cheap way to fish here, just don't forget to change boats if you want to travel around Farovia.

When to get the Secrets of Farovia skill[]

While the Secrets of Farovia can be purchased at 800,000 points, this skill only unlocks one additional fish from the off; the high earning, but rare, Razor Shark Fish (the other fish this skill unlocks are the Sonar's augmented fish). The real benefit for this last skill doesn't manifest itself until 1.2 million points where it begins the journey to unlocking Sans Culpra.

The optimal timing for purchasing this skill is therefore dependent upon other factors. Should gold be at a premium, then purchasing the skill can be delayed until nearer the 1.2 million point mark. On the other hand, if you participate in the Monthly Tournaments then you may look to ensure you have the skill by the time you reach the first Sonar day in your Wrangler's class where the possibility of catching a Razor Shark in the tournament can reward you with a high scoring 840 points.

Using other poles[]

Any poles other than the Hydro-pole or Sonar are more susceptible to damage at Blue Crescent and using one will often yield the advice to "use a stronger pole as the fish here are quite strong". However, many wranglers have elected to level up lower poles, typically the Oak Branch or Broken Standard at Blue Crescent.

The theory behind this strategy is that these beginner poles are only strong enough to catch the Hippie Fish at Blue Crescent. Most casts will therefore be misses, so by using Red Love Chum at this location, misses will not cost any chum thereby providing a 'cheap' way to use the leveling benefits of Red Love Chum without using an extortionate amount of this precious chum. The low cost of the repair of these poles still makes it a profitable venture

Similarly, the Fancy Rifle-pole can catch Hippies and Grims at this location, the Excali-pole adds the Hate Fish to this list and the Necro-pole adds the more prolific Tiger Shark Fish, so the effectiveness of this strategy is diminished as stronger poles are used - especially as the cost of repair increases. Note that a crew trip can never break your pole, so you can switch to a pole with a high repair cost for crew trips only.

Whether this is an appropriate strategy depends on your own personal goals. If you want to maximize the leveling benefits of Red Love Chum at minimal cost, then this method hits that mark. On the other hand, any misses do not yield any gold or points, so it ultimately depends on what your current targets are.