January 2010Edit

  • Updated how many chums you can purchase from the store.
  • The t850 is no longer catchable / exploitable in the Sig levels + I removed the gold from those who clearly took advantage. I would have fixed it last week, however it wasn't brought to my attention until recently.
  • I don't think most people who were effected by this really thought of it as an "exploit" - so I don't want anyone to throw around the "cheater" word, because that's really not the case here.
  • Over the next couple weeks, we will be planning / designing the next levels after Sig's!
Happy new year and happy fishing!
  • Sig Level update: The RLC Boost will only work on the mutant version of the fish, so if you don't have the required pole level for a specific mutant fish - you won't get the boost on it's non-mutant counterpart.
  • (since there's no official "advanced player changelog", i'll just quickly post the following change here)
  • band crab now has chum preference of algae chum
  • magma octo has chum preference of plankton chum
  • Updated Jan. Tourny payouts to fit new class sizes.
  • Due to a number of people not noticing their first or second catch of a fish, everyone will now get a facebook notification when they catch their 1st or 2nd fish... on ANY type of trip (including night fishing). :) Happy wrangling!
  • Removed the 80 RLC bank limit, it was initially setup as a precautoin, but now really didn't serve a purpose. There's a technical limit of 200 max bank, I hope no one gets to that point.. and if they do it's because of another issue! :)
  • The WaterPort Exploration Division is finishing up an overhead diagram of the Farovian and Icelantican Islands... This overhead map diagram will include correct travel times based on nautical miles and knots (speed of boats). More details will be released along side the next level release in mid-Feb.
  • If you're using RLC and doing a quest, and in the wrong location to catch the next quest fish, you'll get a warning message like:
Received NO BOOST to catch the Miny because it doesn't live here. You should travel to WaterPort where it's most common.
We changed this due to the number of people always asking why they're not getting a boost.. It's always because you're in a location where the next fish doesn't exist. This should help beginners out. :)

February 2010Edit

  • Tournament results will be pushed by Feb 4th.
  • Igor Gillray has been accidentally mutated in Sig's Wasteland while trying to create a new strand of the Liquid Gold formula that Sir Sigfried made himself immune to over countless experiments.
  • The incident occurred along side the Grim and the Toro fish, which caused irreversible damage to these specific fish in Sig's Wasteland.
  • Igor believes the Reaper and Madcow fish shall spawn within the coming 48 hours. By that time, Dr. Gillray expects to finalize his Liquid Gold modifier on the symbiotic poles, allowing wranglers to harness Sir Sigfried Von Shleepskin once and for all!
  • Added back AJAX, since we haven't had many complaints about the timer "not working" lately (which was a FB issue with javascript).
  • Reorder the "My Quest Details" on profiles. Also now display global record stats, should take a couple days to really display all records. (You can help be visiting each of the quest leaderboard pages, and by refreshing your own quest list) This took much more time than you can imagine, hopefully some people get some use out of it.
  • The most long awaited change in FW's History: You can now sell back some chum, not just ALL of it. From the looks of it, many people are avidly using this feature already. I hope I save an angry newbie from leaving! :)
Advanced Player News: (SPOILER)
  • Fixed the collectible #2 issue in Icelantica. After being pestered for quite awhile, it was clear that the "give" option wasn't properly awarding the 2nd collectible.
  • Fixed the mutation mix req for the final 2 symbiotic addons. The min level required to mix for reaper, madcow, both igors were lowered so they can be completed before purchasing the last 2 addons.
  • Fixed a bunch of other minor game things, including some begining steps, and a popup box that asks if you want to share a major event to friends. (major events= 1st fish, quest, pole, addons)
  • The RLC Boost no longer resets after all quest catches! Should help a small bit for those on various quests. Enjoy!
  • The next levels are coming along well, I'm hoping to have the first section released within the next week... if Dan and I are in top form! :)
  • To celebrate Valentine's Day on Fish Wrangler, we've released the following:
  • One-day Broken Heart Fish swimming around Waterport
  • Red Lust has increased in population (one will be caught approximately every 3-4 hours)
  • 20% RLC sale on donations from Feb 14-16
  • 20 Free Love Chum (FLC) can be claimed each day (Feb 14-16)
Additionally, I've increased RLC in treasures, so users have a 30% chance of finding RLC after donating.
Happy Valentines Day!
  • We've just received word that the Ancient Mariner is being held up in Kranken Cove, an area kept secret for many years, as the Farovian Government lost control due to the local radicalism and violence.
  • Recently, the mutant Razorback and Squid Murderous passed through the the area in desperate search of new food sources. The appearance of these strange mutant fish infuriated the local pirate-like residents.
  • We're awaiting response from the Ancient Mariner via the Parot Fish, it's estimated arrival to Sig's Wasteland is sometime within the next couple days. Our thoughts go out to the Ancient Mariner and his lovely lovely wife, Olga.
  • Thanks to Erin Tams for giving us the heads up about an issue with the 404 reapers/madcow catch requirements... The DB was only storing a max of 255 catches per user, regardless of what the quest details page says (as that's cached).
The easiest fix was changing the DB, and then incrementing the catch requirement to 414, so the cache refreshes... and because I'm evil and 404 isn't enough!
GL to whoever finishes that heart attack quest first!
  • There's a security exploit on the facebook forums, that allows people to post new threads in any forum. Disregard any posts not by me.
  • There was a recent issue with white pages after fishing. Some people may have used red sharks in the process. We're going to be looking into the issue still and will do any crediting within a couple days.

March 2010Edit

  • Paid out February Tournament results, congrats to all of the RLC winners. Just as a reminder: The March Tournament will be paid out in FLC, not RLC.
  • The new levels will be released pretty soon... I'm not going to give an exact release date, but we're thinking by mid-March.. when anticipation is a bit higher, and more players are ready for it. :)
  • Fixed a bug with the LG on Sig code, as some of the new plangaepus code I was working on unset the population increase of Sig.
  • The new levels should be released around March ~12th, but I've always been bad with deadlines.. and that's more or less the date we're shooting for.
  • Fixed a bug with LG in the Sig Levels, where LG wasn't effective on fish other than Sig.

Stay tuned with the changelog this week, as we'll be working on various small bug fixes before the 3 new levels / region is released later this week.

Some changes will include a 3 week warning to gold/pt requirements for various items, as most gold/pt requirements were originally based on the 80-100 trips/day players... and now the passive 40 trips/day players are struggling / giving up at various grinding points.
The reason for the 3 week warning, is to let people know what the current gold cost is, and what it's going to be.. and on what day.. so no one feels "cheated of gold".. and it's up to the player to decide whether they should wait or not.
We'll also be reworking the beginning steps of the game, adding in more fun graphics (of Deckhand Diego, and other characters like Earl, Betsylou, and Cap'n Jozek). And hopefully within the next month we'll be testing out flash animation with the Oak Branch and Broken Standard in Waterport (fairly simple, but basically clicking on the pole, seeing it swing back and fling the lure.. hearing a splash, then a popup of what fish you caught, as most new players expect the game to be animated from the start and stare at the pole image waiting for it to move.. :)
  • No one was taking themselves on crew trips. It just looked like it, as the name and UID of the person was overtaken by your own. I re-factored some code, which caused this issue. Should be fixed now.
  • Work continues on Parribea.. hoping to have it released to the beta testers by tomorrow morning.
  • Released Devil's Cove this morning.
  • Implemented the following Parribean Pole changes:
  • Pole levels 55% faster in the first location (pole levels 1-30)
  • Pole levels 50% faster in the second location (pole levels 30-70)
  • Pole levels 40% faster in the third location (pole levels 70-100)
Note: The pole's leveling speed will change once you purchase the addon that takes your max level to 40 and to level 80 (as they say), it's not necessarily "location specific".
  • Updated Plangaepus, so the RLC/FLC +2 pole level bonus works on it.
  • Parribean fish now give goodness evilness pts.
  • Those who caught the eyepatch catty, and didn't receive a clue: Catch it once more to unlock your first clue.
  • Fixed some of the Parribea clue display errors with the selection rows.
  • If you own any Parribean Chum, you've probably noticed not receiving any goodness/evilness points. If you'd like to retain a max # of goodness/evilness points, you should sell most of it off tomorrow March 20th @ ~3pm FVT, as you'll gain 20 good/evil pts for each piece you purchase, and you'll lose it when ya sell it.
  • Parribean chum now gives +20 goodness/evilness.
  • Email notifications should now be sent if you:
  • Have a pending RLC trade
  • Have an accepted RLC trade
  • Friend sent you gold, or RLC
  • Friend invited you to a quest
  • Your quest partner completes the quest and receives the quest dish.
We're going to be adding in fine-tuned user controls, of which email notifications they want to receive.. along with a daily notification summary email.. and we're going to be displaying all notifications at the top of fish wrangler, so you can see what's going on.. since facebook removed application notifications. :(
  • One of the web servers was acting up for the last 7.5 hours, causing white pages and knocking out some of the others. I'm quite furious about this, as our health checking scripts were supposed to be corrected over a week ago by our hosting provider.. and still haven't been. I'll keep you posted on the status of the health checking scripts.
  • On a similar front, I'm thinking it's time for monthly server maintenance.. I'm planning for late on the March 24th FVT.. I'll post a 1+ hour header as to when exactly it'll be.
  • Monthly tournament payouts will be updated shortly. Note: As mentioned last month, FLC, and not RLC, will be given away as the tournament reward.
  • It appears that a good part of the white pages and problems were also caused by facebook, failing to load canvas pages:
  • We've corrected our health checking scripts, so everything on that front should be better. Our uptime has been pretty good regardless, in the last month we've experienced 8.5 hours of downtime (99.75% uptime)... which 7 hours was from yesterday.
  • There's currently a facebook bug that's displaying HTML in various locations, where the text is internationalized. I've submitted a bug report to FB.. Just have to wait.
  • After purchasing the rebreather, you'll no longer find oxygen tanks in Sig levels.
  • Good/evil chums are now based on your pole, not goodness/evilness pts.
  • Updated parribean pole specific fish details.. (will be visible once FB fixes the HTML issue within the next couple hours.. or so they say..)
  • Updated tourny payouts, in FLC.
  • Treasure chests now give away FLC... and more of it.
  • Dropped parribean addon min evilness/goodness requirements, as most of the point requirements need to be reworked.. and these weren't in line with the parribean pole pt requirements.
  • Can now sell FLC, for 2,000 gold each.
  • Parribean chum in chests now gives evilness/goodness.
  • Corrected evilness/goodnes display on pole addon page, when wrong pole equipped
  • Auto-equip pole for tourny now properly works for Sig levels.
  • Parribean pole addons now display properly on my setup image.
  • Incredible Tournament coming in April... locations will include sig's and parribea. :)
  • Also, starting in the April Tournaments: We're going to add 2x increase in "release points" for fish that are "Extremely Rare" to "Non-existent". Because catching a rare fish should mean a little more in a tournament.. and give you a better chance to win that day.
  • Devil's Cove has changed, so that fish 2 levels over your pole, won't bother you.
  • We're releasing 2 new Devil's Cove fish sometime tonight/tomorrow.
  • If you caught a Royal Guard or Pyratic Scum, on the opposite pole.. you should now see that your catch list reflects the correction of catching the other fish.
Your skippers log will still show up as though you've caught a royal guard / pyratic scum, but your record and everything else will actually be for the other fish.
Kinda confusing, but it should be fixed now.. and any catches after 4:05pm FVT shouldn't have a problem with this.
  • It appears there's a bug with key combination's not being stored in the server's cache is being pushed out by new cache data. I'm shocked that it doesn't hold for 24 hours, as all other cache does (ie. raffle popups have same code).
  • I'm currently working on a fix.. will post here when it's fixed.
  • The Skull Key combination bug should now be fixed. And just an FYI: Even if this feature was beta tested, the combo wait time would have been very short less than an hour, meaning the combo's would have not been kicked out of the cache. Enjoy the new level!
  • I'm opening Deadwater Pass on March 29th @ 4pm FVT, because the players who should have gotten their first, are now waiting on deckhands to solve the puzzle.. whereas players who just now submitted their puzzle combo, will get there before them.. which isn't fair.
  • The Parribean addons that bring your pole to a max level of 40, will not slow your pole leveling down. It's been changed so that the level 50 addon does instead. This is related to the Map Ray bug, purchasing the addon and seeing your pole level drop bug, etc. Should now be fixed.

April 2010Edit

  • You can now get about ~1.5x to ~2x the release points when you catch a rare fish (From population "Extremely Rare" to "Non-existent"), when you aren't using resources. This will make the randomness of tournaments more meaningful as some of the really rare fish, really aren't worth that much more.. which can make each day predictable.
Example #1: Catching a rare fish, without resource:

Rare Catch w/o resources! Caught and released a 4.13 lb Magmaniac Fish - added 570 release points to my tournament score for today!

Example #2: Catching rare fish, with resource:

Caught and released a 4.13 lb Magmaniac Fish - added 335 release points to my tournament score for today! 11 casts left today. Used 1 Magmaniac Attractant, 0 remaining.

  • We've also added in an "Incredible Class" tournament, with advanced locations in the rotation!
  • We'll be paying out last months tourny winners within the next couple days, and in FLC as previously mentioned.
  • We're continuing to work on various small fixes and the animated fishing for new users.
  • Today's Extraordinare Tournament (April 1st) had an issue with saying it was it Sans Culpra, when it was really in Magma Reef. Tournament scores in this particular tournament day will not count... as I can't go back and clear out various user caches without causing other problems. Everyone who was involved, will receive 20 FLC.
  • I removed the Official News thread I made a couple weeks ago on the gold cost of RLC. I read through it all and value everyone's opinions on the whole situation. As I've said before we're going to continue making RLC more affordable for everyone. Happy fishing!
  • Updated the new tournament 'rare catch' feature to be called "Great catch w/o attractants!", see the new faq at:
  • If you use the cubey incinerator or fire sludge while night fishing, you'll have the chance again at freezing the boat over / putting on a fire show.. and a 50%/50% chance at gaining/losing gold for the team.
  • Also, a person who does this will count as actually being their for night fishing (so the consecutive day bug with this is now fixed)
  • I think some parties were upset before because the person who uses the cubey incinerator / fire sludge, would get the parties gold/pts.. and sometimes not contribute.. hence it's removal.. but now i think if a party is upset, they should take it up with the individual.. :)
  • The eyeball ray and possibly a couple other fish are being marked as "Great Catches", when their populations technically aren't within the 'great catch' populations.
  • And the emo isn't being marked as a "Great Catch" when it should be.
  • Instead of fixing this issue right now, and changing it so some people who catch an emo get 2x pts, and others don't.. I'm going to leave it as is for today. So the rules are the same for everyone.
  • Since this is a new beta feature, we'll have to roll with a couple bumps.. but as long as each day that counts is fair for everyone (ie everyone who catches a particular fish is credited the same way.. then it will count).
  • This issue will be fixed at the start of April 3rd's competitions. Please keep posting bugs on the forum, and look for a duplicate before posting.. as it helps us gauge what's a real bug. Thanks!
  • New server hardware is in place, seems to be running much more smoothly. Will keep you posted.. March tourny results will be paid out within 48 hrs. Sorry for the delay, lots of stuff going on here. Thanks for the patience!
  • Starting April 4th @12am FVT, 'Extremely Rare' fish populations will not count as a "Great Catch" - as there's currently an issue with some fish like the Grim in Waterport that don't count as 'Great Catches'. Again this issue effects everyone the same, making it a fair playing ground.
  • Permanently banned a number of players who were using BOT's.
I've also banned many accounts who've purchased RLC, as I've implemented a number of things to easily identify the BOT users.
This is a reminder that you'll be permanently banned, without warning, for using any sort of BOT.
  • And if you're still having problems, then please report it on the forum - make sure to look for a duplicate before posting the report. Thanks!
  • Our main webserver has been having some issues, it's being relocated again.. It's been causing the recent white pages. Should be fixed now as it's off the cluster.
  • I've been on the phone with our provider trying to finish up the server relocation..
  • There's now also a facebook issue with friend, and the friend selector causing problems with crew trips:
  • Always good to keep an eye on the above URL, as they generally post major FB errors on it.. but not always. :/
  • We've permanently banned hundreds of accounts for using auto refreshing bots. Many of whom have purchased RLC in the past. Remember that any sort of BOT is a violation of the TOS, and constantly refreshing the main fishing page ( is also against the TOS.
If you frequently click FW bookmarks, make sure you're not oftenly hitting the page as you'll raise flags. Bookmark: instead.
Using any sort of BOT is considered cheating, and is unfair to the thousands of players who've followed the rules and played honestly. We won't stand for it.
  • Updated a bunch of feed sharing alerts for new users who aren't seen on FW for a couple of days.
  • Also had to revert changes to the fishing timer.. :( It was causing some javascript issues with some users.. Let us know if your timer isn't counting down properly (ie going 2x as fast)
  • Max RLC bank capped at 255, due to database storage limits (hence people seeing it go over and then shoot back down previously)
  • Added melted cubey, octo, reigning ice, igor's, and plangaepus to "great catches" for tournament.
  • A trophy fish caught in a tournament will count for 5x the regular points. Catching a trophy is really special, and doing so in a tournament is even more special I think.. so I've made it very exciting if ya catch a trophy fish in a tourny now. (All of these changes were made of as April 8th 12:01am FVT)
  • We're adjust some prices of the skills.. The following prices should be changing on April ~12th (as noted next to the corresponding skills on their page):
  • Secrets of Farovia: Changing from 375k gold to 350k gold
  • Scuba License: Changing from 450k gold to 400k gold
We will not issue any refunds for skills purchased before this deadline, as these gold amounts were set a long time ago, prior to quests and more passive players. Thanks for the understanding.. everyone's acceptance of these changes really helps us improve FW for the better.. and to keep struggling players in the game. : )
  • Fixed sig's lair tourny issue with getting a good amount of "didnt catch anythings", was due to the spectacled hate.. not being catchable and instead being a "nothing".
  • removed the plangaepus as a great catch. might be unfair as the 1 time someone catches it would be within a tourny.. which is a tad unfair since not all have a chance at it, if they've already caught it.
  • can now harness LG properly on the octo, if it's not your next quest fish. (it would work if it was the next quest fish.. thx to the report by edwin)
  • Moved the tournaments off the /my page, as they that data is no longer cached.. due to one cache server still being out of sync.. (see the forum filled with posts on this little problem.. for more info..)
  • Should be fixed and casts should be counting properly now, as they're 100% uncached.
  • Night fishing didn't go for 1am and a couple other times.. it looks like not many were effected. We're aware of the issue.. thanks for the reports.
  • Fixed deckhand trips.. should be running much better now... and hopefully more often.
  • Update:
  • Regular speak: I hope to have the tournament casts back on the main page, and all of the problems fixed by this weekend.
  • Geek speak: We're going do be moving our network file sharing over to a much more stable CDN this weekend.
  • Dropped RLC prices by about 15-30%.
  • Put the deckhands back to work.. everyone should be getting them now.. as some players went over 24 hours without one..
  • Changed the Sig's Vault Extraordinaire tournament day from Sig's Lair due to feedback.
  • Adding in Skill images soon! Dan did an excellent job on them! :D
  • Facebook dropped our invites per users again now to 6.. we're going to re-prioritize a new gifting system based on pimping out your boat. Should be pretty cool!
  • Due to user feedback, we've talked to the leading chemists and improved Liquid Gold to now harness the one day only fish. It's really an amazing feat, as the fish were only supposed to be around for ~24 hours. It sure wasn't easy bringing them back.
  • We've changed the Oak Branch and Broken Standard lures when they're under level 50... to a pine cone and a sledge hammer. Diego thinks it's more welcoming to new wranglers, as stinky steak just never sat well with him.
  • Added in skill images. Makes it feel like a story of Diego, showing wranglers the way to becoming the best Fish Wrangler of all time. My fave. is the art of night fishing. :)
  • Dropped the costs of the skills as mentioned previously.
  • We're hopefully going to be adding in "Cherry Credits" as a way to get RLC within the coming weeks.. its similar to rixty, except it's for countries outside the USA more-so.
  • The next level, Krakken Rocks, should be ready for release sometime this week. Happy Wranglin!
  • Krakken Gate Puzzle should now be saving new submissions. However, Krakken Rocks is still not released!
  • Slightly increased the population of Waterport/Fishertonville Augmented fish, due the constant newbie feedback.
  • We're going to be doing a test run with Facebook Credits very soon... as we've been accepted into their beta test.
  • Fixed 2 of the Krakken Puzzles that were ambiguous.
  • Fixed an issue with the Devil's Gate, showing the wrong clue description for 10% of people.
  • Removed the fish chum preferences of RLC, due to user feedback over the last couple months.. saying that it's not entirely fair to all players.
  • Compiling a list of the puzzles and answers isn't allowed. I spent days randomizing the puzzles and making them different for most people, for exactly this reason. I understand many people have questions about solving the puzzles, which is fine. Offering help on how to solve it should be good enough.. offering a complete list of answers completely defeats my work.
  • I've found some of the major issues causing the random white page outages over the last couple weeks. I'll be reconfiguring some stuff over the next couple hours. Thanks for the patience! I'm feeling good about this now!
  • Due to user feedback, we've changed it so fish that are beyond 4 levels of your pole - will not bother you. Should help those who don't use RLC, as these steals could be quite common at lower pole levels.
  • I've been working all day on reconfiguring the servers and debugging any other white pages, etc. The servers have been looking good thus far. I'm still working with our service provider to get to the bottom of any other issues. Thanks for the patience!
  • Released deckhand vouchers into treasures. Please look for duplicate bug reports before posting on the forum.
  • Deckhand voucher count should now updated properly under "Resources:"
  • Deckhand vouchers WILL run while night fishing, this may change as the feature is still in early BETA stages.. and it's not consistent with how regular deckhand checks are blocked while NF'ing.
  • Deckhand vouchers shouldn't be disappearing from your resources, if they are please report it in the forums, in full detail. (ie how many were missing, how many are not showing up in your log etc)
  • Also, there was an issue around 11pm where some users got 10+ deckhand voucher checks in a row. Just wanted to let you know I'm aware of it and that it's been fixed.
  • We cannot refund any deckhand vouchers at this time as it's still in BETA and being worked on.
Thanks for your help!
  • I made a really stupid mistake.. after seeing a bunch of people getting stuck in infinite loops and gaining over a few hundred deckhand vouchers, I frantically stopped the code and then removed the extra deckhand vouchers given out.
Then still in a frantic stage, the code accidentally changed anyones resource who had more than 40 of whatever that resource was, to a max of 40. So if you have 41 red sharks, you now should have 40.
Unfortunately the only way to revert these changes is to roll back database changes to about 8 hours ago. And I don't think this huge loss of fishing trips is worth the damage.
I think most accounts effected would be those actively using oxygen tanks, or those who a bunch of red sharks, or a specific resource.
To try to make up for most peoples losses, we'll be crediting everyone 20 deckhand vouchers, 200 red sharks, and 50 Free Love Chum. You'll soon be able to go here to claim our gift:
If you're an exception, and have lost a great deal of a specific resource and our gift doesn't cover your losses, then send in a support message with what resource you lost and by how much. We'll take the time to look into the logs and verify the report, and then credit you back. Please note that this may take a very long time... I'm really sorry about this one.
  • NOTE: If you're missing less than 200 tarpits, please do not send in a support message... The 200 Red Sharks we're giving away is to make up for this loss.
Also, we're getting a lot of emails from people who have lost Red Sharks.. and do not understand that the gifts we're giving are to make up for this exact error. So you will not be receiving any additional Red Sharks.
  • Have you Lost Resources?
  • As expected, we're now receiving an enormous flood of emails now asking about their resources. It's not fair to credit some users and not others, so we'll be increasing shells in treasure chests by 5x.
  • What happened to your resources?
  • Last night after releasing the new Deckhand Voucher, a bug allowed some users to gain hundreds of free vouchers. In a state of panic, I fixed the code and corrected everyones Deckhand Vouchers.
However, the code then accidentally changed anyones resource who had more than 40 of whatever that resource was, to a max of 40. So if you have 41 red sharks, you now should have 40.
Unfortunately the only way to revert these changes is to roll back database changes to about 8 hours ago. And I don't think this huge loss of fishing trips, trophy catches, 1st catches, amongst many other things is worth the damage.
So we're not going to roll back the database.
Most accounts affected would be those actively using oxygen tanks, or those who a bunch of red sharks, or a specific resource.
  • What's going to happen to your lost resources?
  • We're going to increase shells in chests for the next week. Plus, we will credit users who had large amounts of Red Sharks. However, any other resources, like Oxygen, Boo Juice, Anti-Freeze, Chilli-Sauce, Vial of Biles, Sigfried's 57th, etc... will unfortunetly not be re-credited. As it's not fair of us to only credit some accounts all of their resources and others nothing. Plus this would take months to truly straighten out.
  • Claim your 50 Free Love Chum, 20 Deckhand Vouchers and 200 Red Sharks:
To try to make up for some of your possible losses, we're offering a gift of 50 Free Love Chum, 20 deckhand vouchers, and 200 red sharks. You can claim the gift here:
We really wish there was more we can do at this time. We hope you understand and appreciate our honesty at this time.
Joe Faron
Fish Wrangler
  • Added limit of 3 RLC trades to a specific friend, per day - due to some users constantly sending trades back/forth.
  • As stated previously this month, the following augment prices will change on May 1st:
NOTE: We will not be reimbursing players who've purchased these augments in the past.. as all prices are subject to change and the game is continually expanding, meaning earlier parts of the game need to be tuned / slightly sped up.
Pneumatic Spear
Augment #1 - 200K to 175K
Augment #2 - 400K to 350K
Augment #3 - 800K to 700K
Augment 1 - same (200K)
Augment #2 - 500K to 450K
Augment #3 - 1 million to 900K

To make up for these changes, and other gold changes in the future.. we'll be releasing a feature that rewards veteran players. Basically:
  • Each year you're on the app you can claim ~250 Free Love Chum
  • If you've already been on for a year, you'll still be able to claim it!
Just wanted to post a followup to the recent news, so everyone's aware of what's going on:
Improvements I'm going to make personally:
  • Beta testing all new level releases with the beta testing group, as many of the parribea level bugs could have been sorted out with testing.
  • Discussing new levels/features more with the beta testers, as they've always had excellent feedback. I kind of lost sight of this over the last couple months when I've been dealing with server issues, etc.
  • Privately testing new smaller features, so an issue like the recent 'resource 40 bug' will be prevented.
What's coming next:
  • Mythical Night Fish
  • Boat Gifting / Pimping out system
  • Having all levels after Sans Culpra, unlock for new players at once. So they have a choice of which area to go to first.
I'd like people to start discussing the last change, as it's a big change, and I'd like to see feedback on it.. Further details:
  • After Sans Culpra, players will be able to choose whichever location they want to do first. (ie Icelantica, Sigs, Parribea)
  • And it'll be like this for all future level releases.
  • To give new friends a chance to compete with old friends
  • To stop releasing new levels and fish for less than 1% of the users.
  • To get people excited again. :)
  • Sig Level non-mutant fish should now be catchable... (due to some new users only catching bowtie eels and the change of how fish 4 levels beyond your pole are uncatchable)
  • You also have to remember that a level 3 and under pole can only catch one new fish there.. lots of steals, etc.
  • As of now, Free Love Chum can no longer be sold back for gold. We're starting to give it out more freely to users, in particular new users, and have seen an influx in gold funneling. We purposely gave no warning on this change. :)
  • I'm continuing work on the Mythical Night Fish feature.. just verifying the layout with the beta testers before really jumping in.
  • Reorganized the Night Fishing Layout, added in a "public board" that anyone can post to your party.. as there will be numerous Mythical Night Fish leaderboards (first catches, most catches, heaviest, lightest)

May 2010Edit

  • We're continuing to work on the Mythical Night Feature, and hoping to have it released into BETA sometime this week.
  • Testing a new feature where the deckhands pay their thanks to you for sending an inactive friend fishing, as the deckhands are busy these days! See more at:
  • Post any issues with the feature on the forum, and please don't make duplicate threads of the same issue.. Thanks! :)
  • Released additions to the "send inactive friends fishing" feature.. when you've used up your 6 green SKIP's, a box above "quests" on your My Setup page will appear, with friends who are inactive.. you can quickly send friends fishing from here, and send them a facebook wall message with what they caught.. and what they're missing out on! :)
  • I may change this feature so that friends can become inactive after ~3 days, instead of ~7 however i'm waiting to see how it goes now.
  • Fixed issue with Deckhand Vouchers not displaying an error message while using them in Magma Reef, and while top water fishing in Sans Culpra.
  • The voucher will be used, but then deactivated until the player is in a location where deckhands can go to.
  • Fixed issue with night fishing parties arriving multiple times.. if your party arrives twice in one night, on or after May 4th, please post to the discussion board with the issue... and if a previous post on it exists, please post to it instead. It's much easier for me to find/fix bugs, when the title of the threads lays out the bug issue.. and also I prefer when bug reports are separated (ie "post all bug reports here for joe" threads don't help that much)
  • If on or after May 4th, you receive a deckhand voucher trip back-to-back, (ie less than 10 minutes apart), please post to the forum.. this bug should now be fixed too.
  • I'm continuing work on the Mythical Night Feature.. but wanted to get some of the above stuff fixed/released in the meantime. Thanks for the patience!
  • Fixed the Night Fishing Board issue, where it wouldn't post on the first time.. and it'd send a notification to everyone. Post on the forums, if you're still having problems with this.
  • Released the Mythical Night Fish feature into BETA.. should be released within a week if all goes well.
  • Had to clear out the night fishing logs, due to the mythical night fish feature going into beta.
  • The KRAKKEN HAS BEEN FULLY RELEASED!! (hehehehe) (ie LG should now be able to harness it)
  • However, you will not be able to grapple onto the Ancient Mariner's boat with the cannon until the next series of levels are released.. which I don't really have a deadline for, as the Mythical Night Fishing feature and the Boat Gifts/Pimping out feature have taken priority. I'm hoping for early June as of now though.. so sit tight with that grappling cannon! Thanks!
  • Change pole & location link for tournaments will now change your pole, even if your in the correct location for the tourny.. (before it just gave an error)
  • Lowered the shell giveaway in treasures. Updated treasures so that you now have a chance of seeing 2 or more treasures with resources.. (before it was just only 1 treasure that could have a resource in it)
  • 2x chance of finding glow worms in a treasure chest now.. (due to the new mythical night fish feature coming out soon!)
  • Fixed rebreather issue, with it sometimes using oxygen.. shouldn't use it ever now.
  • Fixed issue with the summary log showing you found oxygen with the rebreather, when you really didn't.. (ie shouldn't appear in logs) You can only find oxygen with the rebreather when you're under 300% filled - to prevent the crazy excessive amounts some people had.
  • The Spectacled Hate and Electropian Lobsta will no longer steal your chum when you're outside of 4 levels of catching them (as there should be no exceptions to this rule, however these are special fish.. that unlock new regions which caused this issue)
  • Max of 5 notifications in header, after you first see 5+ notifications. (So the first time you come back to FW, you might have 20 notifications, then if you refresh the page, you'll only have the 5 most recent visible.. as this change helps clear away unwanted notifications and free's up space on the server)
We've continued to analyze certain stages of the game, as prices, pole leveling, etc maybe change based on user feedback. We'll give as much warning as we can when changes occur, just remember that it's for the betterment of the game.
The following things will be changed as of May 17th, 2010:
Sans Culpra
  • Pneumatic Spear will level at 35/trips per level (17.5 w/ RLC) compared to the current 40 trips/level
  • Scuba License skill point requirement will drop to 1.5 million
  • GPS Instructions will be given at ~10% prodigious – compared to the current 33% prodigious
  • The Fee for Earl's GPS device will be lowered to 30k gold
  • Unlocks at 3 million points
  • Holy Liberator/Evil Obliterator will reduce from 600k to 500K
  • Hybrid/Toxic Cruisers will be reduced from 300k to 250k
  • Pole leveling is currently 25 trips/levels (12.5 w/ RLC) through all levels of Icelantica, and we want to make it easier in the begining when there aren't many fish to catch.. and then progressively harder similar to Sigs & Parribea.
  • Glacier Bay: 15 trips/level (7.5 w/ RLC)
  • San Digloo: 20 trips/level (10 w/ RLC)
  • LF: 25 trips/level (12.5 w/ RLC)
  • Snowpeak River: 30 trips/level (15 w/ RLC)
  • Snowpeak Summit: 40 trips/level (20 w/ RLC)
  • Some auto-analyzing costs will be slightly reduced
Parribea (Changes will be made on May 24th, 2010)
  • Due to user feedback, we'll be changing pole leveling as such:
  • Devil's Cove: From 128 trips/level to 80 trips/level (40 w/RLC)
  • Deadwater Pass: From 154 trips/level to 100 trips/level (50 w/ RLC)
  • Krakken Rocks: 170 casts/level to 140 trips/level (75 w/ RLC)
To make it fair, all of your trips will count and you'll receive credit on your pole (everyone will see a jump in their Parribean pole levels, and maxed Level 100 will turn into a Level 121.43 out of 100). We will then implement a multi-pole fish (similar to the Plangaepus), augments taking Parribean poles to level 130, so those who have a maxed out pole can utilize the level 121.43 instantly. Plus, we'll be releasing two bonus quests like in Sig's.
  • Major fix: Found out the cause of some partial white screens in tournaments.. basically any error message wasn't returning properly, and just displaying the FW header and nothing else. NOTE: This isn't a true "white page of death" (WSOD), as real ones will not contain the FW header logo... if you're ever reporting a WSOD issue, please clarify on what you exactly are seeing... and about how many seconds the page takes to load.. (if the page takes over 10 seconds to load, then displays a completely blank page with only the "facebook" header, then it's worth reporting if you're getting it frequently while doing a certain action)
  • Red lust can only be caught once per person.. the people who've caught it twice, hit a 1 in 20,000+ chance... twice. Quite remarkable. :)
  • Can now buy more than 99 Fire Sludge, and it now shows how many more you can hold exactly..
  • Negative deckhand vouchers should no longer happen.. anyone who was in the negatives should now be at 0. (refresh resources if not)
  • Shouldn't get notified on your own Night Fishing Board posts
We've changed the following:
Sans Culpra
  • Pneumatic Spear will level at 35/trips per level (17.5 w/ RLC) compared to the current 40 trips/level
  • Scuba License skill point requirement will drop to 1.5 million
  • GPS Instructions will be given at ~10% prodigious – compared to the current 33% prodigious
  • The Fee for Earl's GPS device will be lowered to 30k gold
  • Unlocks at 3 million points
  • Holy Liberator/Evil Obliterator will reduce from 600k to 500K
  • Hybrid/Toxic Cruisers will be reduced from 300k to 250k
Everything else mentioned prior to Parribean changes, will be done within another 24 hours. Thanks!
  • Changed pole leveling in Icelantica. (Was a 10 minute bug showing your pole level being 2x what it should have been.. ie level 260/130) There's about 6 more people that actually got their pole levels dinked, we're fixing that now..
  • Will post entire details of how pole leveling changed.. (as posted above)
Following Icelantica Pole Leveling changes... as in Sig's and Parribea, your pole leveling speed changes based on your max pole level.
Max Pole levels of: 4, 9, 17 (ie Glacier Bay addons)
  • 15 trips per level (was 25)
  • Example: If you had a level 10 of 17 Holy Liberator, it should now be a: Level 16.67 of 17.
Max Pole levels of: 25, 34, 43 (ie San Digloo addons)
  • 20 trips per level (was 25)
  • Example: If you had a level 35 of 43 Holy Liberator, it should now be a: Level 43 of 43. (ie you should move on and get the next addon)
Max Pole levels of: 53, 63, 74 (ie Lake Freezberg addons)
  • 25 trips per level (no change)
Max Pole levels of: 85, 100 (ie Snowpeak River addons)
  • 30 trips per level (was 25)
  • Since pole leveling here has slowed, anyone negatively effected was credited back! :)
  • Example: If you had a level 90/100 Evil Obliterator, it is still a level 90/100, but will level a little bit slower.
Max Pole levels of: 110,120,130 (ie Snowpeak Summit addons)
  • 35 trips per level (was 25)
  • Since pole leveling here has slowed, anyone negatively effected was credited back! :)
  • Example: If you had a level 130/130 Evil Obliterator, it is still a level 130/130.
We slowed down leveling in the later stages, when there are numerous fish to catch.. and sped up leveling in the earlier levels, as there are very few fish to catch. Overall, the changes offset eachother, but add better playability, and show new users how pole leveling gets harder as you progress in Sig's and Parribea (and future levels)... as this fundamental concept makes sense (ie pole gets stronger, takes longer to level).
Sig level changes:
We've also changed some of the gold costs and wait times for the auto-analysis in Sigs.
Released the Mythical Night Fish feature yesterday at 3:30pm FVT. Looks like it's going well thus far, few display bugs have been taken care of.. (The max luck on analysis is 5% not 15% as the faq previously said, and the (MAX!) message for 5+ crew members was wrong.. as you can technically get more analysis done (just less) with each crew member over 5.)
If the feature continues to do well and be well recepted, we're going to start thinking about releasing Night Fishing Quests, so Betsy Lou can open up a new restaurant that serves FEASTS and not single dishes! :) I think it'd be an excellent passive feature, and would be much more social than current quests. I'm thinking they'll range from easy to difficult, like current quests.. and boosts will work based on the # of night fishing trips that you haven't caught a specific fish. I'm not sure if it'll have a "first completed" leaderboard, as long as some take a long time to finish, I think it might be OK and not cause problems.
If I were to release another feature ontop of Night Fishing, I'd have to ease the strain.. meaning everyone would go fishing 3-6 times (instead of the current ~8-12 times).. but you'd have the chance of catching the fish in schools.. (I'd make it so you're catching more fish overall, and making more gold.. so the change isn't looked down at.)
  • Instead of catching "4 Cubey, 1 Miny, 2 Acorn Sea Slug, 1 Miss Miny, 1 Catty, 1 Hippie, 1 Mime, 1 Sea Tortoise"
  • (The current results are based you going fishing 12 separate times in this example... which is rough on the database.)
  • You'd catch something like: "10 Cubey, 5 Acorn Sea Slug, 6 Hippie, 4 Sea Tortoise"
  • (rough example, but this shows you only caught 4 different fish, but in schools.)
This sort of change would REALLY help the long term stability of Night Fishing, and groups coming back each night consistently. :)
Now is the time to start thinking of ideas and posting them around the boards, and if certain ideas are well received / get lots of feedback, we'll certainly look into it..
Again, this is all up in the air.. my next priorities are releasing the Flash animated Map of Farovia, and then the new gifting / pimping out your boat feature.. Just thought I'd let ya know what's on my mind. :)
  • If your pole is now over it's max level, it'll be displayed as being maxed out.. to avoid confusion with those not reading changelog updates of how pole levelings changing, and why their pole isn't leveling etc.. (Example: You have a level 32/25.. it'll now show as 100% level 25/25, purchase the next addon to realize the actual level 32, or 7 extra levels given after the recent pole leveling changes)
  • Added witch fish to Waterport due to Kings Caserole Love Chum Boost issue.
  • Update to Parribea pole leveling change tonight: You will get pole level credit for the trips per level changes to previous addons.. So a level 100/100 will turn into a level ~119/120 when the new addon is purchased, meaning you won't really have to do any extra leveling. I've gone back and forth on these updates because it's VERY tricky when you're manually updating hundreds of pole levels.
UPDATE: Within the next hour or so, you will notice a skipper's log message and an increase in your Parribean pole leveling, based on how much you've used it.. and how effected by the speed increase you were.
If you DO NOT see this message and your pole level increased, please WAIT.. as we need to manually execute code to adjust your pole levels properly.. as it's not just an easy SQL calculation.
NOTE: If your pole adjusts slightly above what it was before, it's due to rounding. For example, if you have a level 90/90, and now have a 90.01/90.. please enjoy the couple extra trips worth of leveling and let others know it's due to rounding error.
  • Example message:
Cap'n Jozek credited me +18.19 Pyratic Plunder levels to keep things fair for everyone due to new faster Parribean leveling! (Had a 75.24/80, have 93.43/80) NOTE: Your poles level is now higher than its max level. Purchase the next addon to realize the extra levels.
A level 100/100 will go to level 119/100.. however you'll need to purchase the new "special addon" that unlocks a new bonus quest, takes you to level 120, and gives you the ability to harness the most valuable fish on Fish Wrangler yet, worth 300k gold... the Serpentine!
  • Max pole levels of 10,20,30,40 (ie Devil's Cove):
  • From 128 trips/level to 80 trips/level (40 w/RLC)
  • Max pole levels of 50,60,70 (ie Deadwater Pass):
  • From 154 trips/level to 100 trips/level (50 w/ RLC)
  • Max pole levels of 80, 90, 100 (ie Krakken Rocks):
  • From 170 casts/level to 160 trips/level (80 w/ RLC)
  • New max pole level of 120 (ie Krakken Rocks):
  • 200 trips/level (100 w/ RLC)
Pole Level Message Examples: (Please wait before sending in a message, as we need to manually run code to adjust your pole leveling / give you this message)
  • Gained +1.44 Pyratic Plunder levels due to faster Parribean leveling! (Had a 5/10, have 6.44/10)
  • Gained +5.04 Pyratic Plunder levels due to faster Parribean leveling! (Had a 20/20, have 25.04/20) NOTE: Purchase the next addon to realize the extra levels.
  • Gained +10.65 Pyratic Plunder levels due to faster Parribean leveling! (Had a 43.66/50, have 54.31/50) NOTE: Purchase the next addon to realize the extra levels.
  • Gained +18.04 Pyratic Plunder levels due to faster Parribean leveling! (Had a 72.5/80, have 90.54/80) NOTE: Purchase the next addon to realize the extra levels.
  • Gained +19.44 Pyratic Plunder levels due to faster Parribean leveling! (Had a 100/100, have 119.44/100) NOTE: Purchase the next addon to realize the extra levels.
Note the final addon that brings your parribean pole to level 120 will not be required in unlocking any further progression in the game, it's mainly for those who like the challenge in catching new fish and being among the first in catching it.
  • So, we'll be releasing the following fish:
  • Seadog Fish: Level 110 Royal Rescuer
  • Jone's Giant Squid : Level 120 Royal Rescuer

  • Man-o-war: Level 110 Pyratic Plunderer
  • Black Pearl: Level 120 Pyratic Plunderer

  • Serpentine: Level 120 Royal Rescuer + Level 120 Pyratic Plunderer (Similar to the Plangaepus, dual pole fish, worth the most gold out of any fish yet!)
  • The final level 120 addon will also unlock Parribean a Bonus Quest for each pole! (Just like Sig's Bonus Quests)
  • Facebook has temporarily disabled Fish Wrangler stream / wall posts till May 27th @ 4pm FVT, due to the stream containing a call to action in the body (ie Play Fish Wrangler: You'll be hooked in minutes -- isn't allowed). We've corrected the streams and are now compliant. Therefore, you'll see a "This feature has been temporarily disabled for this application" when trying to share.
  • Some people are getting confused with the parribean pole level message.. just to clarify:
Cap'n Jozek credited me +19.44 Royal Rescuer levels to keep things fair for everyone due to new faster Parribean leveling! (Had a 100/100, have 119.44/100)
A level 119.44/100 will display as 44% of level 120 complete. As soon as a level goes from .01, it gets rounded up and acts as that level.. and technically a 120 level pole, only has 119 levels as it starts from level 1 (so you can catch fish). :)
  • There's been a long standing issue with occasionally getting 2 crew trips in the same exact second, or a crew trip and a regular trip in the same second. And sometimes you'd not get actual credit for the 2nd trip. Now, if you try to go fishing 1-3 seconds after a crew trip, you'll be stopped.. saying you just recently had a fishing trip.. and to try again. (Or if you click Fish NOW two times in a row.)
  • If you have two crew trips happen at the same minute marker, please report it on the forums. (NOTE: You may see a crew trip and a regular trip in the same minute marker, as seconds aren't recorded.. and it'll only be prevented inside of 3 seconds)
  • Most Icelantica Addons will be dropping in gold cost by about 10% tomorrow.
  • Fish Wrangler will be supporting environmental groups in the Gulf of Mexico during America's greatest environmental disaster. There are a lot of fish in oil now. :(

June 2010Edit

  • Parribean poles will catch less Citrus, Map Ray, and Caged Cubey with the higher they are leveled. (You'll notice differences starting from level 100 to level 120) This is due to the user feedback on the 'bonus quest'.
  • We'll be celebrating one of Fish Wrangler's most beloved days with a special 1 day only fish! World Ocean Day is June 8th!
  • The Chicago Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup, and since I'm from Chicago and hockey has always been one of my favorite sports... I felt everyone would enjoy a new fish... so instead of doing it as a one day only fish, it'll be permanent and fairly rare in Sans Culpra. Over two million people showed up for the parade today in Chicago.. we needed something like this! :)
FYI: Unless the Cubs win the World Series, I don't expect to make any other country specific or sport specific fish. Although, the world cup should be very exciting to watch this next month!
  • The next couple mythical night fish have been completed, and we're about to start wrapping up the rest of the art for the next series of levels... I'm also hoping to get the gift system planned out more thoroughly and tested within the next 10 days.
  • FYI to those in Parribea trying to catch the Serpentine: You run a 1 in 300 chance, when using LG and love chum. I felt these fish should still be rare, even when you meet both pole requirements.. feel free to start a thread and discuss this. If enough people think you should catch it faster once you meet all requirements, then please let us know via a thread on this topic. :)
  • Released "Mystery Tackle Box" feature into beta. I'm still going through the various bug reports and have imposed our own limit of 8 request sends per day... because it's clear facebook isn't adding correctly. I'm going to be away tomorrow, so if things look bad tomorrow morning I'm going to delay the release till Monday.
  • I'm really sorry about the forum issues.. facebook is absolutely wrecking them. Each time this sort of thing happens, it bumps the priority of me coding our own similar forum.. that won't have these random bugs that make the forum look dead.
  • Fixed issue with Mystery Tackle Box giving resources and not saving them. Since the feature is in early beta, we can't credit out all resources fairly. Sorry! :( We hope you enjoy the feature though!
  • Fixed mystery tackle box limit of 12.. may soon change to 20. FB is not properly enforcing the restriction.
  • Fixed issue with "broken security code" message and no message appearing. This was due to an error when your friend sent you a 2nd one of the day, and it giving your friend an error message, but FB still sends the request saying to get the box. Now, your friend won't see your name on the send list.. thereby preventing this issue.
  • Today I'm going to be working on the beginning steps of the game as our return ratio on day 2+ is still pretty bad. Then my next priorities are the interactive map and the Ancient Mariner level which will be released after SC and will only have 1 pole.. along with being pretty simple. Then we're going to be working on a new "world" / "region" called Roperia, where things resemble Farovia but are a little off, dirty and overfished. :D Can't wait!
  • Be sure to tell your friends who are close to Sans Culpra that they have a chance of competing with you soon!
  • Animated the Miny, Catty, Cubey, and Ninja fish in the beginning of the game. We'll soon show the animations to everyone on the regular fish lists - they're pretty simple but add a nice effect for new users.
  • Lowered the limit of mystery tackle boxes down to 6 per day.. as I don't want people ignoring them and 12 per day is a bit high.
  • Fixed the mystery tackle box description, in regards to opting out etc.. You'll disappear from your friends list if you have more than 5 boxes ignored.

July 2010Edit

  • Fixed issue with friends not appearing on the Mystery Tackle Box list. NOTE: Friends who have more than 5 pending boxes, will not appear on your list now (fixed).
  • Added limit to the number of friends you can select (currently max of 12) - and it'll change with the number of boxes you send each day. (This was also causing an issue where friends would "accept a mystery box" and they wouldn't get any sort of message - because people would select 12+ people, and any friends after the 12th wouldn't be recorded)
  • I'm going to be adding in the 2x and 5x boat speed boost resource functionality shortly. Thanks for the patience with this one! :)
  • The next Mythical Nigh Fish is coming in 24 hours! The Mirage from Fishertonville! NOTE: The next Mythical Night Fish will be released in Sans Culpra.. to change up the release locations - as we didn't plan on the Mirage being the MNF for Fishertonville at first.
  • The 2x and 5x boat speed boost resources are going to now be released tomorrow around 2pm FVT with the Mirage Fish.
  • Released the 2x and 5x boat speed boosts into BETA for all users. Use with caution for the time being. Initial tests have all gone great with it. Hope everyone enjoys the feature, as it's aimed at those who don't purchase RLC but still support the game. :)
  • Bug Fix: Mythical Night Fish analysis now resets when you start analyzing a new mythical night fish. Anyone who was showing analysis completed on the Mirage, should now see it at 0%.
  • It appears after my angry post to FB's developer forum, that things on the forum are working properly.. we'll see what happens.
  • Increased the Black Beardopus population in Deadwater Pass.. as it was locking out some users for far too long.
  • Still working on random Mystery Treasure Box issues, with some friends not appearing, etc.
  • Worked all day on the new forum.. about 75% complete.. Need to head out for my birthday dinner soon! I'm hoping to have it pushed by this weekend. Sorry for the delays!
  • We just released our new forum due to the constant issues with the free facebook forums.
I'll be watching the bug report forum for the next couple hours fixing more major things. Please check for duplicates before posting a bug. Thanks!
  • Added in forum notifications, they'll only appear at the top of the forum page. One side will show notifications of people who replied to your comment, and the other side will be of most recent person that has replied to a post that you're the author of.
  • I've continued to lay out the next level release, as it's the next priority here. Hold tight!
  • Just added in post editing. You can only edit your post within 3 minutes.
  • Also added in post deleting.. you can delete your entire post at any time.
  • Added in last post by ____, on the forum "See All" pages.

August 2010Edit

  • Reconfigured disk space on forum database - caused outtage for better part of the day - sorry!
  • I'm going to be pushing new forum fixes later this week, mainly for moderators, and for authors being able to close threads.. I'll also complete the "expire in:" feature, so old threads get deleted. :)
  • I'm also hoping to have the new levels tested out this weekend, with hopes of releasing them shortly after that.
  • Pushed July tournament results + Free Love Chum out to winners yesterday.. along with some database fixes.
  • Fixed random spelling errors.
  • Released "Close Topic" feature for forums.. so no one can respond when you close the thread. Fixed thread pagination and forwarding after posting to a thread, etc..
  • The ending of Parribea has been released! Go to Krakken Rocks with the Grappling Cannon and a message shall appear!
  • Released profile badges to show that you've completed Icelantica, Sig's, or Parribea.
  • Testing the Geminisles release out... updating poles, addons, fish, chum, skills, boats, locations to be based on new parameters.. so they are displayed properly when we release Roperia, where players will be able to progress through different islands/locations at the same time.. It's actually a major / time consuming code change, but it will save me loads of time if done properly! :) Plus, it'll help speed up future level releases.
  • The server's will need to be reconfigured for hopefully no more than ~30 minutes some time tonight, as I changed all sorts of database stuff that I've been working on for the last week. I won't be able to post a header message, due to all of the heavy code changes. So consider this fair warning..
  • This change will help us release new levels much faster, as most of the code has been streamlined.. along with the pole addon/augments page all being combined and not so confusing! :)
  • Pushed the first level of the Geminisles - Poseidon's Ring.. along with tons of other code changes.
  • I'm still going through and debugging all of the little issues that are generally unrelated to the Geminisles. The biggest current issue is traveling somewhere, and then having it say you don't have a skill.. in which you do have. Hang tight.
  • Fixed forum bug.. and removed the display of how many reports per post as people were constantly mis-using the feature.. and reporting people who just upset them.. and didn't violate the TOS.
  • Fixed Sig level addon purchases.. when it would say you need to have ___ addon, when ya did.
  • Fixed countless other things not worth mentioning due to my exhaustion.
  • Also fixed most issues where it was saying you need ____ skill to travel to ____ island. The timeline of purchasing skills has slightly changed.. (you'll need to purchase the parribean skill prior to going to devil's cove.. same as it is in the geminisles.. and how it'll be for all other releases)
  • Changed the gold per RLC trade limit from 10k per piece to 50k per piece.. as the next priorities after all of the debugging here is done.. is to make RLC trades completely private.. and with non min/max price point.
  • Fixed all sorts of bugs.
  • If you're getting a lot of whiffs, try traveling to a different location and then turning around. It should auto-correct itself.
  • Fixed bonus quests.. where if you were getting a quest boost for a man-o-war or giant squid at level 120.. and you're not at level 120.. it'll skip to the next fish in line.
  • Fixed bug with Algaenite/Planktonite dropping pole levels after purchasing an addon (should auto correct itself when activated).
  • Fixed skill issue.. should be able to see geminisle fish catches outside of the geminisles.
  • Misty Cliffs will be released in about 20 minutes from now.
  • Updated all automatic trips (deckhands, deckhand vouchers) to set your last_trip, so that you can't have simultaneous trips.. and you'll be forwarded to the "error: you've just had a fishing trip within the last 3 seconds" page.
  • Fixed "rebreather" addon purchase not unlocking sig bonus quest.
  • Fixed header links displaying "travel to ___" when ___ wasn't unlocked. (Please report any other issues with this.. ie levels displaying when they shouldn't be)
  • Removed the glutton and brain from Misty Cliffs, as they were only their temporarily during the new release.
I'm letting a free market completely determine the gold price of RLC. Tomorrow, Aug 19th, I'll be adding in a 25% gold tax on all private trades.. to prohibit users from re-selling RLC.
  • Released emoticons last night and other random fixes.
  • Pushed a fix for night fishing, so parties hopefully won't get lost at sea.. Doesn't happen nearly as much as it use to, however it still occasionally happens.
  • Fixed a bunch of other small things this morning that I found on the forums. Thanks for all the reports mateys!
  • Due to feedback of some night fishing parties trying to catch the Mythical Night Fish for over 30+ days, and being unsuccessful.. I've released a "miss" counter, that increments after each miss. Then your number of misses is added into your Luck %.. so the more you miss, the luckier you shall become. I hope this turns on the light at the end of the tunnel, for those groups who've had the horrible misfortune of going 30+ times and not catching a MNF.. I'm shocked of the odds really.
  • Woohoo! Found a fairly big bug with night fishing.. Hopefully we won't have any groups lost at sea from now!
  • BREAKING NEWS - Alcatraz Trophy Dishes Held Hostage
PARRIBEA, FV., August 27th 2010 (FNN - Farovia News Network)
The Farovian Institute of Sportfishing and Hunting is reporting that Betsy Lou's supply ship was hijacked in the Parribean Sea by pirates. Contents of the ship include the Alcatraz pole Trophy Dishes. A distraught Betsy Lou announced that no questers will be allowed to begin the final Alcatraz quest until the trophies are recovered. The Farovian Coast Guard estimates that the pirate's supply of rum and nacho chips will run out mid-afternoon on August 31. Once they are out of rum, negotiations are expected to end quickly.
Reported by TJ "TightLine" Fishmax. Edited by Erin "Grouper" Groupersons.
Please consider the environment before printing this wire submittal.
(i.e. For the Earl's out there... You cannot start the Crunchsters quest (final geminisles quest) until mid-day on August 31st)

September 2010Edit

  • Updated August tournament results for Incredible Class. RLC Payouts will be done this weekend.
  • I'm aware of a specific RockYou offer for 612 RLC being deducted.. as they've realized the offer is not paying them out. We're still trying to get into contact with RY about this, as we were completely unaware they handled issues like this. We hope for better communication in the future with RY.
  • Fish Wrangler has joined up with Peanut Labs in their "Points for Pakistan" project, where Fish Wrangler is giving Free Red Love Chum out for anyone who takes a survey about the crisis in Pakistan. Peanut Labs / Rock You are trying to raise $25k via Red Cross and OxFam, to help those in need of help in Pakistan. We're proud to support such a great effort and hope other social gaming companies do their part.
"According to United Nations estimates, flood damage already has surpassed that of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, 2005 Kashmir earthquake and 2010 Haiti earthquake combined. Officials predict the flood’s total economic impact to exceed US $40 billion." (donate here) (or here)
Take the survey about the flood in Pakistan for 20-28 RLC here: (should be the very first offer at top)
  • I've received an apology / response from PeanutLabs on the 612 RLC issue. It seems that a test offer was accidentally released to production, and they quickly removed and uncredited the issue virtual goods. It affected all applications using PeanutLabs/RockYou offers. I'm a bit upset about it, and have let them know that this sort of thing cannot happen again.
"What happened is a test project accidentally was released into the iframe. This was taken down promptly but there was many completes made. Our system went ahead and took the points from the users automatically. This was a big mistake and am very sorry about this. This happened partner wide."
  • Deckhand Vouchers will no longer be used when you're night fishing.. as it doesn't make sense for them to check your line when you're out doing something else.

October 2010Edit

  • Completed server maintenance and paid out September tournament prizes. Cleared out the forums "expired" topics.. and each night they should be cleared out automatically. :D
  • Just increased deckhand capacity by 3x's for regular non-RLC players.. hopefully the servers handle it fine..

Also, you may notice random cache loss today.. (ie trip logs, flc raffle and other stuff may clear) as some of our servers aren't going to their full capacity and I need to change around configs.

  • Improved the oak branch and broken standard animations in waterport. Added animation to the fancy rifle as well.. and reduced the bandwidth required by 10x. Next goals are to add the Fish NOW countdown, to the top right corner.. and to add in other poles / locations, along with the option to disable animation. Also, adding sound effects control to disable sweet "splashing" noise. I appreciate everyone allowing me to have fun and code some stuff in flash.. :D

We're going to be releasing the "Pink Ribbon" fish, in support of Breast Cancer Research / Awareness this month.

Wranglers can compete in the ?Pink Ribbon Challenge? ? where the top 10 wranglers to catch the largest quantity of this fish will win RLC prizes! Details: 1st place: 1,000 RLC 2nd place: 250 RLC 3rd-10th: 100 RLC

In addition, Fish Wrangler is proud to support the "Breast Cancer Fund" as October?s charity of the month! October 2010 ? Breast Cancer Fund The Breast Cancer Fund aims to protect our bodies and environment from chemicals that are linked to causing breast cancer. By identifying various toxins found in cosmetics, foods, and plastics, this organization focuses on stopping the disease before it starts! Read these Tips for Prevention (

  • I've been reworking the beginning steps of Fish Wrangler again, and a piece of code made it so all night fishing parties caught Ninja fish. The invasion has now ended. -Sensei
  • The people who caught multiple pink ribbons in a row, were still running the same odds as anyone else going for them. So all that's really ruined is the "streak" boards, not actual total catches. They weren't catching anything else because they used out of area poles. Now, the farovian department of recreation doesn't allow ice poles to be used outsides of icelantica. Along with symbiotic poles outside of Sig's.
  • It's just come to my attention that you can catch anywhere from 3-12 Pink Ribbons while night fishing. We're going to leave the code as is because over 350 people have already made multiple night fishing catches and there's no absolute way for me to remove all of the catches. I think it's still up for grabs with this info being public.
  • We've been continuing our improvements on the beginning steps of FW... now give popup notices to those who haven't done any quests, and improved the 'start next quest' message for all users.. under the "Quest" box, if they haven't started a quest yet. We also realized that most users are playing passively now, which is great.. as they're understanding deckhands check their lines daily.. however they're generally leaving the game with a low leveled steam pole or sonar.. so we've increased each of their pole levelings by ~20%. As we feel the FV and BC areas are poorly laid out in terms of the gaps between new fish, etc.. as these were very early releases even prior to"pole leveling". We know some people may be upset as you may have had to level up at the slower speeds, but these changes are done for the betterment of the game.. and we try out best at rewarding loyal users whenever possible. :D
  • Just wanted to give a heads up to everyone with a change coming in Roperia. The cost of everything will be determined by your Class. It makes little sense for some one in the Incredible Class and Aspiring Class to pay 2,000 gold for a pole. The exact costs will be clearly laid out, once Roperia is released. I think the new system will be fair, and give reason to gaining gold in the game.
  • Tarpits now reduce your fishing time by 15 minutes for the first three that you drink. (as the code with it reducing you by 20 minutes, was just kinda strange). There's no technical difference in overall time reduced.. just making things more logical. (The 4th tarpit reduces fishing wait by 5 minutes.. the 5th adds 5 minutes.. the 6th adds 15 minutes.. the 7th adds 60 minutes. Same as before.)
  • Fixed code with rocket fuel being used while on the alcatraz cruiser.
  • Changed "Great catch w/o resources!" to say "Great catch!".. as you could still use LG and other "resources" and still get the message.. as the message is posted if the catch you make has a 6% chance or less of happening.
  • Released the header travel links to all players who've done more than 25 fishing trips.. And I've revised the "LOCKED" / unlocked messages.. so if you see any bugs with the new header travel links, please report it via the forum.. and we'll fix it ASAP. Thanks!
  • Corrected all traveling with required boats (you can now see exactly what boats can be used in each location on the /map page). There was a bug for about 15 minutes saying you needed the Hybrid Cruiser to travel to X.. it's been fixed. Report new bugs/issues to the forum.
  • We've been focusing a lot our time on restructuring the beginning of game, as it's important.. especially before the release of Roperia. Since a lot of the fish overlap between islands, we are going to changing around some of the fish of Waterport and Fishertonville.. to add more excitement as your advance through FW.

Later today, we?ll be making these changes: -All FRP quest/augment fish will only be located in Waterport. - The Sun Fish will be released.. catchable on a Level 40+ FRP. -The grim/hate will be removed from Waterport (as will the devil ray, witch, viking) -The Hungry Helper quest will replace its 5 grim requirement with the sun fish (they will have similar populations)

-The Coconut Fish & Bay Fish will be released in Fishertonville, catchable on the Excalipole and Necro poles. These fish will replace the Emo and Fiesta (who will be Waterport only fish) in quests/populations. -The Squire Fish will be released (catchable on a Level 40+ Excalipole) -The Roadkill Ray will be released (catchable on a Level 25+ Necro) -The mime/vampire/ninja will also be removed from Fishertonville (as will all OB/BS/FRP specific fish).

Our goal with these changes is to make Waterport and Fishertonville unique islands.. without much overlap in fish. We?ll most likely make a few changes to Blue Crescent in the upcoming weeks.

  • The overlapping fish will not be removed until todays tournament is over.. We'll also be adjusting any tournament days that are with a pole in a location that doesn't fit. (ie fancy rifle in FV will no longer happen)
  • If you're currently doing one of the following quests (Peasants Pie, Witches Brew, Kings Casserole, Barbecue Ribs, or Filet de Foamy) you will have noticed some fish requirements switched to the new fish. You've been credited these catches automatically.. and you'll soon notice a big spike in the new fish populations once they've settled in within the next hour.
  • We're allowing the Alcatraz Cruiser to be used throughout Sigs and Parribea, as neither region has a specific boat.. (whereas Icelantica and the Geminisles each have specific boats that must be used in those locations)
  • Fixed the Anniversary FLC page, it wasn't allowing wranglers to get their FLC until it was EXACTLY their anniversary.. (and not just the anniversary day).
  • The Alcatraz Cruiser has changed from 26 knots to 30 knots.
  • Updated tournament so that the oak branch, broken standard, and fancy rifle pole are only used in waterport.. and the necro / excali pole in fishertonville only.
  • Changed Habitats of Large Fish skill requirements from 22 Fiesta and 4 Hate to 18 Coconut and 4 hate.
  • We're going to do server maintenance tonight around 8pm for about 15 minutes.. to correct the catching streak table.. as new fish don't count towards the streak.
  • Changed the Hungry Hunter Quest requirement of 5 Grim to 5 Sun Fish.
  • The Super Rocket Booster (available for the Toxic Cruiser, Hybrid Cruiser, and Alcatraz Cruiser) will be available shortly. The super rocket fuel costs will vary over the next few weeks as the Farovian Oil Refineries are currently unsure of their supply on the new grade AA rocket fuel.
  • - Fixed fish list display of how many you've caught, max weight, and streaks.

- Fixed bug on tournament cast page, which sometimes displayed an incorrect pole level.

  • Changed the stat area (under your pole) to display your total number of trips, and then catches.. as the "Trip Rank" on your profile is based on your trips not catches.. and your total trip count was never displayed. Word!
  • Increased grace period from 14 minutes to 14.5 minutes.. as it's technically a very small % change and I think makes it better.
  • I thought I posted this before, but it looks like I didn't..

-Your boat will not auto-switch, if the area you're leaving from allows it. As I thought it didn't make sense when you can use a boat to go one way, but not the other.. even though it's the same path. (ie Mini-Cruiser from Blue Crescent to the Gemininisles... but then the Alcatraz Cruiser will auto-switch when traveling from one Geminisles location to another Geminisles location.)

  • Released the Super Rocket Booster for the Toxic Cruiser, Hybrid Cruiser and Alcatraz Cruiser.

The next Mythical Night Fish, Akkoromakui, is coming tonight to the Bottomless Depths. (As previously mentioned, we're going to be releasing the MNF in random locations, till all are released!)

Mystery Tackle Box (MTB) News:

I've continued debugging the Mystery Tackle Box issue, and it appears that part of the issue is now on Facebook. Sometimes when you send a friend a MTB, it'll randomly send them two facebook requests.. which is when the 2nd one will not work.

The other situation where multiple MTB's break is when someone has multiple MTB pages open, sends 12.. then goes to the other MTB page sends another 12 (which will all be broken). I've tried removing all of the automatic page opening, to prevent this.. and have a warning on the MTB page about this.

Otherwise, things are looking better in terms of broken MTBS! I'll continue to keep my eye on it.

  • Moved grace period message to the end of the fish catching message. The "My next trip will be ~14.5 minutes sooner!" will not be displayed if it saves you less than 15 seconds.. just to keep things simple / uncluttered.
  • We've just made the following gold/point corrections to be in line with user progression:

Fancy Rifle Pole Point req: 13,000 (previously 5,000 pts) Gold: 5,000 gold (previously 3,000 gold)

Art of Night Fishing Skill Point Req: 17,000 (previously 10,000 points) Gold: 3,000 gold (previously 5,000 gold)

Beat Up Dinghy Point Req: 20,000 (previously 15,000 pts)

Excali-pole Point Req: 20,000 (previously 10,000 pts)

Necro Pole Point Req: 35,000 (previously 26,000 pts)

Habitats of Large Fish Gold: 30,000 (previously 35,000 gold)

Mini Cruiser Point Req: 100,000 (previously 150,000 pts)

Steam Powered Hydro-Pole Point Req: 100,000 (previously 120,000 pts)

Additional point/gold revisions will probably be made for BC/SC because it?s obvious that certain points in the game need corrections. We also plan on releasing a couple additional fish in Blue Crescent later this week. Our priority now is finishing up Roperia!

  • Removed the chum preferences of the overpopulated Miny, Catty, and Cubey. As the chum boost was causing people using Generic/Cayenne chum to catch an unholy amount of the fish listed above. Also, added in point values to the early fish.. (was always just 65% of the gold value + the weight of the fish in ounces), as point values weren't added till BC. :)

Rebooted a lagging server, was causing some white pages.

  • We'll be paying out the FLC to the top 10 most catches of the Pink Ribbon later today - congrats and thanks for helping us test a new contest style.. We've debugged many things from it and may do another one in the future, if players show interest. (note: night fishing catches will certainly be changed.. so you can't catch multiple in one night)

We'll be doing the tournament payouts and server maintenance on November 4th or 5th at night.. More details later.

We're continuing our work on Roperia.. getting closer to the release date! (Can't give an estimate as I've always been wrong!) Thanks for hanging tight.. It'll be a great release for both veterans and newbies. :D

November 2010Edit

  • We apologize for the delay in the October Tournament payouts.. We are planning on doing major database changes during the tournament payouts, to prepare the servers for the new region release of Roperia (our biggest release yet). I'm going to try to have the server maintenance / October payouts happen tonight around 9pm FVT, it may take up to 2.5 hours.

BREAKING NEWS: Earl is in trouble yet again.. this time it's serious. He was recently caught by the Farovian Feds for unpaid taxes over the last 10 years... and owes big money. Earl is willing to divulge one of his biggest secrets (the directions to the lost land of Roperia) for 4 million gold. More details to come...

As Roperia will have players starting off with a new currency and point system, Farovian veterans may choose to get a head start and fish the new waters, report issues, prior to the directions to Roperia becoming fully exposed to all for free (probably 3-7 days after the release).

(NOTE: Just wanted to give a heads up on the storyline and small details, so everyone can prepare for the release.. I hate giving release dates, but I'm thinking it should be good to go within the next week!)

  • Server maintenance complete.. I'll be releasing roperia into a closed beta test tomorrow morning.. we'll have about 10 minutes of downtime around ~9am FVT. Thanks for the patience!
  • There's a pretty large issue with purchasing addons and it incorrectly changing your pole's level.. to about 50 extra base levels than it should be.

We'll be working on a fix to push out and correct this issue.

Please note that if you're gaining levels beyond what you should have, and if your pole was to slow down in leveling, then you'll notice a pole level decrease.. as everyone should have to do the same # of casts.

  • Just released a fix for yesterdays purchasing addon - pole level bug. All you have to do is fish with the pole, and it should auto-correct itself.. and send you a header message / skipper's log message that looks like:

Your Algaenite recently was effected by a bug after purchasing the Shogun Armor addon, which changed your base pole level to 60 instead of 10. It's now been auto-corrected. -Cap'n Jozek


Your Planktonite recently was effected by a bug after purchasing the Paralysis Pincher addon, which changed your base pole level to 96 instead of 46. It's now been auto-corrected. -Cap'n Jozek

Basically, after purchasing an addon, the bug incorrectly set your poles base level. (ie it'd jump from 14/14 to say 14/68.. when it should have changed to 14/18.) Sorry about this, the bug was caused by some changes in Roperia.

  • Re-organized the Night Fishing leaderboards, expanded them to 25 per each category.. as I still need to rework them further to be split between Farovia / Roperia. Thought it'd be fun to show off on your profile, if you're in the top 25 for most gold/points either all time or in the last week..


Your records should be displayed on your profile page, above "Prizes:" now.

  • Reset skips again today manually. Sorry for the delay, as I've been out of town this weekend. I fixed the issue causing skips to not reset.. shouldn't happen again!
  • I'm shooting to have the first two levels of Roperia (Santa Francesca and New Seinborough) released tomorrow afternoon FVT. I'll try to give an hour heads up.. with a little countdown if possible.

I've changed a number of last minute things around and the long beta test really helped us straighten out major issues and the economics of the entire thing. Unfortunately, this doesn't mean all bugs were squished.. I'll be around the entire day to fix things as fast as possible.

I think Roperia will add a very fresh feel to the game. We're very excited about it!

  • Roperia should be released within the next hour!

If you notice any bugs, please report them to the "Bugs Forum" (look for duplicates first):

Also, if the server starts getting overloaded, as many have saved SKIP's, I'm going to disable all SKIP's for a couple hours after the release until things calm down. I promise to give warning via the changelog when I'm going to disable SKIP's and the moment I turn them back on.

Enjoy and let's hope Earl doesn't get arrested by the sneaky Farovian Fed's!

  • I think it's also important to publicly state that you can quickly skip to the second level of Roperia by purchasing the "Pallet Raft" via PayPal for $2.99, as some people may quickly do that to get 1st catches in the second location (New Seinborough). The link on where to purchase the Pallet Raft will be visible on the Map Page once in Roperia:

Also, the link to purchase the Directions to Roperia from Earl will be at (ie Unlocking Roperia):

  • the shuttle-to page will have a countdown timer on it.. im trying to finish up a final test..
  • Dictator Danzic has found out about the leak in the directions to Roperia! He has just deported all 308 wranglers who went to Roperia and removed their Roperia catches. Earl is working on a way around Dictator Danzic.

(Details: The release of Roperia will be delayed until tomorrow morning, due to a bug that allowed 308 players to get in early. If you already made a purchase for the boat or directions or paid 3 million gold, don't worry! You'll be able to shuttle across to Roperia quickly tomorrow once Earl finds a work around. The only thing that will be cleared out are your catches.. as this is the only problem in any of what happen. Everything else will be as you left it.. and unlockable tomorrow, with a proper countdown that doesn't let random people in before you. Also, I will be disabling SKIP's in roperia for the first day of it's release.. as the server cannot handle the overload.)

  • If you're a member of the 308 club, and paid 4 million gold to earl.. consider yourself special. Earl ended up getting into an argument with Cap'n Jozek around noon today, as Jozek believed the directions would lead to everyone getting deported. Earl frantically took off, started selling the directions to unsuspecting wranglers for an extra million in gold. It turns out the Cap'n was right, as the directions didn't work and he made an extra million in gold per sale of the directions.. Earl is now supposedly revising his directions.

Local reports currently say that the cost of the directions will stay at 4 million gold.

So if you're in the 308 club, don't worry.. as Earl will give you the new directions for free tomorrow when they're available.

  • Any pole leveling done in Roperia has been cleared out. We're going to be crediting everyone 30 FLC shortly (pay attention to the header soon), to make up for this and any other aches and pains that Earl may have given you.
  • There was a small bug with night fishing causing random people in the last two hours not to go.. It should now be fixed.
  • Fixed the bug with catching consecutive "my 2nd ever" or "my 3rd ever". It may take another catch for it to correct the count. Other than this, the Roperia launch seems to be going pretty smooth. A few people were not credited the 50k Silver after purchasing the Pallet Raft.. if you're in this group, please send in a support message.
  • Just a heads up, we're planning on changing how pole leveling works while NF'ing. The issue is that a small crew with lots of Rum/GW's can get more catches per person than a 8 person crew. We want to promote large crews / social play, so we're thinking about making pole leveling based on your number of catches AND the size of your crew. This way a large crew won't get broken up when members want to quickly level up their poles. I'm not sure of the exact details, but I just want to let everyone know what's up.
  • Due to user feedback, I've added in what Class % you are in the title of the "my setup" page.. And it also shows you what your currency / point balances are of the "other" region, if you belong to it.

Also, updated profile pages to show full details of gold/silver, points, town, and class %.

  • Green SKIP's will be allowed in Roperia in ~21 hours, and Red Sharks will be allowed there in a couple days.. I think it'll help hold and build excitement, along with helping the servers handle the load of felon wranglers who paid off Earl for illegal directions.
  • Reset skips and going to restart tarpits shortly.

I'm seeing one issue with users who have 500+ crew members, crashing the servers by doing a huge select of all their friends each time they go fishing.. I'd recommend not having such large crews, as it only takes a few active crew members do get most crew trips each day.

I'm going to be debugging this issue today, along with the white page issue around 7am FVT today. From the looks of it, our servers look fine.. and I'm thinking it's something with our server providers. Either way, this sort of thing is unacceptable.

  • Reset MTB's and vouchers.
  • I believe I found an issue with why things didn't reset over night. If it all fails to reset again tonight, I'll have detailed logs of what went wrong.. so I can prevent it from happening again.

I've postponed the use of SKIP's in Roperia (they were supposed to be allowed ~2.5 hours ago), due to the white page issues this morning. I'm planning on having them enabled for tomorrow now. The error message with the timer should soon be updated accordingly.

  • I removed the "send friend fishing" box, as it was the cause of many white pages.
  • Also, if you have crew members that haven't been seen in over 3 months they'll be automatically cleared when visiting the /crew page. I'm rolling these changes out slowly.

Also, in regards to clearing out crew members if you're over 500, I'll try my hardest to allow those with many over 500 to keep them.. as it appears these people are more concerned with the actual number of crew and status, than anything else.. (like being sure to get crew trips ever 30 minutes).

  • Made changes to the various fish leaderboards, that should help ease things on the servers...
  • Just released a little RSS feed for the changelog, I mentioned doing this a long time ago.. Finally got around to it! See it at:

  • We're working on the third location of Roperia (Redwood Crescent), hopefully it'll be released soon.

Also, we'll give a 1 day notice of when Roperia will be free to unlock - to be fair to those who pay to unlock it. I'm thinking it should be free on this Tuesday/Wednesday.

  • There was a bug yesterday morning that gave people in Roperia 10-50k roperian points, greatly throwing off the points leaderboard. We're going to manually go back and deduct these points from those effected by the bug.

NOTE: You're only supposed to get 50 roperian pts per day, since you first landed in Roperia.

  • There were 1,124 different wrong daily login bonuses given out in Roperia. We're going to automatically deduct these points shortly, and give a Skipper's Log message with the exact number of points subtracted. (We'll subtract the number of points given - 100pts, as you should have only gotten 50-150pts for the daily login bonus)
  • We are now pushing on roperian point deductions.

You will see a message like this in your Skipper's LogAnd maybe even two, if you receive excess pts two days)

Dictator Danzic deducted 27,100 Daily Login Bonus points given on November 19 4:22pm FVT. Should have gotten ~100 points; Received 100 Daily Login points. (Had 71,347 Roperian Points, have 44,347)

And the original Daily Login Points would have looked like: November 19 4:22pm FVT Daily Login Bonus! Earned 27,100 points for logging in today (50 pts/day)! 2nd day since finding Roperia! Come back in 7 hours 37 minutes to get more! Seen 100% of days! (542 out of 543)

  • All faulty 1,124 Daily Login Points in Roperia have been fixed. You should see a header message with the exact details, and a msg in your Skipper's Log.
  • Fixed the "Please try your request again" error when trying to share an addon to your news feed.
  • FYI: SKIP's should be resetting each night at ~1:43am FVT.
  • The last quests for the roperian starter poles only give 1 LG on first completion and 0 upon further completions. The code was set like this from the start, however it looks like it was displaying in some areas as giving two LG. (The quests are relatively easy when compared to other quests that give away LG) All other roperian final quests will reward 2 LG.
  • Released Polaroid Achievement's to replace "profile badges". The idea of profile badges gave way to some great artwork ideas, which are now the "Polaroid Achievements". We've also added in 2 new 'awards', for catching the serpentine and another for the plangaepus.

The artwork really is great.. I'm glad to finally show everyone it! You can see your polaroids by click on your "My Profile" link and looking below your pole image.

  • Corrected the Polaroid for 'completing sigs', to be based on actually catching sir sigfried. Many people had it displayed as they've caught him, when they actually haven't. If you caught Sir Sig, and don't have the Polaroid of it, go to:

Due to user feedback, I've hidden polaroids that you haven't unlocked when viewing other player profiles. Corrected the text too. (Doesn't say "Diego vs ____".. either says "Completed ______!" or "Caught _____!" )

Polaroids will be given for two things: 1) Completed a region or 2) Catching a multi-pole req. fish (Serpentine, Plangaepus)

We're going to be releasing the following fish + Polaroids:

-Oak Branch + Broken Standard + Fancy Rifle Fish (only 3 pole req fish.. requires all three poles to be maxed out) -Polaroid of catching this fish

-Excalipole + Necropole Fish (both poles must be maxed out to catch) -Polaroid of catching this fish

-SPHP + Sonar fish -Polaroid of catching it

-Polaroid of diego catching level 80 Octo Magma in Magma Reef

-Polaroid of diego catching level 80 t850 in Sans Culpra

-Polaroid of diego catching Toby Richards in the Geminisles (currently dispalyed as "COMING SOON" and will be the first polaroid img released)

-Holy Liberator + Evil Obliterator fish (req's both to be maxed out) -Polaroid of diego caching it

Then for roperia, we'll have one for the original 308 getting deported.. This will be a polaroid of Diego getting deported (which is why he's no longer allowed here)

-Then for the other non-308, it'll be for the same polaroid, but the picture will be of "deckhand deb" getting deported when you're in a more advanced location in roperia (note: deb is your mentor in Roperia - look at roperian skill imgs that's her!)

  • Released the Toby Richards (Completed Geminisles) Polaroid!
  • Tater Chum now costs 75 silver per piece, roperian wranglers seem to be liking it thereby causing local supply to run low.
  • It looks like Earl has made enough gold to pay off the Farovian Feds for his various illegal evasions of the law! Earl will drop the cost of the directions tomorrow at 6pm FVT from 4 million gold to 4,000 gold! Woohoo EARL!
  • Fixed Quest Invitations to no longer use FB requests... it'll send them a header msg and skippers log msg right after selecting them / hitting send.

I also think I fixed an issue that would cause the 2nd quester to not get credit for a dish after it was handed in.. (there was an issue sometimes when the 2nd quester would accept the invitation, and they weren't actually "accepted" I'm really happy about this fix as, we often got support messages on it.

  • To prevent wranglers from getting hypothermia, we've limited the amount of Large Ice Cubes that you can consume each day to 3. (This restriction resets each night around ~1am FVT)
  • Due to user feedback, the Ice Cube daily limit has been raised from 3 to 6. However, Ice Cubes will not be allowed for the first week of any new level. (You should get an error msg, saying when they'll be allowed for a new level)

I've also released details on Asteroid Reef, the new pole, and radiation suit.. which will all be released on Nov 29th alongside Redwood Crescent.

Also posted details about our November charity of the month.. Trees for the Future. We've helped plant a bunch of trees all around the world! Which is fitting for the Redwood Crescent storyline..

  • The Radiation Suit is available for early purchase - for those users who want to jump straight to Asteroid Reef when it's released on Nov 29th by Dictator Danzic. You can see the details here:

  • Late on Nov 23rd, I fixed an issue that was incorrectly counting your "joined" date, or "found roperia" date.. as the code was rounding improperly.

For example, - It would count day #1 if you joined .7 days ago. - It would count day #1 again, on your second day.. if you joined 1.3 days ago.

However, now it'll round up.. because if you joined 1.3 days ago, it's technically your 2nd day. Same thing goes if you joined 200 days ago.. it could be 200.3 days ago, so it rounds up, making it 201 days.. and your days seen was capped at 200 previously.. so now you're stuck with 200 out of 201 days, which stinks.

I'm still not sure how I'm going to handle this issue. So I'm going to start a public topic on it shortly. I could just add 1 day to everyone, and it should take care of the issue.

  • In hoping to have the next levels released tmrw afternoon. Ill give an hour countdown timer heads up before the release.
  • I'm shooting to have the next levels opened up at 1pm fvt today (1.75 hours away). Still need to finalize some quest details in Asteroid Reef. The next level, Helvetica, will not be released for another week or so. Then the levels after that will not be linear.. ie you'll be able to jump right to Roperia and play the next releases. The next levels will also have slight linearness though, meaning they'll be like Icelantica, Sigs, Parribea (have to complete consecutive levels to move on). We hope you enjoy the next levels! We didn't make crazy silver/pt requirements and the poles should all level reasonably quick, as we don't want people getting bored / having to grind through levels.
  • Also, Dictator Danzic is not allowing SKIP's in the newly released areas for the first couple days.

- Green SKIP's will be allowed starting on Dec. 3rd - Red Shark SKIP's will be allowed starting on Dec. 4th

You can only travel to Redwood Crescent, if you have the Cabin Cruiser. And you can only travel to Asteroid Reef if you've purchased the Radiation Suit.

  • Updated the dates of when SKIP's will be allowed in the new areas, due to user feedback. See post #46.

Also, Ice Cubes will be allowed to use in the new locations in about 4 days as well.

  • Fixed the quest displays for the new poles.. and updated the quests to show which ones give 1 LG upon their first completion.

Everything looks like it's going well thus far.

  • The Grizzly Fish has gained new intelligence on the Shredder Pole thereby raising it's minimum pole level requirement from 0 to 10! Quite an impressive bear..
  • I've set a temporary RLC trading max of 30k per piece, as it's partially my fault for not adding in more features/items that are gold net-negative.. whether it's being able to purchase things with gold like... red sharks, deckhand vouchers, pole decorations, customizing your boat, paying to travel very quickly.. I'm giving priority to help ease this issue, hence the temporary trading limit. Feel free to start forum posts with new ideas, and bump those which you like the best.

I'd like everyone to know that for the next level releases the SKIP and ice cube limits will only be imposed for 3-4 hours after the release. And then next levels will not have purchasable items that allow you to skip past points.. as the next levels will open up from the beginning of Roperia (ie non-linear), but then will be made up of ~3 linear levels.. similar to how Sigs and Parribea are linear.

  • We're going to be paying out November tournament FLC today at 1pm FVT. I'll also be fixing some of the bugs in Roperia shortly.

December 2010Edit

  • You can now purchase Prawn Chum in Redwood Crescent.

The Sword Squid now pays out ~1221 silver.

Fixed the Rojo Fish thumbnail images.

  • Roperian Quests now display what, if any, augments they unlock.
  • BREAKING NEWS: Fish Wrangler scientists have recently discovered a way to allow players to harness Liquid Gold on fish once they've been caught at least once! So, once someone makes a first catch, you'll be able to instantly harness LG even if the fish was just recently released!

NOTE: If a catch isn't made within the first week of a fish being released into the wild, then players will have to wait the full week in order to harness LG. As the local scientists require about that long to figure out how to control LG's magical powers.

Side notes: -Fixed the succubus hidden image. -Fixed the Tribble fish thumbnail images

  • Cleared out MTB's, tarpits, and SKIP's.
  • Corrected issue with purchasing the radiation suit with silver.

Reorganized how SKIPs reset each night.. and I'm tracking better debugging info to see what caused it.

I'm giving free "consecutive day" bonuses for NF'ing due to the recent failures in sending people out.. I actually believe I've corrected a long standing issue with half of a NF party going, never getting a message saying you left, but then only half the party coming back...

Fixed other random issues with the animated fishing...

We're going to be releasing more polaroids soon.. of new multi-pole req fish in Farovia.

  • Just want to clarify things, as I see many forum posts on this...

I'm now allowing players to learn the "Mythology of Roperia", which is needed to then learn about/purchase the Roperian Scuba Bag... however, the Roperian Scuba Bag will not be allowed to purchase until a few days before Helvetica is released.

Also the name of it has been changed from "Roperian Scuba Suit" to "Roperian Scuba Bag", as it's not a suit.. Roperians don't know what suits are.. however they know what dirty garbage bags are.. and are very crafty folks.

  • Fixed issue with SKIP's not resetting.. and the cubey incinerator not cooling down. Shouldn't happen again now.
  • Released a bunch of new polaroid achievement awards!

Releasing new multi-pole req fish for old farovian areas over the next few days.. to see the exact time each should be catchable, go to the correct location for the multi-pole fish you're after, equip the correct pole, and try harnessing the LG on the fish. It'll give you a "TIP" with the exact time.

NOTE: Since the "Golden Fish" is actually a three pole requirement fish, Deckhand Deb will help you by using the Fancy Rifle-pole. So to catch the Golden, go to Waterport, equip a level 80 Oak Branch/Broken Standard, harness LG on it, cast away.. you'll run about a 1/15 chance of attracting it.. once you do.. deckhand deb will use your level 80 fancy rifle, and then you need to switch to the other pole (broken standard/oak branch), and cast! You'll unlock the polaroid associated with the incredible event.

  • Liquid Gold will be harnessable on the Golden Fish one hour late, around 1:10pm FVT.
  • SKIP's failed to reset last night because of high server loads and the script crashing.. I'm going to extend it to check another 1+ hour, so that it'll retry for more time. I'm making progress with it I promise. GO BEARS!
  • Reset tarpits.. drink away! :beer:
  • You can no longer catch the T850 and Octo Magma in Sig's, if you haven't previously caught these level 80 fish. This is due to it not being really fair, as they're rare fish in their original locations... and people have unlocked these polaroids without actually leveling up the Pnuematic Spear / Cubey Incinerator to get the polaroids. Anyone who already got a Polaroid this way, will be able to keep it.

Also fixed Profile Board email alerts.. If you post to your own wall, you won't get notified..

  • The cache servers have been reconfigured, as they were not fully utilizing their resources. It's been a longstanding issue, that I've kept putting off due to other FW priorities.

Anyways, trip logs and trip summaries have just been cleared out, as they run on cache till saving the actual summary. Thanks for the patience! We may have a few white pages right now, as the cache servers are "warming up", however things should hopefully be performing much better over the coming days.

  • Spent all day working on the caching servers, debugging the issues causing the recent trip logs, MTB's, and the FLC raffle to keep resetting. Just want everyone to know we're aware and working on it..
  • The fish just got feistier for the Holidays on Fish Wrangler! You may soon notice less "nothings" and more "catches"! Woohoo!
  • BREAKING NEWS: The incredible scientists at the Farovian Institute of Oceanography and Monster Fish have made a brilliant discovery! Wranglers will soon be able to get the "Last Catch" Quest Boost when using ANY CHUM!

We're not sure how long the incredible findings will last, only time will tell. Some believe the Scientists will possibly charge gold to enable the new ability.

Soon you'll be able to read more about how the "Last Catch" Quest Bost works here:

  • The brilliance of the local Scientists here has been extraordinary for this time of year. They've now figured out a way to start your "last quest catch" to the moment you start the quest, to increase your boost when the first quest fish requirement is a difficult one!
  • Update on the 12 days of Candles Contest:

-The Candle Fish has become slightly more common in all regions, as it's slowly migrating in for the holidays! -If there's a tie in number of catches, I think the fairest way to handle it is to: Give the award to all of those who tied. For example, right now, six people hold a tie for 1st place with four catches. They would all get 1,000 FLC. There's also a HUGE tie for 7th place with three catches... with 41 people.. so they would all get the reward of what 7th place gets.. which is 250 FLC. And that would be all of the payouts. -Also, many are asking if they'll be able to catch the Candle Fish after the contest is over - Yes! You'll be able to harness LG on it, as if it's a "1 day only" fish once the contest is over.

  • Completed server maintenance earlier today as required by facebook and their security updates to third party ids.

I believe I found the issue with the quest boost displaying the wrong fish / boost messages.

If you're still experiencing problems, then it'll help me if you can post your fishing details message (ie of what you caught / didn't catch), along with the boost message.

Happy Holidays!

  • Corrected the Quest Boost.. (issue was that if you had a big RLC usage boost, made a quest catch without RLC.. you'd still maintain the boost.)

Now when you're using Non-Love Chum, you simply won't get the boost.. instead of having it clear out.

Released details on our 25% RLC Holiday Sale, ends on December 26th at midnight! We're hoping to have Helvetica (Greek mythology level) in Roperia released before the New Year and hopefully the next level, Mount Promontory shortly after.

Helvetica will be linear, meaning you have to unlock the Scuba Bag in Asteroid Reef in order to go there.

Mount Promonotory will be made of up three levels, and will be unlockable right when you arrive in Roperia. The two levels thereafter will obviously be linear.. as there's only one pole there.. the "Folsom" a military weapon used to fight the largest fish.. it connects onto the back of the Alcatraz Cruiser and resembles the Alcatraz.

  • When using non-Love Chum in quests, and having a miss/steal, you'll now receive the quest boost header message. (Before you wouldn't.. and it understandably confused people why the quest boost msg wasn't appearing)
  • We'll be paying out FLC to the Candle Fish contest winners later today! Congrats to all who participated!

Also, there was an issue for the last week with SuperReward Offers not paying out.. It was due to an issue on my end after the new facebook policy changes with UID's. I'm talking with them now to figure out how to resend all RLC.

  • If you haven't caught a Candle Fish yet, you'll have good odds at catching it up to Jan 1st in WATERPORT ONLY. If you've already caught one, then you won't be effected. After Jan 1st, you'll be required to use LG to catch it.
  • Now displaying fish populations, prior to catching them.. should help with quest strategies.
  • Sorry for the lack of updates guys.. I got a bad sinus infection last week.. and it's still pretty bad.

I haven't been able to work on Helvetica as much as I hoped.. so it'll be at least a few more days.

I'd tell you the costs for Helvetica if I knew them.. (not done yet) I'd like it to be about what you'd make fishing for 3 days in Asteroid Reef.. as a player with ~60 trips/day.

  • We've noticed a number of people still haven't gotten paid out for various Super Reward offers in the last week.. we're still talking to them about getting things straightened out.. haven't heard anything from the today.

- Fixed the Coal Powered trophy dish images.

- Fixed Butter / Prawn chum issue in summary log (not displaying correct names).

- The 5x / 2x Speed boost resources are now listed in Roperia.

  • Updated the Mythical Night Fish leaderboards to display everyone in the crew that you're friends with, including yourself. For example the"Most Catch Leaderboard" would look like this for me:

4th 3 catches Jillian, Allison, Martise, Joe The Fish Stranglers

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