August 2008Edit

24 August 2008Edit

  • We previously were only storing cumulative scores, and basing the averages below off of that. This change will allow us to do average stats over the last 7 days and the last 30 days. It's important to show average stats over the last 7 days because it gives EVERYONE a chance at making it on the leader board, if your team has been recently and consistently doing well. The 'Last 7 days Average' will be released on August 24th at 12:01am PDT, and will contain team averages from August 16th to August 23rd, and each day after, will shift one day up.

November 2008Edit

10 November 2008Edit

  • Glow worm's are only awake at night, while you go night fishing. They are used along side of your chum and help attract about 3 extra fish a night to your line.
  • Glow worms are NOT chums - they are used as an "additive" or in "combo" with your existing chum.
  • You can find them in treasures. (In sets of 2 or 3)
  • You'll use one "bucket" of glow worms per night fishing excursion.
  • You currently cannot activate them, until I'm done fully testing them with night fishing tonight. They should be fully released by Nov 12th @ 12am PDT.. if all goes well.
  • All previous points and details are subject to change without notice.

21 November 2008Edit

  • Fish guts are going off market on Nov 22nd.
    • It'll be replaced by a new Fish Guts type that costs 80 gold.
  • Cayenne's chum loss is increasing from 20% to 40%
    • Similar reasons as above.. just balancing things out.
    • FYI - Cayenne attracts more fish then the lesser chums, you aren't just paying more for it for it's lower chum loss.
  • Chum bucket limit of 300. So you can have a max of 300 chums of each chum, besides RLC. People stockpiling thousands of a chum, doesn't really make logical sense... and kind of defeats the purpose of it being a "resource" entity.
  • There will not be a change in the return value of chum, as previously mentioned. If you buy a chum for 60, you'll get 60 back, etc.

24 November 2008Edit

  • Added Hire a Deckhand for account log in.
  • Added feature to disable Turbo link.

December 2008Edit

15 December 2008Edit

  • Released a new elite fish... "Striped Diablo".

29 December 2008Edit

  • Increasing SKIPs from 4 a day to six a day. (Going to see how the server handles it before raising it to 8 a day or more)
  • Increased the pts/gold for elite fish
  • Increased RLC and Glow Worm giveaways in treasures
  • Decreased the amount of time it takes to level up your boat (8 trips per each Dinghy level & 12 trips per Mini-Cruiser level)
  • Pole Leveling: (speeding it up)
    • Adding pole leveling on every tournament cast.
    • Each "Catch" will result in an extra pole level % increase.. as it makes sense to work like this.
      • This will also make RLC more beneficial
  • Removing "Could have caught ___ " messages from Night Fishing (overly repetitive)
  • Adding in functionality to prevent controversial people from viewing the Discussion Boards.
  • Lowering the price of RLC again.. I agree it's still too expensive. I'd like it so $10-20 lasts a month.. but we'll see.