These are the CLA (ChangeLog Archives) for 2017.

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January 2017Edit


  • You can now hand in the 12 Ornaments collection multiple times to be rewarded with 6 Digloo Brew's. Also fixed the link to them, which was wrong.. and telling people they didn't have the resource.
  • Happy New Year!

February 2017Edit


  • Post #1 Completely re-designed MTB's.

They no longer rely on Facebook for anything. This means, that right now, you won't ever get notified about a MTB on Facebook. I may change this, based on user feedback.. but the notifications would be for alerting you, not for relying on facebook to confirm the authenticity of the MTB.

I've increased the daily limit of MTB's to 40.

I've added in all the Special Bonus reward boosts into MTB's.

Please let me know of any bugs with it, via the forums. Thanks a bunch!

  • Post #2 When you click "Accept All" on the MTB page, it will properly allow you to send back MTB's to each person. Thanks to bug report from Clark G.
  • Post #3 Facebook fixed issues with some users not being able to click links.

MTB UPDATES: If you click Accept All, you will accept the oldest first, up to however many you can send back on the day. If you click Accept All, and have no more to send back, you'll be given an option to "Force Accept All?".

MTB notifications will be grouped together nicely in the header.

  • Post #4 MTB UPDATE:

Users were complaining about 40 MTB openings on the day, being too many.. and preferring 20. So I've changed it so you have the same great odds on the 20th opening of the day.. and 40th opening. This way, it's up to you, if you want to keep opening them or not.

I'm also planning on reducing the send number back to 20/day.. as I think 40 is just too much to deal with on a daily basis, and will cause some burnout.

  • Post #5 Added in setting to disable MTB notifications in the header.. for those who are bothered by them.

Look under general settings, "Disable MTB Notices". You'll still receive MTB's.. you just won't get the red header notifications.

Working on the last level of Icelantica Backside: Snowpeak Basecamp! Should be released tomorrow.

Please give feedback on various things on FW.. I'm planning on dedicating much more time to FW in 2017.

  • Post #6 The next new level, Snowpeak Basecamp will be opened for camping reservations tomorrow.. (ie released tomorrow at 1pm FVT)

The new level entails: - 5 new fish, the last is a multi-pole max level fish. (we'll add Polaroid at later date) - 4 addons for each of the two poles - 4 quests for each of the two poles

NOTE: The addons will be very costly at first, and then go down in price hourly, as any people have farmed lots of silver (150k/day), and it's a fair way of balancing the economy. The addons are priced at 4m, 5m, 6m and then 7m silver.. and will be basically free after about 35 days after tomorrow.

I've read all of the great feedback on my linked forum post above.. the next levels will have faster leveling and more fish.

  • Post #7 Snowpeak Basecamp will be released shortly..

Made a recent change, you're now allowed to view pole addons while traveling, however you still can't buy them until you've arrived. (This is changed from before where it'd forward you off the pole addon page, saying "arriving in x mins")

  • Post #8 You should now get deckhand checks for 3 days after you stop by.

You should also get crew trips for 24 hours after you stop by. (This use to be about 1.5-2 hours) You will be marked as "ONLINE" for 24 hours after you stop by.. which allows you to have crew trips during that time. Going to possibly push it to 3 days as well, want to see how the servers handle it.

Making more changes shortly, based on user feedback in my post:

  • Post #9 - Fixed mobile device width on the pages with fish gene combos / mutation mixes. (Was getting cut off on right)

The following is a list of priorities based on user feedback over the last couple days:

- Simplifying the display of traveling messages. It will clearly tell you what is giving you each time deduction.

- Going to give away more pole leveling boosts and deckhand boosts to those in need.. (Will make a custom algorithm that determines slow points of game, and makes it more likely to find that extra boost)

- Due to user feedback, Special Bonuses will have a 24 hour window of when they can be activated.. otherwise they'll just auto-start.

- I'm going to run some analysis on all levels, and days between new fish catches, pole leveling, and costs... to determine how they should be revised to prevent new players from grinding and burning out. I've only done this one time in the past.. I'll create a list of exactly what is changing, so everyone is completely aware.. and the wiki can get updated.

-Much more to come.. hoping to get most of the above knocked out today.

  • Post #10 The price of rocket fuel will be increasing by 2x. The farovian oil refinery has experienced a sudden shortage in oil supplies. New travel display coming soon.
  • Post #11 Giving everyone a 24 hour heads up before changing costs of rocket fuel. I'm aiming for a cost of about 2k gold per minute of time saved from rocket fuel.. for each type, if you're at the max class level in the game.

I don't think that's unfair. Buying rocket fuel has never been a question.. and people have ridiculous amounts of gold.. and this a huge feature that helps people. Not trying to be mean.. just trying to balance the economy.

  • Post #12 Crew trips work for up to 3 days. And you can have a treasure pending, and still receive crew trips. You can also bring up to 12 people on a crew trip now. We're going to see how the servers react to these changes... but it looks fine so far. (Fixed issue with people not going on crew trips last night to this am)
  • Post #13 I've increased the gold and point rewards for fish in the Wahwah levels based on user feedback:

Wahwahport: 12x increase -Tiny was worth 50 gold, now 600.

Wahwahville: 7x increase -Mizz Tiny was worth 100 gold, now 700.

Wahwah Crescent: 4x increase -Wider was 160 gold, now 640. Wayzer was 362 gold, now 1442.

Wahwah Reef: 1.5x increase -Emonseehorsie was 700 gold, now 1050. Phire Wion was 1000 gold, now 1500.

I've also started some preliminary analysis of user fish catches / delays.. and since opened it up to the public. All you have to do is click into someones FW profile, and click the link in the header to analyze their catches. If anyones interested in trying to base some generalizations off their findings, and help me make some tweaks to balance the game.. I'd really appreciate it! [:)] [:fw!]

Writing code now to back-credit anyone who should have gotten the extra days of boost.

  • Post #15 Back credited anyone who donated in the last 50 days and would have been eligible for our new feature of donating more to get longer speed boosts. Super confusing looking messages, but I'm sure it's right now.. (And if you saw a follow up message with "CORRECTION", that means it's the correct details.. and you had a previous message with incorrect details)


  • Post #16 Due to user feedback, we've added in the option of "Starting" a special bonus. Now when you get one, you'll have 24 hours to start it.. otherwise it auto-starts. You'll see a little link next to it, saying "Start NOW".. and it's striked out/grey.

Time to watch the recorded Blackhawks game...

  • Post #17 Broke night fishing for some, tried resending them back out but am unable to.

You now only have to be active in last 3 days to go night fishing.. was a bug with this new code that messed it up for some parties.

  • Post #18 Fixed quest reqs for 2nd to last cold fusion/holy hybrid poles. Fixing other issues now. Nothing I can do about last nights NF'ing issues now though, as previously stated. If you lost out on consecutive days and want it back, please contact me via contact us link below.
  • Post #19
  • Post #20
  • Post #21 Unicode emoji's should now work on forum...

๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜ƒ ๐Ÿ˜„ ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜† ๐Ÿ˜… ๐Ÿ˜‚ ๐Ÿคฃ โ˜บ๏ธ ๐Ÿ˜Š ๐Ÿ˜‡ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™ƒ ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜Œ ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜˜ ๐Ÿ˜— ๐Ÿ˜™ ๐Ÿ˜š ๐Ÿ˜‹ ๐Ÿ˜œ ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿค‘ ๐Ÿค— ๐Ÿค“ ๐Ÿ˜Ž ๐Ÿคก ๐Ÿค  ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜’ ๐Ÿ˜ž ๐Ÿ˜” ๐Ÿ˜Ÿ ๐Ÿ˜• ๐Ÿ™ โ˜น๏ธ ๐Ÿ˜ฃ ๐Ÿ˜– ๐Ÿ˜ซ ๐Ÿ˜ฉ ๐Ÿ˜ค ๐Ÿ˜  ๐Ÿ˜ก ๐Ÿ˜ถ ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜‘ ๐Ÿ˜ฏ ๐Ÿ˜ฆ ๐Ÿ˜ง ๐Ÿ˜ฎ ๐Ÿ˜ฒ ๐Ÿ˜ต ๐Ÿ˜ณ ๐Ÿ˜ฑ ๐Ÿ˜จ ๐Ÿ˜ฐ ๐Ÿ˜ข ๐Ÿ˜ฅ ๐Ÿคค ๐Ÿ˜ญ ๐Ÿ˜“ ๐Ÿ˜ช ๐Ÿ˜ด ๐Ÿ™„ ๐Ÿค” ๐Ÿคฅ ๐Ÿ˜ฌ ๐Ÿค ๐Ÿคข ๐Ÿคง ๐Ÿ˜ท ๐Ÿค’ ๐Ÿค•

  • Post #22 Removed fishing wait time restriction from opening MTB's.
  • Post #23 Improved search functionality for finding a new Night Fishing party to join. Should only show active crews (may need to check back on this in a couple days, as code I force ran last night might mess up these results for a couple days).

And you can now search by where a party is located and/or start times.

Also, your last town will be updated after each time you go night fishing.. (Despite having ability to change location/pole) I changed this for the sake of valid night fishing party searches by location.

  • Post #24 I'm aware of the NF'ing issues. It appears most / everyone didn't go the last couple nights. I haven't had any time to check the hundreds of contact us messages. Going to take awhile.

Going to completely recode it and plan on adding in NF'ing quests in the process.

  • Post #25 If you didn't go night fishing on the 18th or 19th, your results will be pushed shortly with wherever you're located right now.
  • Post #26 I'll be back on tonight to credit everyone for 2/20 that missed out on night fishing.

Everything should be back to normal.. fixed issues with weird nf messages saying you went with a different party and can only go once every 23 hours, etc.

  • Post #27 Re-ran night fishing for those who never came back on Feb 20th.
  • Post #28 Fixed issue with MTB's not opening despite wait timer of 5+ mins. (You must have at least 5 minutes on your fishing timer, to use a Mystery Tackle Box)

Added in Deckhand / Timer Special Bonuses for players with at slow points in the game... (Basically if you're in a location that's over 6 months old, and your pole isn't leveled, you'll have an extra chance at finding a deckhand/timer bonus in a treasure.)

If you've never handed in the quest that you're working on, and the quest has more than 500 hand ins (ie, it's been around for a few months), you'll have an extra chance in treasures of finding quest boosts.

These changes are to help out new users and those struggling with the grind of older levels. I know these changes may not be appreciated by users who toughed it out and went through, but I've stated that things will always be re-balanced to make sure it's still fun and playable for casual players not racing. There's still lots that I can probably do.. just need more feedback of where grinds are for new users (and/or users finally starting old levels).

Changed the resource list to show "OPEN" instead of ON/OFF for MTB's.. (you'll need to refresh your resource list cache to see this change)

  • Post #29 Fixed issue with Travel Special Bonus having you instantly arrive.

Going to work on a better optimized mobile version of FW, and might eventually create an app off of that version. It'll basically have a narrower width, so everything appears a little more zoomed in / easier to read.. and different sections will be accessible via special mobile drop down lists.

Still haven't caught up with Contact Us messages.. [:\] Thanks for your patience!

  • Post #30 I've still been working non stop on FW.. sorry for lack of response.

Optimizing the mobile version of FW has turned into a much larger task then first thought. I've made major changes to how it looks and feels.. so major that I think some users may not like it at first, but I feel overall, it's much more easy to navigate / read.. as things aren't super small and hard to read in the new version.. basically cutting down the width of the game by about 30% more than what it already was in the existing mobile version.

The FW mobile v2 should be released sometime later today. [:)] [:fw!]

  • Post #31 Just released FW mobile v2.. please post any issues with the regular version of FW or the new mobile version.

If you want to get 20 FLC, click through the latest post on our app page.. be sure to like it too. (If anyone posts the direct link on the forums, please report it.. there's a reason why the links not on FW) Thanks! Get 20 FLC at:

  • Post #32 Fixed all issues with mobile v2 that users have reported. Disabled v2 for tablets/iPads.. as it's meant for smaller screen sizes.

Added in most recent posts option for specific forums. (click into specific forum, then you'll see new header tab to via recent posts in that forum)

Removed MTB fishing timer restriction due to user feedback.

  • Post #33 When you like a post on the forums, it'll tell you that you've liked it.. someone asked for this recently.. always thought about having likes break the cache and displaying that you've liked it.

If you guys would like to see who likes each post, I can add that in too..

I would forward date those only though, as it's been a private feature... (ie only the person you're liking the post of, gets to see that you liked it..)

I will however add it in right now, saying who liked your post, if it is yours.. (you'll need to mouse over the Like link to see)

  • Post #34 Fixed issue with special bonuses, when you'd have 2+ of the same type.. it wouldn't remove them properly once they expired. Thanks for reports.

Also fixed the mobile v1 fish NOW text size.

  • Post #35 Improved search functionality on forums.

And now when you contact us with a bug report, your issue will be auto-searched on the forums after posting. [:)]

Added in "Most Liked" topics in each forum section..

Going to go through most liked suggestions..

  • Post #36 Had some interesting user feedback with an issue of completing chapter 8 of Saving Lucidia and unlocking Heart Land.. when you shouldn't until Chapter 9... user was confused with handing in awesome armor set again, which requires you to go back to Coral Lobby. Let me know if you recall being confused by this on the forums.. (going to improve tip text so this doesn't happen again)

Going to work on AJAX'ing Fish NOW.. opening MTB's and tournament casting. [:)] Long over due.

  • Post #37 Fixed lots of various bugs.

Added in Resource On/Off in the Resource Exchange lists.. per user feedback.

I'm now working on ajaxing the Fish NOW / Cast NOW / MTB open buttons. [:)]

Then I'm going to be starting a "Welcome Back to FW" campaign for old users who've donated and haven't been seen in 6+ months.. basically giving them a speedboost and $20-$60 of FLC... along with telling them what new features/levels have been added since they've left.

  • Post #38 I'm very close to releasing the single biggest change to the game ever.. ajax'ing the fish now link.

It's a fairly major change as everything in the game revolves around it.

I'm going to phase it in, by allowing you to opt-in to the new feature.. and then eventually everyone will be pushed onto it.. along with ajax'd inventory.. (I created the option to disable ajax when ajax was unstable.. I can say everyone's browser has to be able to load it now, give everything that's evolved in the game.)

If anyones wanting to make a duplicate account to start the game over and play through/reporting any issues to me.. I can maybe create a new feature, where you're a verified duplicate account, and you can't trade anything off the account. If this sounds interesting, please post about it on the forums. I'm concerned that this new feature may break things that newer users won't report.

March 2017Edit


  • Post #1 Fixed the "Link Error" issues with the fishing timer.

And someone I've been speaking with who had the "frozen timer" issues with ajax v2, no longer has them. If you're still having them please let me know here:

  • Post #2 Fixed lots of issues with ajax.

-Eye of the storm distance now properly updates. (I want to make sure other features, that update in the fish now bar, update properly on ajax.. like drilling, the rebreather, oxygen levels, etc.. please let me know if you have any issues with those) -Quest boosts now display in header, and update, when on ajax.

Lots of other small issues.. Thanks for all the reports.. Please keep posting them on the forums.

  • Post #3 When someone comments on your profile board, you can quickly reply to them, on their profile board, via the notification.. as per user suggestion.

Fixed layout of settings page on mobile v2.

I'm also watching an issue that possibly removes your 1.5x speed boost for being ad friendly.. If this has happened to you, please report it on the forums.

Also added in feature that if you press ctrl+enter, you'll automatically post a reply on the forums, or anywhere on FW. (Similar to how gmail works)

  • Post #4 If your grace period bonus deducts more time from the fishing timer, than your timer special bonus... then you'll get the grace period.

Example: You last fished an hour ago. You start a 1.5x timer bonus. You go fishing. Your wait time should be 30 seconds. And not 5 minutes (from the bonus).

Let me know if anyone experiences anything strange with my change on this.. as it looked like I got an extra grace period bonus well into my skips on the dev server??

  • Post #5 Fixing timer issues now.
  • Post #6 Timer issue should be fixed with grace period/timer special bonus.
  • Post #7 Added in header drop down thumbnails for most links.. looks nicer.

Added in "new trip logs" alert, when you're using ajax, and you go fishing, and a crew trip/deckhand trip happens, since your last trip. (Had many reports of people claiming they lost extra chum, or their points were added up wrong.. when it was actually just another trip that happened since their last fishing attempt)

  • Post #8
  • Post #9 Improved display of drop down menu items..

Removed option to disable AJAX for changing inventory (ie chum, pole, boats, resources).

Displaying "Mutli-pole Quest", if it's a quest that requires multiple poles. Received many angry emails, of people saying they didn't know a quest required a different pole.. etc etc.. so now I've made it much more apparent.. (Along with the new header warning, saying you need to switch your pole.. [-)] [:O] )

May add back option to disable "Fast Loading" - ie allowing you to view full list of your inventory.

Fixed issue with RLC trades not showing up for other user. (You'll each now get header notifications when a trade happens)

The same issue was causing problems with deckhand vouchers, quest start times, and probably many other things that had broken time stamps.

  • Post #10 FIXED! There was an issue with the deckhand special bonus.. If you were traveling to an area where your current setup doesn't work.. it'd disregard your bonus, and have your next deckhand trip happen in about 55 minutes.
  • Post #11 We're now tracking emails that bounce, and removing invalid emails from our database.. as many users have old facebook emails that are no longer working..

This is important when we do any future marketing campaigns, and auto-remove any invalid emails.

We also see lots of people trying to play on, and request lost passwords.. which get sent to invalid emails.. now in this situation, you'll get a notification, saying we noticed a bounced email to "" and to update your email in the FW Settings page.

Anyways, getting close to sending out about 30k emails to old users who've donated and not been seen in 6+ months. [:O] Hope we get some old players back.. [:)]

  • Post #12 If you failed to just go night fishing, i'll auto-push your results in about 24 hours from right now. Please don't send me any emails on this.
  • Post #13 Still catching up from the server chaos.. fixed the forums..

I've been working non stop the last 2 days on this.. despite the lack of progress / fun stuff to speak of.. [:|]

Thanks for your understanding!

  • Post #14 Fixed viewing other topics on the forums..
  • Post #15 Just want to fill in everyone on the recent issues..

I went to upgrade our development server, with a new module, that allows me to check our support email.

Everything looked fine and well.. when I pushed the code and server config to production, well.. everything that went wrong went wrong. This is when you guys experienced random times of the Special Bonuses not appearing, and then reappearing.. an pretty bad bug in actuality... as the caching server was randomly not connecting with the server that handles special bonuses.

So then I had to try to upgrade the caching server, and that led to even more issues.. and random outtages.. all unplanned and dragged out over the last 48 hours. It's been really rough but I'm finally at the end of this tunnel.

The caching server is all upgraded, however struggling with some of the profile records.. as slowing down the web servers.. I should have this squared away tmrw.. along with everyones night fishing records that got missed over the last couple nights.

I'm also going to be removing the consecutive days of night fishing counter, as it's just lots of extra work to go back in and re-credit people.. as it's bound to break again. I can still leave the counter in, and give bonuses.. if ya'll want.

I'm done for now. Happy Fishing. [:fw!]

  • Post #16 Should have remaining issues resolved tomorrow.. Have to wait the little one and give Jillian a break. [:bottle!] [:baby!]
  • Post #17 Credited all tournament rubies from March 8th.. despite your message saying March 7th or 9th.. (bugged the alert message)

Responded to 99% of support messages..

  • Post #18 Fixed loads of little issues on leaderboards last night.. added in more mini-icons all over.

Fixed profile prizes to be lined up nicely, on bottom left. 3 wide.

Just added in option for non-fb users to display their picture via, which uses wordpress login.

Just make sure your is setup under the email listed in your settings page:

Running missing NF results from the other night now.

  • Post #19 Oh, I also changed how the links on the forum work.

The picture will now go to your FB profile or Gravatar profile.

Your name will go to your FW profile.

Had to change this based on how this all got switched around.

Also, for newwer users, that you'd try to get to their FB profile, and got an error.. you'll now be able to see their profiles. [8)]

  • Post #20 Fixed night fishing board notifications and reply-to's via header notifications.

Fixed issue where crew / night crew details wouldn't show up.. and be all blank.

  • Post #21 Really fixed issue where night crew members details don't show up.. took forever to find out the issue.. [:|]

Fixed issue with MTB's giving special bonuses below 1x, which actually reduce the speed of what they're supposed to boost.

  • Post #22 After lots of testing and re-coding and more testing.. I finally started my 1,000 FLC welcome back campaign to old users who've donated in the past and haven't been seen in 6+ months. Starting with oldest users first.. have seen some good turn out early. Be nice to the old timers, if you see them back on the forums, etc.. [:)]

You can see how the email looks here:

I spent lots of time making sure it displays nicely on all devices.. [:)]

  • Post #23 Removed the option to disable the viewing of the "SKIP" feature.. forgot that it was an option to disable it.. but had an email from someone saying they disappeared. It's a mandatory feature now for everyone.

Fixed a few other small bugs from user emails.

  • Post #24 Been swamped trying to reconfigure different emails to get this Welcome Back campaign all emailed out...

I'll get around to implementing some great user feedback I've gotten about the new mobile version, etc.

If you're having any "Errors" while fishing via ajax, let me know on the forums.. I've seen it randomly reported in the FB chat thing. I tweaked our code to hopefully get these errors reported to me.. as I haven't been seeing them.

  • Post #25 Pretty sure I squared away a few major things that would have caused some of the white pages the other day..

1) AJAX was not properly working for MANY users, despite the 2 week trial period.. People were being marked as not logged in, then getting time outs / no responses.. and I wasn't getting alerted of the errors. This has been mostly fixed now. If you were having ajax fishing issues earlier, please try it again and let me know on the forums if it's working or not.

1.1) This was causing loads of extra requests to our servers, people repeatedly trying to fish and failing to go.

I'm going to work on MTB's now.. so you can more easily send back / open them.

  • Post #26 I'm still debugging new issues with the ajax fishing authentication issues.. Seeing some good debug logs come in now. Stay tuned. And if it's not working, please keep trying till ya hear an update.
  • Post #27 I believe I fixed an issue with ajax fishing, that would randomly cause errors saying you're not authenticated.. still watching the debug logs to verify.

Going to finally start working on some other stuff as I've been swamped with the new campaign the last week.

  • Post #28 Mystery Tackle Boxes can now be opened with AJAX (ie fast loading). It'll happen when you open up your 2nd+ one of the day.. via the link in the green box saying "Open Another?"

As per user feedback, changed forum to sort open topics over closed topics. (Only happens when viewing a specific topic's recent posts / most liked post - not the overall most recent posts)

  • Post #29 The FVT time display above your My Setup image will update when ajax is on.

Liquid Gold harnesses are separate per region now.. as per user forum post that was most liked under the bugs section.

I plan on going through and implementing any other features that are most liked on the forums as time goes on here.. [:)]

  • Post #30 Just wanted to give an update about issues last night.. since some people might be wondering..

I was working on a bunch of new fixes last night, and added in a Captains Quarters comment board for captains to chat with their apprentices..

One of the fixes I made for that, broke form submissions.. so things like verifying to travel, doing repairs, posting on forums, all broke. [:(]

I didn't realize it until hours later... and fixed it early this morning. I'm going to actually try to make some more fixes to the form submissions, because I don't like how it is right now.. (Basically makes super long URL params that don't look too nice)

  • Post #31 Accidentally sent out FB messages giving 1,000 FLC to some users.. I can't take it away, consider it a gift.. [:)]

Sent out welcome back messages to all remaining players who've not been seen or messaged in 6+ months.

  • Post #32 Received feedback from a few old loyal players who are upset that the 1,000 FLC was unfairly distributed. Which is true as it wasn't given out to everyone.

I'm going to be deducting the 1,000 FLC shortly. If you spent it, you'll go into negatives. Ill do a loyalty reward where if you've been seem 75% of days and on the game for more than 5 years you'll get 100 FLC.

  • Post #33 Deducted the wrongly credited FLC.

As per my message above for a loyalty type of reward, please give feedback on the forums. I'd like to come up with a fun idea. Maybe if you've only been seen 50% of days, then you only get 50% of the reward.. or something like that.. and if you're 90%+ you get some other special bonus?

I also think I've fixed the ajax fishing authentication issues.. where it pops up an error. [:)]

  • Post #34 World Champs contest starts April 2nd! Go Cubbies! [:)]

Fixed various bugs.. please give your feedback on the forums as to what we should do for all the loyal players who've been playing up to 8+ years! [:fw!]

For the hockey players out there.. I just got a Sparx Home Skate Sharpener, it's epic! If you purchase one we'll give ya $100 in RLC. Just contact us with you order number to get credited.

UPDATE: We got approved as an affiliate and can now give $200 in RLC for a Sparx purchase.

April 2017Edit


  • Post #1 Added in default header to profile pages.

Fixed issue with unbalanced ecosystem damaging poles, despite having a permanently balanced ecosystem.. (ie when you're done with that levels storyline)

If you open a common MTB it will not save the opening in your log.. I've noticed skippers logs are over run by fairly repetitive mtb openings. You also won't have the option to share with friends that you saved 1 minute from an MTB opening.. hah!

Going to design some new stickers for everyone to vote on which one should be done next.

  • Post #2 Redesigned profiles, so that fish records, collectables and best tournament days are on the right column.. simplified their layouts too. Still think there's more that can be done.

Fixed an issue with skips/redshark skips being marked as so in your logs, even if it's not (and it's just a regular trip).

Fixed a few other user reported bugs.

We're going to be releasing another final sticker sale of 9 "collector item" bumper stickers that are pretty ship-wrecked / bent up / folded. Stay tuned.

  • Post #3 Fixed an issue where special bonuses wouldn't save and start/auto-start.
  • Post #4 Fixed issue with posting to quest boards.. can now reply on them, and via notifications.. when you invite a friend to quest. [:)] Thanks for report on forums!
  • Post #5 Sorry for the late start on the Pastel Puffer contest. My email was bouncing due to a flood of FW debug emails due to an issue with special bonuses.

The contest starts in 23 minutes and lasts for a week! Giving away almost 13,000 FLC!

We'll be sending out sticker purchases this week.. you'll be notified when it's sent.

Starting a spring sale shortly.

  • Post #6 Still trying to debug issues where users playing on chrome, on facebook, are getting issues with authentication and ajax fishing.. If you consistently get forwarded to re-authenticate, please post about the issue on the forums.

Still trying to see why some people are getting loads of "couldn't find ____ special bonus" messages..

  • Post #7 Fixed part of the issue with some browsers not authenticating on ajax fishing.

Fixed issue with 10 MTB new user notification reward getting accepted.

If you changed your FB name, all you have to do is go to the FW settings page to update your name now.

Fixed issue when using SKIP's really fast, and recent trip logs showing up of your last trip you did within last second.. and not an actual trip you didn't recently see.. (ie crew trip/deckhand trip)

  • Post #8 Fixed issue with replying to someones comment on your profile board.
  • Post #9 When you travel to the Eye of the Storm your position from the Eye of the Storm will reset back to the center.. (As per user email asking why it wasn't getting reset -- which before you could only do by clicking the re-position boat link in the header)

May 2017Edit


  • Post #1 The cinco de mayo contest will be starting soon.. waiting on art from Dan.

It will be based on your total overall weight, of every catch, during the contest.

And the contest will be open in Farovia and Roperia.

Both changes are via user feedback! [:)]


  • Post #2 Fixed issue with "Total Weight" contests not randomizing weights as much as they should. And also made Trophy Catches much more common while the contest is going on.. as per user feedback.

The highest leveled pole records should now properly display on your profile. (was issue with some users not having the records displayed)

  • Post #3 Metric stats properly display for contest catch displays now.

Fixed an issue with some multi pole fish messages, saying to activate the pole you already have active.

  • Post #4 Fixed apprentice trips.. they should properly reset each night now. Thanks to user feedback on this one!
  • Post #5 Contest catches should be catchable everywhere, besides during a lava flow.. changed how the catching chance code works.. as people in Freezeberg Brewhaus / Snowpeak Basecamp can't get catches.

Also added in disable contest catch setting, for those who aren't interested in the contests.

  • Post #6 Added in a 1-click auto post to forums option, after submitting a message to the Contact Us form.. many people ask me questions or send in bug reports that would be better suited for the forums.. and they'd also, most likely, get a faster response. You'll see a message at the end of these forum posts that says: "Auto-posted from Contact Us form."
  • Post #7 The auto-post to forum feature, from the contact us form, will now auto-email the author.. as I noticed some newbies might not know to check the forums. [:)]
  • Post #8 After noticing how many people just play FW, to continue a catching streak, I decided to tweak the effects of FLC/RLC.

It will now double your chances of continuing a streak, by doubling that specific fishes population, after you've made 2+ consecutive catches on it.


  • Post #9 EDIT: Changed Love Chum streak boost to take effect after 3+ consecutive catches.

Also, wanted to add that I changed the Contact Us form messages in regards to Questions & Bug Reports, to by default, auto-post to the forums. It's a pretty slick feature.. Any replies will auto-email the author and me..

It will hopefully help people get questions answered more quickly, and in cases of common bug reports, will help me from responding to the same issue dozens of times.

  • Post #10 Talked on the forums awhile ago about adding something like this..

Just wrote a quick summary query and listed forum stats on profiles... It's under your photo, on your profile page.. Example:

Forum Stats: โ€ข 3,306 topics made ยท 3,530 replies ยท 5,386 likes given โ€ข liked 4,676 times (0.7 avg)

The avg likes is based on all comments.. so that includes a topics created (ie first post in thread) and all other posts.. (ie post #2+) To get the total "comments" you've made.. add up topics made and replies.

If you have an average for times your comments have been reported, then you'll see it listed after your liked avg.

  • Post #11 Fixed issue with auto-posted messages from contact us form to forums.. they weren't displaying in the list due to a new flag setting I had on them.

Just an FYI, a mobile version of FW is in the works for Google Play.. It will be facebook integration, so you can play from your main account more easily through an app. The app will basically be identical to mobile v2 version on the web, however, it'll make better usage of full screen mode, and push notifications.. and it'll hopefully drive lots of new users to the game. [:)]

June 2017Edit


  • Post #1 I've updated the quest Love Chum banking to max out at 32x, instead of 16x.. I've gotten various feedback on some harder quests, from people getting pretty upset with not making catches on super rare fish.. and so I think it's fair to let that extra love chum count for something... as sometimes, a 16x boost to catch a fish on a 0.5% chance, isn't a huge increase.

Fixed max width issue on trip log pictures of fish.. (some were different sizes..)

  • Post #2 If you try to do a tournament cast, in the correct town, but with the wrong pole, it will no longer say to travel to ____, which is where you already are.. it'll properly say what the exact issue is, and give you links to activate a specific pole and/or travel to ____.
  • Post #3 Updated Ad Friendly 1.5x speed boost code, to better track when you're ad friendly.. and I've reduced the time from 24 hours of being friendly to 2 hours..

And it now should say how many ads you've been tracked for blocking.. to hopefully better debug what's causing it to increase, when you're not blocking.

All of these changes are based on user feedback that I've gotten over the last couple weeks. Hopefully this fixes it all though!! [:D]

  • Post #4 Updated the quest invite, to allow you to just type a friends name.. or their UID to auto select them. (This will only work for people in your crew) [:)]
  • Post #5 Added in long overdue error details.. of which pole to activate in the town you're trying to fish in..

Before it'd just tell you where to voyage to.. and not give you any tips for which pole to try.

Example: Dictator Danzic does not allow the Coal Powered Thermo-pole to be used in Snowpeak Basecamp.

Equip the: Cold Fusion or Holy Hybrid

or Voyage to: Redwood Crescent to use the Coal Powered Thermo-pole

  • Post #6 Fixed the little counter display on the mtb page to increment the count, when accepting MTB's.

We'll be doing a fathers day contest starting over this weekend.. [:)]

  • Post #7 As per one of my posts on the forums, I'm shooting to have a two Indonesian themed levels released within the next week or so. It will have more fish per location (total of 25 fish), two poles with max level of 180.. still not certain on core changes for the level.. I'd like to have a new social element in the level.. like maybe you can go fishing with one player in the area, per day.. can be a crew, or maybe you can just "find random player in area" type thing.. or maybe short mini-tournaments that you can join here.. post ideas/thoughts on the forums! [:)]
  • Post #8 As some of you know, Jillian and I are due with a baby girl in mid july.. Our "date night" is for July 13th.. I'm hoping I get to share a birthday with her.. but we'll see.. [:)]

I'm putting in 5,000 RLC for a guess the birthday contest / birth weight contest / maybe even a guess the name contest?

I'll leave up the payout structure and rules to you guys! You did a great job organizing the contests for Kai.. [:)]

HINT: Her name starts with K.. we had it picked out before having Kai.. it's been saved for quite awhile now!

  • Post #9 Maxed out poles will now level properly while Night Fishing. Thanks to players who reported an issue with this via:

  • Post #10 During the Godfather Contest, the Godfather will not be catchable in Poseidon's Ring. It's Eel Alfredo quest requirement is temporarily replaced by the Brain fish. Also, during the contest, harnessed Liquid Gold will not impact your chances of catching the great Grandfather Cubey - because that'd be stinkin' unfair mate!
  • Post #11 There were two people that caught some extra Godfather Cubey in the first couple hours of the Godfather contest this morning... due to the fish population cache not resetting for some specific fishing setups.

I've since deducted the extra catches they made and everything seems squared away.

Started a 3x Deckhand Special Bonus + 20 FLC giveaway to everyone for the contest / Father's Day. [:)] Enjoy!

  • Post #12 Fixed the Forum Stats.. they were incorrectly showing number of topics created.. (was including replies, and topics created..)

Also added in fancy Stats page, per each user, so you can see their exact topics created and replies made.. for the creepers out there.. [8)]

  • Post #13 Started the official Baby Faron Part II Contest.. We're giving away 10,000 RLC! Thanks to Cathy and Kimberly for helping out with contest design/payouts!

I also added in "Allowed Markup" of bold text, underline text, italic text, strike text and images.. [:)] Much overdue..

Along with the official allowed emoji list.. and when you click on an emoji, it will auto-insert it into the text box above.

  • Post #14 So I just released the biggest change ever to our caching servers... it should hopefully speed things up and also not overflow as fast.. (ie when comments on your profile comment board or night fishing board disappear after a day.. they get forced out / overflowed).. I've had this idea for awhile and finally started really looking into over the last few days..

This change can certainly break all sorts of things.. really anything. I did extensive testing, and everything looks solid. If any data goes missing, please let me know ASAP via the contact us form. [:)]

  • Post #15 Deckhands no longer take off 12am-1am for a break. We renegotiated their contracts this morning to have them work non-stop for you guys. A user recently notified me about this break in time, and I was able to rework the code, so that they can take you on trips during all hours of the day.
  • Post #16 There was an issue with some cached displays.. like current tournament rank, and possibly other things like global rankings, etc. Should all be fixed now.
  • Post #17 Also, with newly released feature of The Ancient Mariner transporting you to your final destination, instantly.. he will now include his services on shuttling between regions. [;)]
  • Post #18 As per user feedback.. We now allow the stacking of the 5x and 2x speed boosts.. Should now say something like:

7x Speed Boost: โˆ’14.5 mins Stacked my 5x+2x boosts! 2x boost expires in 23 hrs!

(It will also let you know which boost expires first and when.)

5x boost: 2x boost:

  • Post #19 The next level, titled Lost Temple, will be released tomorrow am. Look for a new raft to appear in the fishertonville boat shop.. it's a magical location where something special happens after using your SKIP's.

The new boat will cost 1m gold at first. It's the fastest boat without a super rocket. Perhaps Earl will make a super rocket adapter making it the fastest farovian boat yet?

The new poles will cost 10m each. Addons will then coat 7m, 6m, and 5m..

All costs will decrease as each hour of the release goes on, as usual.

There will be 6 quests per pole. And only one location with 25 new fish. The addons will be delayed for purchase to spread out the racing.

Best of luck in this new magical location!

July 2017Edit


  • Post #1 Updated Lost Temple quests to be unlocked within 2 levels of catching the most difficult fish in the quest. (Thanks to user reports on this one)

Working on some traveling issues with boat requirements that were not properly enforced before.

Happy Canada Day!

  • Post #2 Fixed it so it'll try to keep your current boat active.

If not, it will again, allow you to use any boats that allowed you to get to your current location. However, only exception being that you need the Lost Perahu to get to Lost Temple.

Fixed the Saw Sus quest requirements..

  • Post #3 Not sure what caused recent outage.. still debugging.
  • Post #4 Fixed bunch of user reported bugs..

Added in code to update player names and emails from Facebook. So if you update your fb email or name.. it will update on FW automatically. (Note: if you also play from, it will also effect the email you use there to login)

  • Post #5 There was an issue with the order of people on the tournament standings page.. and some people getting wrongly hidden that removed the game and added it back.. or didn't yet verify their email for

Fixed it. cache may need refreshing.

Added ability to view previous day rankings.. There's a big "Previous Day" link next to list header.


Started the biggest sale ever for our 9th anniversary. Dan is doing a new fish for a contest.. should be done Tuesday. Only hold up would be if there's a baby on the way here.. [:baby!]

  • Post #6 We have some exciting news! Jillian gave birth to our baby girl, Kirra (pronounced keer-uh), named after our favorite surf spot in Australia, Kirra Point.

No one guessed her name in our contest, but someone did guess it spelled as Kira, which is close enough for 1st.

She was born on July 14th at 6:37am, weighing 8lbs 0ozs, and 19" long. Contest rewards will be paid out shortly. Thanks to everyone for the love!

Jillians one tough cookie..

  • Post #7 Traveling to Sans Culpra will auto-enable scuba fishing by default, as per user feedback. Hoping this doesn't break anything for storyline stuff early on there..
  • Post #8 There were some cases that people used a pole not allowed where they were night fishing and caught a bunch of contest fish, however they were only credited with the weight of 1 catch.. I've since fixed this issue and don't see any cases where this impacted the leaderboards. If I do, I'll update you here on it. As you know, I'll always do whatever I can to keep things fair. [:)]
  • Post #9 Found an issue with people only ajax fishing, and it not updating their last seen dates.. which messed up your total number of days seen on the month... in your profile and on the daily login bonus popup.

This was reported a few other times wasn't sure what was causing it until now.

  • Post #10 It was brought to my attention yesterday, that LG was able to be harnessed on fish that haven't yet been caught, due to a bug in how these new fish have been released over a week ago.

My original intention when coding in a limit to LG being used for 1st catches, was exactly that.. I felt it should be left to chance.

I would have fixed the issue late last night, I was super tired, and instead I hoped that maybe the other piece of code would prevent people from actually using the LG for a top 100 catch..

Well, I found out that my code was infact broken.. and since fixed.. hence my removal of any top 100 fish today that were caught with LG.

I know no one intended anything by this loophole/bug.. sometimes it's unclear what's a bug and not a bug too. Thanks for your understanding. [:)]

The updated error message is: You can only activate LG on a fish once it's been caught a hundred times AND been released into the wild for a week... as the Fish Wrangler scientists do not yet understand how to attract the _____.

August 2017Edit


  • Post #1 Added back ability to block/delete posts made on your profile comment board.
  • Post #2 Updated our SSL certificates.. sorry for recent outage!

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