January 2012Edit


  • We're giving away 20 Free Love Chum, so you start off the new year right! Go to:

Just updated our application page, as facebook is deprecating the old one on February 1st, 2012. It's slowly updating everyone's old LIKES to the new version. You can check it out at:

We're planning out and working on the new art for the next series of levels. Happy New Years!

  • The Gnarlywhale has been added to the LG harnessable list (which should make the Waterport SBQ a little bit easier!)

The Wild Turkey Ray can also now be harnessed in Waterport.

  • Fixed a bug that deducted 50k silver rather than gold (if you were located in Roperia when unlocking the SBQ). You will now need to travel to the SBQ island to officially start up the quest.
  • Biscuit and Snickerdookie chum can now be found in Jettison Jetty.

-The homeless villain of Jettison Jetty has arrived!

-A Jellybean Fish (level 15) contest in Jettison Jetty will be starting this weekend, so hurry up and level your poles!

  • Fixed issue with Hank the homeless villain.

We're going to have to schedule some database maintenance and about ~2 hours of downtime shortly, as we're getting an increase in failed page loads.. I'll update the header soon with more details.

  • People have been wondering if there's an issue with the whalenstein fish not being caught yet. I can assure there's no issue, it's just super rare and fewer people purchased the Medical Mangler.
  • Also, just fixed the treasure rewards in Jettison Jetty, prepare for higher silver rewards!
  • Fixed the 4th option with Hank the Homeless Villain!
  • Hank forgot to take catches after wranglers offered them up. He's homeless after all and was recently told by an angry mob of wranglers at the Jettison Jetty community center to start taking their catches...
  • Spent several hours today trying to fix this last remaining facebook oAuth issue with marking users as logged out / invalid... I think I have most of it fixed, but I still need to track some users who are having the problems.. which makes this so difficult as I can't re-create the issue for myself. More updates on this soon..

Fixed the pole display error with the Waterport Super Bonus Quest. We'll be releasing the Fishertonviille SBQ soon.

Lobotoburger quest leaderboards have been fixed.

Due to user feedback on silver requirements, we'll be increasing the silver value on the rarer fish in Roperia (approximately 10-15% more). Hopefully this will help the progression for average users, and we'll make sure the fish in Castout Creek and Burnout Basin (the last two levels of Declination) give generous silver rewards. We're aiming to release Castout Creek either this weekend or next week!

  • I think I've fixed a couple more of the oAuth issues that we've had reported.

If you ever get one, please copy the message and email it to us. Thanks!

  • We'll be releasing the next level sometime on January 30th. It's titled Castout Creek - home to Roperia's finest Mental Health institution and the craziest fish! So, get ready to start casting out!

You'll need to hand in the Homeless Villain collection to unlock it: -

A level 30 Candy Cane or Medical Mangler: - -

You'll be able to purchase the unlock here soon: -

Also, I just updated the "Share" button for fish catches to pop up the News Feed dialog instantly, if you have ajax enabled! (This should work for the "success message" that's displayed after making any new catch, your Recent Trip Log, and on the individual fish pages) You can turn AJAX on here:

February 2012Edit


  • Love is in the air! We've just doubled the chances of finding a Red Lust and trippled the chances of finding FLC in a treasure! Good luck to all!
  • The current "sharing" feed issue is a facebook bug:

There's currently no work around that I'm aware of..

  • Burnout Bay, the home of Roperia's craziest Prison for the wackiest of all fish, will be released tomorrow sometime before 1pm FVT. Beware! The Burnout Prison Guards will be charging 5k silver per each time you travel to the location!
  • Fixed auto-publishing if you were getting "failured auto-publish" before, you'll just have to authorize FW to auto-publish and it should work.

It turns out Facebook has started to randomly deprecate various functions FW uses, so we're going to have to make the big move off of FBML and onto an iframe, which should actually speed things up and soon allow wranglers to play directly from:

This change will remove all internationalization and will bring back the old feed pop ups before sharing to your profile. More updates on this soon.

  • Normal populations of Burnout Bay fish are in place. Hope everyone's enjoying the new level!
  • The Spotted Heart Octo is no longer regularly catchable and is now on the 1-day only LG list in Waterport.

Head over to Waterport to catch the Leap Frog for this Leap Year!!

  • Fixed an issue with fish populations in general.. (was causing strangeness with the Spotted Heart Octo hangin around in Waterport!)

Fixed the blank-page issue for the tournament FAQ.. should now work.

March 2012Edit


  • I want to quickly announce a few things I'm going to be working on, just so you're aware of what's going on.

1) I'm going to add in silver trading, but with a set 50% tax.. regardless of points. The amount of negative feedback in regards to silver, and the amount of anger it's caused players is overwhelming. I think it's best to fix this problem by adding in the option for trading and:

2) We'll be increasing the silver payouts of rarer fish in various regions of roperia, based on our analysis of an average 50 trips/day.. so there's not much farming / grinding. As again, people really do not enjoy this part of Roperia.. and it was never intended to be like this.

3) We'll be improving the fish lists to be sortable by towns, mythical night fish, and one day fish. The lists will also nicely display what fish you still have yet to catch. I'll also see what I can do about the overall fish list page.. as I agree, it's difficult to navigate.

4) I promise to release very new and unique "challenges" in the next Farovian levels.. I'll spend extra time on this and their storyline to make them fresh and exciting.

Thanks again for all of the feedback.

  • Fixed reward display issue for the "Escaped Prisoner Collection Set." It said: "& () (had 0, have 0)" and should now say " & Completion of Roperia".. as this is the last planned level for Roperia.

Also fixed a calculation issue with your overall quest set completion time. Adam K. brought it to my attention that the Waterport Super Bonus Quest time was being added to your quest set time.. inflating it. You'll now just have to complete one of the Oak Branch quests to correct this fastest quest set completion time now.

  • After thorough analysis... We'll be adjusting several Roperian add-ons/pole costs, specifically in the later areas of Zybrelia (Nizon River/Dodge River/Declination River). We will continue to analyze user progression over the coming months and make any additional changes if necessary.

Survivialist/Poacherist Add-on #8 - 400k --> 350k Add-on #9 - 500k --> 400k

Great Equalizer/Kolenya Pole cost - 400k --> 300k Add-on #6 - 425k --> 400k Add-on #7 - 550k --> 475k Add-on #8 - 650k --> 500k Add-on #9 - 800k --> 550k

Candy Cane/Medical Mangler Pole cost - 500k --> 400k

If you're interested, here are some technical details: - We're basing the average player on 50 trips/day with a 77% catch rate with non-Love Chum. They'll average about 29k silver/day in KC.. which is where the grinding problems roughly start. - The main issues are with how the addon costs increase by anywhere from 10-25%, and the fish you're catching only reward 2-3% more silver. - The Nizon River area should take about 60 days to complete for the average player, if there were no silver grinds. - The grinding starts after purchasing addon #8, which take a few days of grinding.. and then with an avg of 27k silver/day at level 80.. it'd take about 18 days of grinding to gain 500k silver for the last addon. We'll be increasing the fish silver rewards by about 20%.. and the above addon cost changes should take the grind from 18 days to about 6.5 days.

-Dodge River is to take about 74 days to complete for the avg. player, if there were no silver grinds. -In order to unlock the first level there (coral corral), you'd need 500k silver.. (200k for the sacrafice skill, 300k for the ge/ko pole).. that's a lot of grinding just to unlock the area. So with lowering the pole cost and increasing the fish rewards in KC.. it should cut a week off of grinding there.

-By the time the player gets to the last addon in Deadwater Saloon, you'd be short about 1.3m silver.. which is roughly 46 days of grinding.. mainly after addon #7. This is REALLY bad.. hence the changes in addon costs after addon #6 and beyond.. and our upcoming changes to the fish rewards here.

-Lastly, Declination River wasn't too bad.. as we recently revised some addon costs there.. It should take about 88 days to complete and currently has about +15 days of grinding there.. which I think is more acceptable because it's the last area of Roperia.. and you can average 40k silver/day with a level 100 Candy Cane/Medical Mangler... and plus the silver trading ability will be in place for veterans to eventually help out newbies.. since these are basically the last silver costs.

I hope this clarifies a little bit of our rational.. and you appreciate our heads up to the changes.

  • Fixed this bug:
  • Paid out the March 10th rubies to the KC/NR tournament.. You should see a message in your skippers log saying it's for the 11th, with how it's calculated on our system.
  • Added in new functionality for posting special actions to facebook with their new Open Graph functions.

When you click "Share" for a fish, it'll also add it as an action. The same will happen for when you click "Share" on a completed quest. (You'll also notice new share buttons on the quest pages)

For details on the Open Graph "actions" check out how Pinterest uses it:

FYI: It'll take about 24 hours for these actions to be officially approved by Facebook. So I don't think they'll be shared anywhere but your timeline.

  • All warning popups will be removed as we transition to for enhanced mobile browsing and because Facebook is requiring it within a few months.

Warning popups include: The travel to links in the drop down. The accept RLC trade warning popups (that say you cannot undo this trade, etc.). The quitting of quests. The quitting of night fishing parties. And many others. These popups use native Facebook code that will be deprecated.

  • As stated, we've started removing loads of soon-to-be-deprecated internationalization code. These changes could have effected how text is displayed on some page. If you notice any NEW strange syntax/text errors, please let us know via the forum. As always - check for duplicate threads before posting.

Fixed an issue with boat damage never occurring in some cases.

Added a countdown timer in the title of the webpage for the Looks really cool!

  • First catches and quest completions now auto-publish to your recent activity under the nice and neat "Recent Activity" timeline section for games. It looks great and brings awareness, as it'll even group all of your friends together who've caught a specific fish or completed a specific quest.
  • I believe the tournament season leaderboard "next" links should now be fixed!
  • We're getting lots of emails about Fish Wrangler adding notifications to "games you played in the past" to your timeline.

I'm pretty sure it's only happening to those without the new Timeline profile.

FYI: Your profile will auto-switch to the Timeline on March 30th.. and I believe this is a FB bug, as googling it shows it's happening on other apps too.

  • You now only take friends on crew trip that are in the same region as you (ie Farovia or Roperia). This was causing issues with resources not being used properly when friends were in a different region than you.
  • Tried adding fast mobile access, but it won't work until we're done beta testing the off of Facebook version of Fish Wrangler. Sorry for any interruptions on mobile phones in the last 30 minutes.
  • Fixed the issue with purchasing chum and reparing boats. Sorry for the inconvenience!
  • After changing some stuff last night for the beta testers, one of the servers broke and caused issues on most page loads. It should be fixed now.
  • Fixed issue with viewing profiles.
  • Fixed the issue with starting Super Bonus Quests.

April 2012Edit


  • Officially released! It's much faster and is now enabled on Facebook Mobile!

If you want to use your mobile phone to instantly fish, just bookmark:

We'll be fixing up any remaining bugs that haven't been caught in our beta test of the new feature. Thanks for your patience!

  • Fixed the "Reply to" link on the forum, when "Secure browsing" is enabled via
  • I just wanted to clarify with the new setup... as some people believe that it's totally disconnected from Facebook.

It's currently still connected to Facebook for authenticating you. The Facebook authentication is often slow and breaks, which is why I had mentioned of possibly allowing users to go completely off of Facebook.. which would mean FW would authenticate you and you'd need to sign up with an email that matches your Facebook account to play.

However, is still much faster because all of our HTML doesn't have to be re-rendered and displayed on Facebook.. which is often quite slow and breaks the display of things.

We may go the new authentication route but it really depends on how many people would like to see it, and if it's worth the coding effort. Let us know what you think on the forums!

  • Fixed a redirect issue with sending MTB's on I've heard others reporting issues with reply/edit not working on the forums, however I've been unable to recreate this issue and they seem to be working just fine for me.
  • We've removed the "Post on my Behalf" authentication requests, so you shouldn't be bothered with those annoying popups.

However, you'll be unable to share fish catches / any other news feed posts on:

  • Fixed bug that caused white page, when you remove auto news feed publishing for fish catches... and attempt to auto-share it. It should now forward you to re-auth to publish the catch.
  • News feed sharing should now be fixed.
  • Fixed bug that would give a "No Quest Boost" error when on the Super Bonus Quests and when the next quest fish required a different pole to catch it. The message should now properly tell you to change your pole to receive a boost.
  • Fixed bug with "Most Farovian Points" leaderboard.. it was showing roperian points for anyone in the list that was in Roperia. Thanks to M.J. for showing me the exact details on this bug!
  • Fixed AJAX issues with changing poles, chum and resources on
  • There was just a huge spike in the Facebook API response time.. causing loads of intermitent white pages.. even on because we also have to use it their for authorizing players.
  • There was a bug displaying when the trolling net was activated in the status message. It's always been activated since it's release.. it just may not have listed it earlier.

You need to travel at least 2 minutes.. as the net takes about that long to cast, and it'll be casted by the time you arrive at that point!

TIP: To see how much the trolling net slowed ya down, hover over the "Trolling Net" link in the status message you get when traveling.. A tooltip should appear telling you how much it slowed ya down.

Good luck! Someone should be catching an Open Sea really soon.. I'm watching all the odds/numbers right now.

  • When you're voyaging with the Trolling Net activated, it'll appear on your boat image. It will still appear, even if it's a trip under 2 minutes.. so pay attention to the first message you receive about your voyage.
  • Fixed the overall fish count on Fish Wrangler (which is 602, and doesn't include 3 very rare fish - Earlness, Frankeness and the Red Lust).

Fixed the listing of which fish you've unlocked and not yet caught. It wasn't showing some of the one-day only fish before.

Check it out at:

Please report any other display bugs on the forums!

  • Fixed the width of friend selection boxes (for MTB's and invites) on Facebook recently changed how they display their friend selection boxes on it was basically setting the width to 100px wide, instead of being automatic.
  • There were just some major oAuth errors occurring between FW and the FB servers.. for whatever reason the FB servers started taking super long for some DNS lookups.. causing timeouts/oAuth errors. We're keeping an eye on it.. just want to let everyone know!
  • Increased the size of the Fish NOW! button on mobile phones.

Fixed the Trolling Net's nautical miles display.. showed up as 1, when over 1k.

Fixed "Travel 5x faster with RLC" message from wrongly displaying while traveling, even when ya have the speed boost.

  • Fixed the shrunken "Send MTB back?" button.. which was causing the whole send back window to be shrunken, honey!
  • As I was fixing loads of bugs today, I finally fixed the bug with making a 2nd Open Sea Catch. After getting a debugging email from someone who caught their 2nd, I noticed they had been traveling back/forth about 3 times per minute for the last several hours.

I thought of this as something that's not fair to others.. Everyone knows it's pretty easy to set up a couple auto-refreshing links, which is all that's done here. I really don't think anyone meant anything malicious, but just tried gaining an edge with getting another catch.

So I decided to take a light hearted approach / solution: A thief steals your boat, which requires you to pay off Earl the cost of the boat to get it back.

I've also fixed the issue that allowed people to turn around and still make an open-sea catch. You'll get a message in your log, saying that you "missed an open sea catch by turning around!".

I've also fixed the bug with your 2nd+ catches of Open Sea fish.

It's clear some people were honestly clicking the turn around links, in hopes of catching an open sea fish.. and others were using auto-refreshers. Either way, I don't think it's fair to those who don't do this. And I think it makes the feature less fun when it's not an even playing field for everyone.

  • FYI: If you're worried about the boat thief, just don't turn around more than 5 times in 5 minutes. On the 4th time, you'll get this warning: "The boat thief is near! You're in danger of having your boat stolen, don't turn around again for 5 minutes!"

May 2012Edit


  • Just as a reminder, don't post any FW links that contain your "auth token".. This is generally the long link that FB redirects you to after logging back in to Fish Wrangler. If you send this link to someone, it'll give them access to your FW account until your token expires, or until you log out of Facebook and back in.

So if you ever see anyone post their auth_token link, be sure to tell them not to.. and to log out of facebook/back in to protect themselves.

  • I'm working on fixing up the remaining bugs on our Facebook version. Hang in there.. and please report any issues in as much detail as possible.

If you're getting the "Redirecting!" popup, please let us know what link you clicked on prior to getting that error.. Otherwise I won't be able to track it down.

  • I'm calling it a night.. Today's FB auth changes on will bring FW fully current, allowing us to once again have News Feeds that pop-up instantly in game.. Other than that, it's just a bunch of bug fixing here and there trying to make sure things are running smoothly across the board.

If you're continuing to have problems playing, try clearing your cookies/cache and going to:

I'll be fixing the last bugs up tomorrow. Thanks for your patience!

  • Fixed invite friends who play FW link / "Add {name} to crew!" buttons on /crew page.

The Eggshell Bunny should now be on the LG list and no longer regularly catchable.

  • Fixed the following issues Fish Wrangler on Facebook, due to the recent major code changes:

-Buying/selling chum now works and doesn't forward you off of FB. -Various profile links don't forward you off of FB. (ie View All My Catches? link) -Buying/selling resources in sig's shell shoppe. -Refreshing quest details. -Sending Tackle Boxes, will forward you to https:, and redirect you to the success message.. before this didn't really even work. -Selecting a FLC raffle # keeps ya on FB. -Purchasing Deckhand vouchers keeps ya on FB. -Fixed the Shuttling .swf animation, and all mythical night fishing .swf animations.

Thanks to Matt Carter for compiling a list of bugs and making it easier for me to track down everything. Please keep the reports coming in on the forums.

  • Removed the Wild Turkey Ray from Roperia.
  • You should now go to when accepting MTB's, if you have the "Prefer" setting enabled.
  • Fixed the Compete NOW! link for the tournaments.
  • There are several extremely strange issues with using Fish Wrangler on Facebook with IE. Facebook is wrongly caching links, displaying things insecurely, when they should be secure, etc. I've changed all /start links to /fish-now due to this.

I'd highly suggest playing on in the meantime, if you want to use IE.

  • Fixed issue with purchasing the Skull Key.

Tried fixing an issue with caching of chums/resources, which people have been recently claiming to not be properly updating..

  • Fixed caching issues with chums, poles and resources. I've not yet been able to re-produce the bug that causes chums from the other region to appear in your list. If this happens to you, please report it on the forums. Thanks!!
  • Fixed timer issue with IE8 and below!
  • Fixed total days count in daily notifications.. It was previously calculating in the hour you joined and the hour that you stopped in each day.. So you'd get strange day counts like this:

12:08am FVT Daily Login Bonus! Earned 47,200 points for logging in today (50 pts/day)! Come back in 23 hours 51 minutes to get more daily login points and FREE deckhand trips! Seen 95% of days! (944 out of 99

May 20 5:21am FVT Daily Login Bonus! Earned 47,150 points for logging in today (50 pts/day)! Come back in 18 hours 38 minutes to get more daily login points and FREE deckhand trips! Seen 94% of days! (943 out of 99

May 19 12:16am FVT Daily Login Bonus! Earned 47,100 points for logging in today (50 pts/day)! Come back in 23 hours 43 minutes to get more daily login points and FREE deckhand trips! Seen 95% of days! (942 out of 996)

May 18 7:41am FVT Daily Login Bonus! Earned 47,050 points for logging in today (50 pts/day)! Come back in 16 hours 18 minutes to get more daily login points and FREE deckhand trips! Seen 94% of days! (941 out of 996)

May 17 3:43am FVT Daily Login Bonus! Earned 47,000 points for logging in today (50 pts/day)! Come back in 20 hours 16 minutes to get more daily login points and FREE deckhand trips! Seen 94% of days! (940 out of 995)

May 16 12:26am FVT Daily Login Bonus! Earned 46,950 points for logging in today (50 pts/day)! Come back in 23 hours 33 minutes to get more daily login points and FREE deckhand trips! Seen 95% of days! (939 out of 993)

May 15 11:43am FVT Daily Login Bonus! Earned 46,900 points for logging in today (50 pts/day)! Come back in 12 hours 16 minutes to get more daily login points and FREE deckhand trips! Seen 94% of days! (938 out of 993)

  • Fixed purchasing fuel for the mini-crusier.. it was popping up a notification and re-directing, causing it to load twice.
  • Fixed forum ajax functionality that forwarding to
  • Due to user feedback, of low-level poles making contests unfair.. the ghost soldier contest today will require the "Ghost Pole", which will be released just before the contest starts. The pole will be removed after the contest ends.. and it will cost 5,000 gold.
  • If you have AJAX enabled, you'll be able to instantly share new catches from the catch dialog and the skippers log.

Enable AJAX at:

Please report any issues/bugs via the forums, and be sure to include your browser type and version.

  • Fixed display issue with total day count in the skippers log messages when not in Roperia. Everything should be listed properly now.

We've hidden the ghost branch from your pole lists and will be soon adding in a profile prize with your ghost branch details.. in regards to how many ghost soldier fish you caught and what level the pole got up to.

  • You should now see a picture of your ghost branch pole with the final level, date you purchased it, and total number of contest fish you caught with it.

June 2012Edit


  • We're completely redoing the mystery tackle box layout.. due to FB's removal of the old code used for MTB's.

With the new version, you'll be able to accept/send MTB's all via fish wrangler.. and the count will never be off like before.

We appreciate your patience!

  • Completely revamped the MTB sending and accepting functionality.. it's all with ajax, works on mobile phones and can be done on Fish Wrangler.. without leaving. I hope everyone enjoys it.. spent lots of time on it!

I'll be working on the invite page shortly.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented you from sending a friend a MTB.. due to "sending them within last day". (It was counting if anyone had sent them a MTB)
  • Bumped daily limit of sending MTB's from 12 to 20.
  • Added new filter options to the MTB lists.. You should now see a "My Fish Wrangler Crew" list by default.. or any friends who've installed FW.. and then all friends in general.
  • If you have over 500 FW crew, the MTB list will randomly pick 500 to display... because it can't handle over 500 friends in it's little filter.
  • Fixed a few AJAX issues with the MTB page.

-Clicking Accept All, and then sending back MTB's to each person should now work properly. (before it was closing out other MTB windows) -Individually accepting/sending back MTB's to lots of people in the "pending list" should now work properly. (before it was knocking out other MTB's from people above, etc..)

  • Fixed the "Couldn't send invites" error message.

Updated the "accept MTB" dialog. It should now have a little warning next to the accept button if you can't return the MTB.

  • The MTB send dialog will not auto-open, if you have pending MTB's to accept.

When accepting MTB's and sending back, the # of MTB's you can send in the header message will now decrease.

  • I'm currently working on fixing / speeding up the auth process. I've noticed on my mobile phone, it'll redirect about 5 times before auth'ing me.. Not optimal!
  • Updated how Fish Wrangler authorizes you with facebook.. There was an error before causing multiple refreshes of pages. This should be fixed now.

Please let us know if you're still seeing lots of redirects.. or even getting stuck for long periods of time.

  • Spent lots of time on the new storyline / missions / graphics / etc for the new level.. It's turning out very good.

We're also planning on debuting some of our HTML5 animated poles in the new region. We're currently beta testing it now. You basically can swing your pole back and cast the lure. We'll eventually enhance the feature based on user feedback, so definitely let us know what ya think of it once you see it!

  • There are some recent issues on that we're aware of.. such as the Deckhand Voucher, Resource Exchange, pole repair and LG harnessing not working.

We're currently in the middle of the new levels code and cannot push any fixes until the new code is stable.. Hopefully by later tonight I can get fixes in.

In the meantime, if you need to use one of those pages, play on:

  • To reduce the number of our posts that are marked as spam, you will now only see "new high scores" published to your profile every 200k points gained (if over 1 million total points) and every 100k pts gained otherwise.

We're continuing testing on the first Farovian level since August 2010! It should be released sometime tonight. FYI: The level has lots of "roadblocks" within it's storyline, so don't expect to just whiz through the level like ones of the past!

  • Fixed bug that caused white page when trying to change boats.

Get ready for the new content release!

  • Fixed issue with incorrectly displaying 2nd Chapter of the Ten Year Storm.. It will be unlocked after you hike to the stranded sailor's location.
  • Fixed issue with anyone who had the "Travel Warning" enabled, wasn't seeing the confirm travel message.. and just getting redirect to the map page.
  • Fixed bug that caused Earl's place to wrongly display a few items you're not supposed to know about yet! They'll appear once you're ready for 'em!
  • Adjusted the tournament payouts based on actual number of competing wranglers.


  • More fish and pole addons will be arriving to Doom Island sometime tonight! Beware of the Ten Year Storm.. a few wrangler's have already attempted the viscous voyage across Stormy Straight with Stu the stranded sailor!
  • Fixed a travel back to Doom Island bug.

Purchasing other Doom Island poles will not restart any timers.

We're still talking with Mousso to see when he wants to release the other makeshift pole addons, quests and more. Stay tuned!

Hope you enjoyed the first portions of the storyline thus far!

  • Just updated Night Fishing so you won't lose your NF multiplier if you're the captain and stranded in Doom Island.
  • We'll be releasing the next addons, quests and fish of Doom Island tomorrow afternoon.
  • Released Doom Island animated poles.. along with the oak branch, broken standard and fancy rifle.

Fixed a few strange stuck states for users in Doom Island.

  • Fixed the Blue Crescent SBQ profile prize image.

Fixed the timer with animated fishing. Viewing a friends profile will no longer display the animated pole.

  • Fixed issue with it forwarding you to when casting.

And fixed issue with drop down menus going behind fish now button. Fixed issue with Mousso's 2nd task displaying incorrectly for people on metric system.

  • Updated quest comment board to properly post messages.

July 2012 Edit


  • Fixed bug with new tournament fish feature. Some people were allowed to catch it outside of tournaments.
  • Fixed the incredible tournament payouts from 150 total wranglers to 1,500. We'll be paying out the June Tourny winners within a couple days!
  • Updated the tourny sharks to be level 25+ which should prevent catching streaks of them with low level poles.
  • Fixed a gold bug that caused someone to get some extra gold.
  • Reset tarpits.. the database has been acting up a bit.
  • Updated the birthday branch to look cooler and cooler as it levels up.. there are 4 different versions of it, roughly every 13 levels.
  • Fixed authentication issue with IE.. caused problems with redirecting people to when posting to the forums. Should greatly speed up IE page loads too!
  • If you don't have at least a 60% chance of catching a tournament fish, you won't have a chance at the new Tournament Shark's.. because some people were taking low level poles, to high level areas, where the only catchable fish was the high-value Tournament Sharks.
  • Moved the Ghost Soldier and Squidcake IV into the One Day Fish list.
  • Fixed the animated map issues:

August 2012Edit


  • We're finishing up some of the new storyline images and will then be finishing up the access route to Stormy Straight - a dangerous location on the edge of the Ten Year Storm! Prepare yourself for another adventure!
  • We're continuing to talk with Mousso on handing over the Heavy Anchor which will allow wranglers to dock up to the Weather Buoy located in "Stormy Straight" - the 2nd location in the "Ten Year Storm" region! Stay tuned for more details out of Doom Island, Farovia!
  • Released Stormy Straight yesterday morning!

Fixed various link / forum issues with analyzing mixes.

  • FYI: With the Weather Service task and cooking one of the 3 new Stormy Straight dishes, you can cook one of each.. or all of the same for the guys.
  • Fixed an ajax issue with accepting MTBs.. and the 1st MTB message not going away.. after sending back a MTB.
  • The recent issues with handing in the #3 quest three times for the Stormy Straight task caused all sorts of issues because the code was updating users when a quest dish was handed in. It's the first time we added in additional code to "Hand in Dish" code. I didn't realize that this hand in code often didn't run correctly, ie, not saving, giving white pages, saving twice, etc. I'm going to be moving out the code from the "hand in dish" code, because it's unstable there.

We're still determining what to do with the users who got their unfairly.

  • Fixed a bug with the Kelp Net pole level. It wasn't slowing down as it should have after the max level 35 and 50 addons.
  • Removed weather monitor status updating from when you hand in a quest, to be manual. After cooking three #3 dishes in Stormy Straight, check your status with the Farovian weather service guys here:

  • Just added the 3 levels to anyone with a max level 35 Kelp Net after the speed of leveling getting decreased.
  • Anyone with a level 50 kelp net that was below level 35 should now be back to level 35. You didnt technically "lose" anything.. you just had much faster leveling with that pole for the last day than any of the other poles.. so it's now all even.
  • Just to clarify, because there seems to be some confusion.. the max level 35 and 50 addons in Stormy Straight slow your pole leveling down.. not just the level 50.

If you had the Kelp Net, you didn't experience the slow down until last night.. which your actual level may have dropped.. you didn't actually "lose" any leveling, as it became the same level as if you had one of the other two poles.. (which were correctly slowed down upon purchase).

  • Fixed level 50 stormy straight addon bug.. it was resetting the chapter sequence upon purchase.
  • We've refunded users who were charged $1.99 shipping/handling on August 8-9th. You'll see that ~88 RLC was deducted from your account (due to how refunds occur automatically occur with our system), but this RLC amount was credited back to you. Please check your paypal account/cc statement to verify that you've received $1.99. Sorry for the inconvenience!
  • It has come to our attention that a specific user has unfairly won the Lightning Bolts contest. We will be manually removing the flagged catches from this user, and the leaderboard will be updated momentarily.
  • We've extended our SSL certificates, which means there may be a few moments of downtime later tonight at 10pm FVT, when we switch out the certificates.

To avoid any interruptions in gameplay, play on: or, as this will only effect and for about 5 minutes to 6 hours.. depending on your internet provider.

  • We've changed over the SSL certificates.. and it looks like there was no downtime.

If you hear of anyone having problems, please let us know ASAP.

  • Fixed forum reporting functionality.

We'll be notified on any posts that have 5 or more reports.

If you're found not following our TOS in regards to reporting posts, you'll be forum banned.

  • Updated the tournament calculations to not include people who were recently banned.. in the case of the Extraordinaire tournament, which had a little bit of this goin' on. The pages are currently cached, but should be updated within 24 hrs.

September 2012Edit


  • Pushed August Tournament FLC/profile prizes.. congrats to the winners!

We will be making some adjustments to next month's tournament rotation for the advanced Farovia & Roperia classes.

The Legendary rotation (class 14) will include tournament days in the Ten Year Storm (Doom Island and Stormy Straight).

The KC/NR (class 15) will expand to include all Zyrbela locations, including tournament days in Declination River (Jettison Jetty, Castout Creek and Burnout Bay).

This is just an FYI to wranglers who want to participate in the tournament in October.. now you have an opportunity to catch up!

The tournament class names have displayed incorrectly for awhile.. this has been fixed, and we just added the proper tournament thumbnail images as well.

  • I've adjusted how our redirects work for authentication.. as I noticed a failed redirect on Internet Explorer.. which left me with a white screen.

I also just noticed a random issue with a redirect loop on my mobile phone trying to authenticate with FW / FB.. Let us know if you're having any similar issues on the forums.

  • We're working on a server issue that's causing slow page loads and other errors.
  • All servers should be functioning normal now.. Something happened yesterday with our a couple of our cache servers going down, which can trigger a series of other issues. Sorry for the slow loads!
  • Rubies for Sept 10th have been paid out! They weren't calculated due to our server issues than.

We're working on the new storyline and code for the Eye of the Storm, the final "Ten Year Storm" level! More details with an expected release date coming soon!

  • Fixed bug with harnessing LG and the tournament sharks appearing in the list. They should now be removed from the list.
  • Betsy Lou and Diego are cleaning up Waterport, literally. International Coastal Cleanup day is a great cause.. check out their website, they have all sorts of rad graphs showing the most heavily polluted items.

Guess what the top 5 most polluted items are!


  • I'm currently working on a new backend feature that will allow us to easily export users to our beta servers.. so we can really easily test out new releases with correct user data. This should greatly reduce future bugs on releases and allow us to more easily beta test new features and levels!

I'll be sending out a message to our current beta testers.. with more details soon.

FYI: This will push back the release of the Eye of the Storm a bit.

  • Improved the forum search function!
  • After sending invites and mystery tackle boxes to more than about 40 people, our system would often not recognize it.. because the url string was too long.

I've since ajaxed these requests, so after sending MTB's or invites.. you should instantly see the response appear.

Check it out: and

  • Finished most of the next levels code up. I'll hopefully get it into beta testing tomorrow.. just have to fix up the new beta testing server/environment.
  • Facebook has disabled our requests, which include invites and MTB's. They've disabled it due to a payments issue with us on as they believe we're allowing other payment methods on which we're not.

I've contacted them and am hoping to get this resolved ASAP.

October 2012Edit


The beta test is going really well.. we're making some final tweaks and should have the Eye of the Storm released within the next couple of days!

  • You can now find Reduced Waits in treasure chests when your countdown timer is less than 15 minutes. Before, you'd only find them after doing skips.
  • I'm finishing up the beta test of the next level today! We fixed some bugs.. so I think the wait was well worth it!

Let me know if you'd like the beta testers to make a "Spoiler Tutorial" for the new level, so the racers can have the same knowledge / strategy advantage that the current beta testers have.. Start a new forum thread and let me know!

Also let me know of any release day preferences.. either tomorrow or Monday?

  • I'm on the recent trip log bug that caused it to not display on the main page. Something with the beta test has knocked out this part of the code.
  • Fixed a couple random forum bugs.. when editing a post, it'll now bring you to the right page.. and it'll scroll to the right section, if on

Removed the Coral Kingdom links in the header. The rewards are still valid, just didn't want to keep advertising it: Get 50 FLC by reaching Level 15+ on CK: Get 75 FLC by reaching Level 30+ on CK:

  • Added the 10 year storm collection set into the main database. I forgot to after the beta test. See it at:
  • Added in a confirm to quit a quest.. after multiple complaints about accidental clicks.
  • Fixed errors with purchasing addons, fish leaderboard pages, profiles and more.

Fixed bug with betsy lou popup appearing, asking to start your first quest.

  • FYI: The Ten Year Storm collection set is really just a glory reward.. as it's costly to keep getting washed away and the reward for the set isn't anything crazy. I originally intended on having +/- pole leveling when getting washed away.. but the feedback was so mixed that I didn't.
  • I'll be re-updating how rum works with night fishing.. Previously mentioned calculations need some revisions!
  • Alright, the night fishing rum usage has taken quite a bit of thought...

To summarize the change: Only bring rum night fishing when you're going with other people. The more people that go, the more fish you'll catch. Before, bringing one rum night fishing would give you ~9 extra total catches. Now, if you go with 8 people, it'll give you ~27 extra catches.

FYI: Whoever brings the rum, gets an additional +2 catches. This will not change. FYI2: The "X extra catches" increases with the more people you bring. And these extra catches are randomly distributed across the night fishing party. This also won't change.. just clarifying.

Here's what it use to be:

1/8 (13%) of crew went! -Brought 1 rum: 7.0 extra/each! 7 extra catches (7.0 catches/rum)

2/8 (25%) of crew went! -Brought 1 rum: 3.5 extra/each! 7 extra catches (7.0 catches/rum) -Brought 2 rum: 5.5 extra/each! 11 extra catches (5.5 catches/rum)

3/8 (38%) of crew went! -Brought 1 rum: 2.3 extra/each! 7 extra catches (7.0 catches/rum) -Brought 2 rum: 3.7 extra/each! 11 extra catches (5.5 catches/rum) -Brought 3 rum: 4.7 extra/each! 14 extra catches (4.7 catches/rum)

4/8 (50%) of crew went! -Brought 1 rum: 1.8 extra/each! 7 extra catches (7.0 catches/rum) -Brought 2 rum: 2.8 extra/each! 11 extra catches (5.5 catches/rum) -Brought 3 rum: 3.5 extra/each! 14 extra catches (4.7 catches/rum)

5/8 (63%) of crew went! -Brought 1 rum: 1.4 extra/each! 7 extra catches (7.0 catches/rum) -Brought 2 rum: 2.2 extra/each! 11 extra catches (5.5 catches/rum) -Brought 3 rum: 2.8 extra/each! 14 extra catches (4.7 catches/rum)

6/8 (75%) of crew went! -Brought 1 rum: 1.2 extra/each! 7 extra catches (7.0 catches/rum) -Brought 2 rum: 1.8 extra/each! 11 extra catches (5.5 catches/rum) -Brought 3 rum: 2.3 extra/each! 14 extra catches (4.7 catches/rum)

7/8 (88%) of crew went! -Brought 1 rum: 1.0 extra/each! 7 extra catches (7.0 catches/rum) -Brought 2 rum: 1.6 extra/each! 11 extra catches (5.5 catches/rum) -Brought 3 rum: 2.0 extra/each! 14 extra catches (4.7 catches/rum)

8/8 (100%) of crew went! -Brought 1 rum: 0.9 extra/each! 7 extra catches (7.0 catches/rum) -Brought 2 rum: 1.4 extra/each! 11 extra catches (5.5 catches/rum) -Brought 3 rum: 1.8 extra/each! 14 extra catches (4.7 catches/rum)

Here's what it is now:

1/8 (13%) of crew went! -Brought 1 rum: 1.0 extra/each! 1 extra catches. (1.0 catches/rum)

2/8 (25%) of crew went! -Brought 1 rum: 1.0 extra/each! 2 extra catches. (2.0 catches/rum) -Brought 2 rum: 1.5 extra/each! 3 extra catches. (1.5 catches/rum)

3/8 (38%) of crew went! -Brought 1 rum: 1.7 extra/each! 5 extra catches. (5.0 catches/rum) -Brought 2 rum: 2.3 extra/each! 7 extra catches. (3.5 catches/rum) -Brought 3 rum: 2.7 extra/each! 8 extra catches. (2.7 catches/rum)

4/8 (50%) of crew went! -Brought 1 rum: 2.0 extra/each! 8 extra catches. (8.0 catches/rum) -Brought 2 rum: 2.8 extra/each! 11 extra catches. (5.5 catches/rum) -Brought 3 rum: 3.3 extra/each! 13 extra catches. (4.3 catches/rum)

5/8 (63%) of crew went! -Brought 1 rum: 2.6 extra/each! 13 extra catches. (13.0 catches/rum) -Brought 2 rum: 3.4 extra/each! 17 extra catches. (8.5 catches/rum) -Brought 3 rum: 4.0 extra/each! 20 extra catches. (6.7 catches/rum)

6/8 (75%) of crew went! -Brought 1 rum: 3.0 extra/each! 18 extra catches. (18.0 catches/rum) -Brought 2 rum: 4.2 extra/each! 25 extra catches. (12.5 catches/rum) -Brought 3 rum: 4.7 extra/each! 28 extra catches. (9.3 catches/rum)

7/8 (88%) of crew went! -Brought 1 rum: 3.4 extra/each! 24 extra catches. (24.0 catches/rum) -Brought 2 rum: 4.9 extra/each! 34 extra catches. (17.0 catches/rum) -Brought 3 rum: 5.4 extra/each! 38 extra catches. (12.7 catches/rum)

8/8 (100%) of crew went! -Brought 1 rum: 3.9 extra/each! 31 extra catches. (31.0 catches/rum) -Brought 2 rum: 5.5 extra/each! 44 extra catches. (22.0 catches/rum) -Brought 3 rum: 6.3 extra/each! 50 extra catches. (16.7 catches/rum)

  • Fixed a major alignment issue with on Internet Explorer. (It was before taking up 100% of your window width.. and looked really bad)

Fixed animated fishing issues with IE <=7.. Doesn't work and was causing issues with the daily login popup window not appearing, etc.

The Daily Login Bonus popup, and all other popups, will now automatically recenter themselves into the center of your screen. Before, they'd just stick to the top.

  • Created a workaround for name displays on the forums and profiles.

Fixed issue with daily login bonus popup and the FLC raffle popup not appearing. My fix yesterday created another bug.. but it should now work perfectly on Internet Explorer too!

  • If a page doesn't load within 6 seconds, you'll see a new "request timed out" page. Previously, some users would have randomly slow pageloads.. that could then in turn lock up the entire server.

Should make things faster, but it may take some tweaking as this may effect deckhand checks and other automated things.

  • Fixed issue with our caching servers.

Earlier today, we updated the popup dialogs (FLC raffle, daily login bonus) to close, if you click anywhere else on the screen.

We're now also displaying "next tasks", that were overtaken by the Halloween task / storyline.

  • Fixed selling chum bug.. the popup wasn't opening after my last bug fix.
  • Reconfigured some server stuff, including our forum database.. which is why it was down for the last 10 minutes. Should be good now!
  • I switched over the server that does the automated tasks (ie deckhands, night fishing, resetting skips, resetting mtb's, etc.) and the date was set to GMT not PDT, causing the nightly stuff to get reset.

I've fixed it.. and things will once again clear out at midnight FVT.. Enjoy the extra skips!

  • The new abolisher addons will be crafted and ready for sale within the next 2 hours.

Happy Halloween from the Spirit of the Sea and the rest of us here!

  • There's been quite a hotly debated topic on the forums and I wanted to clarify a few things.

If you feel someone is "cheating", then please contact us privately and discuss the issue with us. Calling people cheaters on the forums may now warrant a forum ban because it's not the place to discuss private matters. If you have a problem with someone, then let us know privately.

I take cheating on Fish Wrangler VERY seriously because keeping the game fair keeps it fun and competitive. Among other things, like our integrity and fairness.

I want to clarify that it is not against our TOS to have one friend log in for another. It's been going on since the very first days of FW and has helped keep many wranglers on board who may have left the game because they were gone on a long vacation or moved and would be without internet for awhile.

I want to apologize to anyone who feels like they were harassed on this issue... and I also want to thank everyone who was civil and voiced their opinion without name calling.

  • Updated the TOS.
  • Just want to clarify, it's not OK to have abuse the policy of having a friend login for you. If you're found playing 24/7, or having a suspicious number of fishing trips/day over a duration of a new release, you may be subject to a 7 day ban.

We'll try figuring out some new tweaks to night fishing, to have it be more worthwhile to go night fishing than actively fishing.. because there needs to be some mandatory breaks in the game.. otherwise it's too easy to burn out.

November 2012Edit


  • The daily login bonus was always showing your days seen with an extra +1. (ie it'd say Seen 1525 out of 1589.. when it was actually updating the database as 1524 out of 1589)

This has just been fixed.. (It's just a display error.. so it's not the biggest deal)

We're still beta testing the deckhand auto login feature.. and making final adjustments to the gold costs. It's going to be a gold-negative feature.. otherwise someone can just leave for 2 months, do auto-logins.. and come back with loads of gold.. which isn't fair.

The deckhands will take you about 5 minutes before the "new day" starts.. at 2am FVT. So you should be taken at 1:55am-1:57am.

This will actually help a lot, because the servers are HEAVILY overloaded at 2:00am-2:30am.. with all sorts of calculations going on.

Stay tuned!

  • Fixed a pretty serious issue with accepting a notification from FW, reverting some of your unlocked locations. If you were effected by this, please contact us privately and let us know which locations have locked up.

Also fixed an error with the Hot Dog Mission (using horse tamer and goo to attract the franken-ness monster). These issues were both related, and happening after I did that be re-factoring push a few weeks ago.

  • Updated how rum works when night fishing, after reading lots of user feedback. Basically - Rum will be less random when night fishing.

Technical details: Before, the 1-50 extra catches from rum would be randomized across the entire party. Now, it'll evenly distribute that 1-50 catches across the party, and whatever the remainder, will be then randomly distributed.

  • There was a bug causing Night Fishing Parties that returned at 1pm FVT today, got less catches than they should have. Should be fixed now.
  • If the Geminisles have randomly locked for you, go to the following URL's in this order. It'll fix itself, depending on the fish you've caught:





This changes a few things, most importantly how we link back to other payment methods (like Paypal) which doesn't charge us 30% (like Facebook Credits). If Facebook added us to App Center (which would give us lots more users) or promoted us on, this change wouldn't be as bad.. but they're not letting us into the App Center and not promoting us very much.

This means now is the time to bookmark:

And to do all of future RLC purchases through, to help us continue development of Fish Wrangler.

We're going to incentivize playing on over too. Some ideas we're throwing around is a 14 min timer and a +5 to +10% boost to your stats (ie Pole Strength, Total Skill and Catch Bonus %). If you have any other ideas for incentives, please post them on the forums, we'd love to hear them!

  • I just want to clarify that FW is not going anywhere. We have lots of fun new features planned and recently extended our server agreement for 3 more years.

It looks like on Dec 5th that we'll be moving solely to as we feel doing anything else would hurt the user experience.

Sorry for the confusion earlier!

  • We'll be working on a separate authentication system today where you can enter your email and a new password to play on without using FB. If your email matches your FB email the accounts will be connected. I know some no longer have access to their old emails.. do we'll manually review each of these situations - just send in an email.
  • Still workin like mad to get this whole new authentication system setup on

We'll be beta testing it hopefully in a few hours and probably for a couple days, as this is a major update.

  • Fixed the report function on the forums. It will auto-block the message after 7 reports, and we're finally getting reports emailed to us as well. If any post violates the FW TOS ( or the Facebook TOS, it's fair game to report. Any misuse in the reporting feature will result in a forum ban.
  • Added in a "Like" button, for each post on the forums. It currently just displays an anonymous number.. just for fun!

December 2012Edit


  • Just released the off of facebook authentication system on

If you're trying to play there and it's not finding your account, you'll need to verify that your email is correct on the settings page at:

If it's not, please try to refresh the page and share your facebook email. If it's still not in there properly, please send us a contact message.


  • Please refresh the settings page (, if you're having problems with it loading your email. If you're still having issues, try logging out of Facebook and back in, and then reload the settings page.
  • Fixed another unique bug, you can only play on the secure version of (ie the https version) This was causing a problem before, with not being able to log in.
  • I'll be fixing the ajax issue on shortly. If you're having any other issues with your account there, please contact us.
  • Fixed ajax issues with switching poles, chums, resources, etc.
  • Fixed various bugs on such as the contact link, trade rlc forum link, profile logo link, picking up frozen food from betsy lou, and more.

Still working on ajax issues when on

  • Ajax of chums, poles, boats, resources on should now work. If you're still having problems, try reloading the game and trying again. If problems persist, then please post what browser you're using on the forums. Thanks!
  • Fixed the MTB count going down, when sending them on Facebook. I've also verified sending back MTB's works.. which I've heard was not working before.
  • Also, if you are not receiving a verification email for setting up your account (and you've checked your spam folder), it's most likely due to your email provider completely deleting our email. We're working on sending out emails in a better way, so they're not marked as spam, as often.. however that code's not done yet.

In the meantime, send in a support message with an alternate email that you'd like to try to verify.. and we'll switch it out for you.

  • Fixed a bug with sharing to the news feed and sending MTB's on, if someone else was logged into Facebook on that PC.. it'd post to the wrong persons account.

Now, if a different user is logged in, it'll log out the Facebook user and a popup message will say: "It appears a different Facebook Account was logged in during this session. The other account's been logged out, as you can share to the wrong news feed. -Fish Wrangler"

  • Emails from our system were broken for the last 2 hours. If you or someone you know, was expecting an email during this time.. please click the "resend email verification link" to authorize your FW email. Sorry!
  • Just solved a huge complication with mobile phones... You should now be able to play via Facebook. I'm calling this version of Fish Wrangler "FW Mobile". It's the only way we're going to authenticate players when playing on, because Facebook does not allow apps to have a "Mobile Web" version (which creates the nice bookmark links on the Facebook Mobile app) that links back to

The whole FW Mobile thing may change, as the FB TOS does, but this is a huge improvement... because many players that only had mobile phone internet were stuck, unable to link their facebook email to Fish Wrangler.

If you want to play on from a mobile phone, simply hit the log out link at the top, go to:, and then enter your email/password on the right (instead of click the Login with Facebook button).

I'm going to be updating the Daily FLC Raffle now for so it always gives some FLC!

  • I've been debugging really strange oAuth errors with facebook with some users.. You shouldn't see a totally white page anymore when logging in for the first time of day.. And the last issue is just with having to click "Try again" with authorizing to watch it go. I think I'm close to getting it all cleaned up so nothing strange ever happens when clicking back into FW.

This has all held up the Daily Raffle FLC rewards for I'm going to ajax the raffle too, so all you have to do is click the spin button in the raffle popup.. hopefully I can get this done tomorrow if the oAuth stuff gets cleared up.

The elves of the North Pole crafted special "Peppermint Worms" which can only be found in Waterport treasure chests, when the Fir Branch pole is activated. They attract Rudolph Fish! See:

Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays!

  • Fixed a bug with sending invites that wrongly redirected you off to the FW auth page.

Post by application developer.

  • You should now be able to accept crew invites. Still working on accepting invites via FB mobile.
  • Fixed issue with accepting requests on Facebook Mobile (for at least android), Facebook wrongly forwards you after you click on the request. You'll be taken to the MTB page, with an error message on where to accept Crew Requests (if that's what you were trying to accept).

So remember, if you want to accept crew requests on a mobile device, go to: and not via the Facebook Mobile app.

  • For the first 4,000 people who bought the fir branch pole, their notification and profile prize accidentally states halloween fish instead of reindeer fish. Disregard the typo.
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